Monday, 11 June 2018

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris | DLP #1

It feels like the absolute longest time since I have sat and wrote a travel inspired lifestyle post but I have started planning a trip to Disneyland Paris for the beginning of November, and by started, I mean that I have booked my hotel which includes park tickets. I thought that it would be fun to document the process of me and my boyfriend booking our first holiday alone, without any adult help and it turns out that booking holidays, really are quite stressful. Nonetheless, I am extremely excited and I cannot wait to go.. 144 days and counting.

I haven't ever been to Disneyland Paris before so I am really not sure what to expect, and I am worried that I will be disappointing considering that I have been to Walt Disney World in Florida although saying that, Disney is Disney and I know that I am going to love it.

I have spent the past few days looking at various hotels in Paris, I have looked at all aspects of transport, from traveling via train, plane and even driving, I have tried to work out which way of booking various essentials such as the hotel, park tickets and travel is actually cheaper and what I came up with is the following..

After endless research, I discovered that booking a hotel is definitely worth booking via the Disneyland Paris website due to the fact that included in both Disney & Partner Hotel accommodation, is not only park tickets for everyday that you will be there, but also a free shuttle bus service to both parks. We decided that if we were going to Disneyland, we'd rather pay a little bit more money to stay in a Disney hotel and narrowed our options down to Disney's Hotel New York and Disney's Newport Bay Club which are both four star hotels. Within the price we paid which was just under £1000, we have our accommodation, park tickets, and travel to and from the parks covered and on top of this, there is currently a deal on which entities you to 25% off Hotel & Park Tickets alongside a free half board meal plan which lasts until the 31st July. If that wasn't all that our hotel had to offer, we also get early entry into the parks as well as Disney Character encounters at our hotel. 

I did also look into booking accommodation and park tickets completely separately but the park tickets alone were £199 each for a four day pass and we gave ourselves a budget of £1000 for the both of us in regards to park tickets and accommodation which would only leave us to find both a hotel and transport to and from the parks for £600 and to be honest, I was not willing to stress myself out even more considering that chances are, even if we did get it cheaper, it wouldn't have been by much.

However, when it comes to travelling from England to Paris, the Disneyland Paris did have an option to include transport via plane or train, adding transport via train to our booking would have added an extra £500 to the overall cost, and via plane would have added an extra £300 including a transfer coach fee from the airport to the hotel whereas booking separately with eurostar would only cost us between £150-£200, depending on which train we decide to get. It is also worth noting that Eurostar also offer a hotel and train package which could sometimes be cheaper, but due to the current offers on, booking through Disneyland directly was more beneficial for us.

Whilst booking our hotel via the Disneyland Paris website, there was options to add upgrades and extra packages including a photo pass for £61 which we decided to give a miss because I am pretty certain that we will be able to purchase when we arrive, if we feel like we want it and travel insurance for £20 per person which again, we decided to leave for now considering that we can get it for cheaper and probably covering more, elsewhere.

Now I have gotten through all of the travel, hotel and ticket options that I came across, I thought that I should probably create a checklist to ensure that I don't end up missing anything that could be crucial for our trip, that I can refer to and look back on as the weeks go by.
  • Book EuroStar
  • Book hotel
  • Book park tickets
  • Book time off Work
  • Look into & purchase travel insurance
  • Check that passport is still valid
  • Check that we have the essential documents required
  • Find out the eurostar luggage allowance
  • Look & Book trains to London on way to & from Paris
  • Find my European Health Insurance Card
  • Sort out travel money
That is all from me today, I will definitely keep you all updated with planning my trip and considering that I have spent most of today watching Disneyland Paris Hauls, I am eager to write my own wish-list.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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