Friday, 12 January 2018

LUSH Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection 2018

It has been a while since I last sat down and spoke to you about LUSH. Christmas has been and gone and we are onto a new year which means that new occasions and new products are just around the corner and first up is Valentine's Day which has always been one of my favourite occasions because I feel like the products are a bit more varied whereas until 2017, the Christmas products were pretty similar for a few years in a row, which is probably why some of the Christmas range products are my favourites.

This year, LUSH really seems to have changed things up in regards to Valentine's Day and some of the most popular products will not be making a return. Prince Charming Shower Cream (previously a shower gel) will not be returning, nor will Roller Bomb, Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (my absolute favourite), Ladybird Bubble Bar and Over and Over Bath Bomb is now part of the regular line. So overall, it doesn't look like the Valentine's Collection 2018 is off to a good start, and the Kitchen no longer exists so let's just hope that they bring out some old favourites as Exclusives. On the other hand, it looks like Unicorn Horn is staying which I am sure many people will be glad about, I am just hoping that it has a slightly more subtle scent than before because although Lavender can be used in lots of ways to help you relax and especially to help you sleep, there is only so much of it I can take. I am actually rather annoyed that LUSH have released a Giant version of the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb alongside the regular size. I feel like this product is very hit or miss and I personally cannot stand the Rose Jam scent so it would have been nice if perhaps they brought back a different product from the previous Valentine's Day Collections. I do not own any of the photos used in this post and they can all be found on the LUSH UK website here. These products are currently only available to buy online as part of their pre-release.

Bath Bombs:

Top: Love Boat
Bottom Left: Rose Bombshell
Bottom Right: Titsy Tosty
Love Boat Bath Bomb £4.25 - This is a brand new product that is Vegan and contains Rose Oil, Orange Oil and Lemon Oil which sounds like the scent would be very zesty and uplifting. This product is shaped as a boat and has a bright pink and blue shell. I really feel that LUSH are trying to move away from their sphere shaped products.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb £4.50 - I believe that this product first made an appearance in the Mother's Day range for 2015, but came back for Mother's Day 2016 with a complete revamp. This product couldn't look any different if it tried. I mentioned above how I dislike the Rose Jam scent and I am also not fond at all of having bits in my bath, even if they are leaves or petals, it's just not really my sort of thing and does not relax me in the slightest. If you aren't aware of the Rose Jam scent, this product contains Rose Oil, Yellow Rose Petals, Rose Absolute and Geranium Oil.

Titsy Tosty Bath Bomb £3.50 - This is a product that I have previously tried but this year, it is pink whereas in previous years it was white. I presume that they have made it pink for the occasion but it is strange for them to not change the name. However, this product also contains flowers and petals and therefore again, is not one for me. This product contains Seven Rosebuds, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute and Orris Root Powder which I think is a quite unusual ingredient as I haven't really seen it within products before.

Giant Rose Bombshell £14.95 - I cannot tell you exactly how big this product is as I haven't seen it in store yet but this seems like one hefty bath bomb and is describes as 'The Ultimate Romantic Bath'. The first time that I really took an interest into a larger bath bomb was of Easter 2016 when I discovered Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb but I even didn't want to spend around £7 on a 'larger' bath bomb so for this product to be sold for just under £15, how big is it? £15 is a lot of money to spend on one bath and if you're only spending that amount of money once a year for a nice, 'luxury' bath then that's fair enough, but how much better than the original is the product? I would like to see it compared to three regular sized Rose Bombshell Bath Bombs which would still be cheaper. If you hadn't caught on yet, this product includes exactly the same ingredients as Rose Bombshell, and looks the same.. just much bigger.

Bubble Bars:

Left: Unicorn Horn
Top Right: Heart Of Enlightened Expectation
Bottom Right: Whole Lotta Love
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £4.50 - I believe that Unicorn Horn was initially released in 2015 and has been a popular choice of Bubble Bar ever since. This product is shaped as a 'unicorn horn' and is multicoloured in bright blue, yellow and pink, making it even more magical. Unicorns have been a really popular theme and sort of obsession over the past couple of years so I feel that LUSH did well to create such a clever and trendy product which they recently managed to do again with bringing out a Bubble Spinner last year when the Fidget Spinner trend was at its peak. This product contains Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil, which if I remember correctly, was a very uplifting and relaxing scent.

Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon £4.75 - I am so excited to try out this product, it contains Lemongrass Oil, Rose Absolute, Shea Butter and Murumuru Butter which should be so creamy and moisturising, leaving your skin super soft. I absolutely love the consistency of Bubbleroon's and am so eager to try this product in particular. Looking at the demo, it also appears to drastically change the water colour to a deep pinkish, red which ties in nicely with the Valentine's theme. This product is shaped in a macaroon style but as a heart and is so cute.

Heart Of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt £4.50 - I am actually yet to try a Bubble Bar Melt and am therefore intrigued as to how it works and how well it works. This product does look gorgeous, and anything that seems like it has lots of Gold in it is always a favourite of mine. This product contains Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil and Cocoa Butter so therefore is a very floral based scent that is apparently soothing and calming. This product is in a heart shape and is super cute with an orange base and white top. I am so pleased that this product contains cocoa butter as it is one of my absolute favourite ingredients.

Shower Gels/Creams & Soaps:

Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream £14.50 - Despite it's good causes, shower cream's that don't come in a bottle is something that I can't quite get my head around and is something I wouldn't want to purchase due to it sounding very messy and quite annoying if there is no labels on it explaining the ingredients of the product itself. However, like I did mention, I am aware and do appreciate that it is for a good cause and does mean that there will be less waste. I overheard a LUSH employee once explain to a girl how the product does in fact lather up into a shower gel consistency and not just a soap which again, I just can't understand but according to LUSH's website, their naked shower gels are double the concentrate as their liquid shower gels. I really can't explain how much of a good idea I think this Naked product collection is, it just isn't something I am particulary interested in and I think that it is a shame that this product hasn't also been launched as a regular Shower Cream as I know that myself and probably many others would have been keen to try it. This product contains Jasmine Flower Infusion, Ylang Ylang Oil, Shea Butter and Vanilla Absolute.

Tunnel Of Love Soap £5.94 - I think that people, including myself often forget how wonderful some of LUSH's soaps really are. I am not somebody to use bar's of soap in particular so any that I accumulate seems to always go to waste, even my favourite soap ever (Honey I Washed The Kids). Tunnel Of Love is a soap that I haven't previously heard of and therefore is probably new. It is pink with a cute white heart shape in the center and contains Rose Water, Lime Oil, Kaolin and Olibanum Resinoid. This definitely sounds like it could be a zesty, fruity scented soap that would probably be perfect for the warmer months.

Other Products: 

Cherryish Body Scrub £7.95 - This product is a solid body scrub in the shape of a heart with two cherry's on it. This product contains Ground Cherry Stones, Almond Essential Oil, Cocoa Absolute and Coconut Oil as well as Cocoa Butter and Sea Salt. This product sounds like one that I would love, it has multiple of my favourite ingredients inside and would smell divine as well as being so exfoliating, softening and soothing. I don't usually reach for solid body scrubs but I may have to give this product a go.
Top Left: Kiss Me Quick Wash Card
Top Right: The Kiss Lip Scrub
Bottom Left: Cherryish Body Scrub
Bottom Center: Melt My Heart Massage Bar
Bottom Right: The Kiss Lip Gloss

Melt My Heart Massage Bar £5.95 - I don't currently own a LUSH massage bar, but I know from past experience that they work really well on scars, softening, fading and reducing the itchiness of them. This massage bar has love engraved onto the front and contains Cypress Oil, Dried Rose Petals, Cocoa Butter and Olibanum Resinoid and seems to be a fairly herbal scent with a hint of orange (I could be completely wrong).

Kiss Me Quick Wash Card £2.00 - Wash Cards are something that I tried once, hated, used up as quickly as I could and then never purchased again but they must work for some people or LUSH wouldn't keep bringing them out. Wash cards are defiitely down there with some of the cheapest products in the LUSH store but compared to the wash cards that I previously tried, that were rather boring and just contained a quote.. this one seems small and is in the shape of some lips. I think that this wash card is designed as a one time thing which I think would be really good as there is nothing worse than trying to dry out products, my house has looked more like a LUSH factory than a home more times than I would like to admit. This wash card contains Clove Bud Oil, Mimosa Absolute, Fresh Apple Pulp and Tonka Absolute.

The Kiss Lip Scrub £5.95 - I feel that this product has been around for a year or two but I haven't actually managed to try it. I used to love the LUSH lip scrubs when I was about ten years old but haven't looked back although I feel like maybe it is time to look into getting one due to the fact that nothing seems to be able to cure my matte liquid lipstick damaged lips. This product includes Caster Sugar, Sicillian Mandarin Oil, Almond Essential Oil and Fine Sea Salt so would be perfect for repairing and then moisturising your lips. 

