Wednesday, 14 August 2019

One step forward, Two steps back

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling that things may finally be looking up for you, for them to come crashing down, almost suddenly. I know why I am experiencing bad days at the present, I know what is stressing me out and what is causing me to feel bad but there is nothing I can do about it, especially when half of the stressful situations I'm experiencing are entirely out of my control. I am a worrier, I worry about everything whether the situation directly affects me or not, I care about people too much and I probably care about others wellbeing more than my own most of the time, but as frustrating as it can feel, I must remember that bad days are ok and are entirely normal.

I know that I need structure within my life in order to maintain a positive and healthy mindset, but that isn't always possible. I am currently halfway through a summer break after finishing college and before starting University. I try to work as much as I can to maintain some sort of structure, but I can't work constantly and I'm no longer used to having so much spare time, which gives me more time to think. 

Staying busy is essential because despite having a mental relapse, I don't want to let things escalate to the point of relapsing into old habits that I had. I worked so hard to stop those habits and I do not want to put myself through it again, I don't want to allow my mindset to escalate so quickly and badly that these become a part of my life again and I feel that recognising this is an essential part of preventing it from happening again. 

I know that once I have overcome the initial anxiety of starting University and have settled in, that I will start to feel better but it is filling the gap in-between which I am finding difficult. I know that I can get through this, I have done it numerous times before but it has been a while since I have sunk this deep into sadness that I am struggling to accept that this is my life again and that I am having to take difficult steps to ensure that I will be ok again. 

It does feel as though I have taken one step forward and two steps back, but that is life and not everything is a breeze, there are obstacles that need to be tackled and worries that must be overcome. I will get there eventually, I am sure I will, it'll just be a bit rocky for now. I know that I have overcome worse in the past, so I am sure that I am strong enough to do it again, I just don't want to, it's completely draining, but what other choice do I have?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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