Thursday, 1 March 2018

Self Injury Awareness Day 2018 | Judge Less, Understand More

To be entirely honest with you, I have re-written this post a whole bunch of times because I am having a bit of a mind block and don't actually know what to talk about, I feel like I have talked about Self Harm before, too many times and I am worried about coming across as repetitive or annoying which is ironic, because in order to end the stigma, we must keep talking. 

Self Injury Awareness Day has been around for at least eighteen years and always occurs on March 1st. I feel like this is a more quieter awareness day which either people just don't know about, or don't want to talk about. It is an international event that is recognised across the globe and goes by the slogan 'Judge Less, Understand More.'

Self Harm is such a serious issue in today's society, and is so dangerous, often even life threatening. I have realised recently that I am actually quite desensitised to self harm, due to my own experiences. In the past, I haven't deemed my own self harm as serious or 'bad' when others would disagree strongly which is actually quite worrying but it just became the normal in my life and like any addiction, I was in denial about how severe it had actually become.

It is essential that we learn about the signs and symptoms of others self harming in order to prevent it getting worse. Self Harm needs to be recognised for how serious it actually is and although we don't want to promote self harm, we definitely want to remove the stigma surrounding it.

There are a whole tonne of different ways that people may self harm, and there is an even bigger list of reasons as to why someone may be self harming. Over the past ten years especially, I feel like it has become much more well known to people of all age ranges whereas when I first self harmed, I didn't even know what I was doing or that it was called Self Harm. It is known that Self Harm is only a short term solution and can often result in the individual feeling worse. The UK has the highest self harm rate of any country in Europe and although it can affect people of all ages, it is most commonly reported by individuals between the ages of 11 and 25.

Since starting my blog, I have created a few posts purely based on Self Harm, in the hope to not only inspire others struggling with Self Harm, but to allow them to feel less alone, these posts include; Self Harm Scars: Gradual ExposureWhat to expect when Visiting A&E for Self Harm and Living with Scars and Stigma. Self Harm Awareness frustrates me, I feel like there is such a fine line between educating individuals about self harm and giving people ideas on how to self harm but it is important that we try to raise awareness because if not, this issue is just going to keep spiraling out of control until we reach a point where we really struggle to turn it around. 

There are so many safer alternatives to self harming that can be found all over the internet, it is possible to stop self harming, you just have to want to change. Please at least try to stop it before it gets worse and before it gets out of control. 

I do apologise for how this post doesn't really have a structure, I just felt that I needed to at least say something. I will leave below my own previous contributions to SIAD. Don't be afraid to speak out, your words are more powerful than you realise and you could end up helping others.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Useful Websites:
Mind - Self Harm
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Life Signs - SIAD

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