The Kiss Lip Gloss £6.50 - This product comes in LUSH's classic lipstick and lip gloss packaging and is a light, sheer shade of pink that looks so moisturising on the lips. It is meant to be rich and conditioning due to it containing Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Coconut Oil. I am pretty sure that this product has been around for at least four or five years now and it is one of those products that I always spot, but never think to pick up.

Gift Sets:

Top Left: Love Hearts
Bottom Left: Lots Of Love
Top Right: In Your Dreams
Center Right: With Love
Bottom Right: Love Box
Love Hearts Gift Set £24.95 - I absolutely love looking at LUSH gift sets despite the fact that the total value of the products inside is often less than the set itself and you're usually paying for the pretty decoration. However, you can often find little gems within gift sets including limited edition items or even discontinued items. This first gift set comes inside a cute heart themed box and includes five different products which are; Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon, Titsy Tosty Bath Bomb, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Love Boat Bath Bomb and Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. Everything inside this set is from the Valentine's Day collection and you get enough products for around three baths. I love the variety of bubble bars and bath bombs within this set and think it would be perfect for those who love in particular the Valentine's collection with the floral, fruity scents. The contents inside this product comes to £21.50 meaning you're paying £3.45 for the packaging which is very pretty but you could also probably achieve yourself with a little bit of effort and slightly less money.

In Your Dreams Gift Set £11.75 - This is one of the smaller gift sets within this collection and includes two products which are the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and the Love Boat Bath Bomb. The product value of this box if the products were bought separately is £8.75.

With Love Gift Set £12.95 - This is another small gift set which again includes two items, these being Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g and Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream 120g. This is definitely a set for those who maybe don't own a bath or just don't like bath's and this set contains a product from the everyday line. It isn't possible to give the value of the products individually due to the fact that the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner comes in a smaller, tester size. I have included a link to this product on the LUSH website in case you wanted to know more about it.

Lots Of Love Gift Set £57.50 - LUSH almost always brings out a bigger and slightly more expensive gift set and this is the one for Valentine's Day. It comes in the cutest box that can be kept and includes nine items which are actually all Valentine's Day exclusives minus one. The products inside are; Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon, Heart Of Enlightened Expectation, Tunnel Of Love Soap 120g, Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream 120g, Melt My Heart Massage Bar, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and Cherryish Body Scrub. The only product not being an exclusive is Sex Bomb Bath Bomb which is a well known product in LUSH's regular line. Again, I have added a link in case you wanted more information but it currently costs £3.75. It also again wouldn't be possible to say the precise value of the products purchased separately.

Love Box Gift Set £28.95 - This product contains four different products that are all from the Valentine's Day Collection and includes; Tender Is The Night Naked Shower Cream 120g, Melt My Heart Massage Bar, The Kiss Lip Scrub and Cherrylish Body Scrub. This box seems to focus more on the body and would again be suitable for those who either don't have or dislike baths. 

Knot Wraps:

Cherry Baby Knot Wrap £3.95 (50cmX50cm) -  This product has a bright and summery floral design with cherry's and hearts. If you want to add some brightness to your day, this is the one for you.
Top Left: Cherry Baby
Bottom Left: Roses
Top Right: All Together Now
Bottom Right: Good Valentine

All Together Now Knot Wrap £4.95 (70cmX70cm) - This Knot Wrap is quite a unique design and I do really like it. It is all about how we are tied to the planet in one way or another so we might as well all stand together to save the world from plastic. 

Good Valentine Knot Wrap £3.95 (50cmX50cm) - This design is in a vintage, dirty orange shade and has a boarder made from black hearts. In the middle is five steps on how to be a good valentine. I like this product and the humor surrounding it.

Roses Knot Wrap £4.95 (70cmX70cm) - This final Knot Wrap is a very vintage yet quirky rose design. It has bright red roses contrasting on a bright blue background and despite being vintage, is very trendy right now.

Overall, it's no secret that I am disappointed with the 2018 Pre-Released Valentine's Collection. I feel that LUSH have missed a vital opportunity to bring back some all time favourites but instead everything is the same. We have products with the same or similar scents, many products containing dried flowers, petals or leaves, a naked shower cream that many people aren't brave enough to spend the money on in case we hate it, four knot wraps and a bunch of face and body products that we've all seen before in slightly different variations. The products that I will be trying to pick up are; Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, Love Boat Bath Bomb, Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon and Heart Of Enlightened Expectation Bubble Bar Melt but on a brighter note, they will only add up to a total of £18 so I have saved myself some money.

Which products are you excited for? Which will you be missing? 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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