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Blogaween | LUSH Halloween Products & Haul

Hello and welcome back to my little corner of the world, today I have a LUSH haul and post dedicated to their Halloween range! I placed an order a few days ago and it has arrived about ten minutes before starting to write this post. My order contained eight products which are a mix of bath bombs and bubble bars and there are a few other Halloween products that I already own. If you'd like to see a review of any of these products then do leave a comment and I will get them done as soon as I can. 

Every year, one of the things that I look forward to the most around Halloween are the LUSH products that launch; some of which are staples throughout the holiday no matter what the year and others that are new. Their Halloween range holds one of my favourite shower creams to exist that I have to ensure I am stocked up on each year. 

Without me rambling even more, let's get straight in..

Starting with one of the most known Halloween products and from one of my favourite scents, we have Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream. This product is a staple within my collection and I am currently working my way through a 500g bottle. In the recent years this product changed from a shower gel to a cream which I usually finds thickens up the product a little bit and makes the consistency that little bit softer, lathering up well and leaving your skin feeling silly. This product currently prices at £9.95 for 250g which is quite expensive for a shower gel but is within the average price range of a LUSH shower gel/cream. There is honestly nothing I hate more than companies bumping up their prices for limited edition products. This product is bright green fitting well in with Halloween and containing Black Pepper Oil, Patchouli Oil, Vanilla Absolute and Wheatgerm Oil, has a very earthy yet completely unique, strong aroma. I find that products from the LOM scent family do tend to leave your skin feeling very fragrant for longer than other shower gels with different scents. This product is either loved or hated by people as it is a completely new aroma for most people who try it but I would highly recommend giving it a go, even if you only ask for a sample. The bottle that I currently have opened is actually still the shower gel version due to the fact that I bought it in France. I would also recommend shaking the bottle well before using because the ingredients can some separate, causing some squirts to be thin, watery, too light or too dark. I must be honest though, I am missing this product being sold as a 'Shower Scream'.

Keeping with the LOM scent, the next product that I have bought is the Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb and to be entirely honest, I'm not the biggest fan but had to purchase it because I have none left in my stash. This product isn't quite as strong as the shower gel but is still very prominent. Spoiler alert in this next sentence but I think that the reason I didn't like this product was because of the shade that it leaves your bath water.. which is a dark red that just reminds me of blood which isn't the most helpful when you're in recovery. This product does however give an incredible performance within the water, shooting out bright shades of pink and green which actually do tend to work quite well together. I am actually looking forward to giving this product another go. This product currently prices at £3.95 which is now definitely on the lower price range for a LUSH bath bomb. It is definitely worth testing out and I think is worth the money, just be cautious about the end result of the water. This product was "inspired by the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools and has a deep green exterior that slowly froths away to reveal a rich, wine-coloured center. Just like Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the festivities begin."* I must admit, I am a sucker for bath bombs that contain popping candy which could be why I am itching to try this product again after a few negative experiences with it. As I have actually used this product before, I will leave some photos of what it looks like in the water.

The next bath bomb that I picked up is the Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb and to be honest, isn't one that I am overly excited about. The colour and outer shell reminds me so much of the old style of the Think Pink Bath Bomb. Having said that, I could be being far too pessimistic and be pleasantly surprised.. who knows? We shall soon find out. Pricing at £4.50 it is on the higher end of the scale for a bath bomb. On the other hand the outer shell of this product is very cool and fun to look at as it contains little blue ears and a giant eye ball, representing a monster, making it very fitting to the occasion. Containing Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Olibanum Oil, this is quite an uplifting and fresh scent with a hint of sweetness and wood, sometimes I really don't understand how LUSH manages to get these scent mixtures to work. On first impressions and smelling this product, I realised that it is actually from the same scent family as The Enchanter Bath Bomb which is an all time favourite of mine and the Calacas range, another of my favourite scent families and I honestly  only do have a few favourite scents, but they all seem to be coming up at once! I really hope that I do love this product so I can stock up until I next get the chance to buy some more of The Enchanters.. in fact, is this product just The Enchanter in disguise?

Continuing with the theme of Bath Bombs, the next product I picked up is Pumpkin Bath Bomb and this product yet again, has a really detailed and precise outer shell design.. I feel that LUSH have really gone to their best efforts to make the Halloween collection special this year. The shell has been designed as though the pumpkins face has really been carved out and the entire shell is a bright orange shade. Costing £4.25 this product it is the middle price of both bath bombs that we have already talked about, I think that this is a quite reasonable price for a bath bomb considering that LUSH are against animal testing and make the majority of their products vegan. I have tried so many different brands previously of bath bombs and many cause me to have allergic reactions or feel greasy after being in the water, there currently really is no brand that are quite on par with LUSH so we can't really complain about the prices too much. This bath bomb again holds a rather fresh and citrusy scent but is definitely different to any of the scents I have tried before. It can seem similar to a couple until you get a whiff of a complete different scent. This product contains Cinnamon Bark Oil, Pimento Berry Oil and Vanilla Absolute, giving it that fresh yet warming aroma. I am excited to find out how this product performs in the water and it is definitely about time that LUSH bought out a sphere shaped Pumpkin bath bomb.

Moving on to what I like to call Bath Bombs with a twist, you are probably well aware that LUSH have recently launched some new products, referred to as Jelly Bombs. To be honest, I was going to stay well away from these products because I could imagine the bath water turning into a slime consistency; something that I would certainly not enjoy nor feel clean in however, when I spoke to a LUSH employee she explained how the foamy, slimy layer isn't actually very thick at all and instead is more like thick foam. The first Jelly Bomb that I want to talk about isn't actually a Halloween exclusive product but I thought fits in with the occasion quite well. Secret Arts Jelly Bomb, which was originally launched as Dark Arts Jelly Bomb was one of the Jelly Bombs that really caught my eye and I really did think that it would work perfectly within the Halloween range. I presume that this product is inspired by Harry Potter and if it isn't, then I am very confused. All of the Jelly Bombs cost £4.95, they are more expensive than the regular bath bombs which is most likely to do with their ingredients, I could see myself spending almost five pounds on every bath product I wanted to use, because this would become very expensive, very quickly, especially if you're using multiple products in the same bath. All of the Jelly Bombs have this same design, a sphere with lots of 3D circles surrounding the product and a featured symbol, specific to the product in the middle. This Jelly bomb has a dark grey outer shell with an eye silhouette in the centre, it is all one toned and can look quite dull and depressing from the outside. This Jelly Bomb contains Sodium Alginate, Brazilian Orange Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Almond Essential Oil and is a scent that I am not too fond of, I feel like this scent is going to be very hit or miss. Although I am quite nervous to try a Jelly Bomb, I am quite excited to give it a go.

Next is Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb which I had to buy because it looks so exciting. It has the same style of shell as the other Jelly Bombs but it is two toned with the base being purple and the details being a light yellow and to make it even better, the symbol on this product is a ghost. I find that the shades of the outer shell reminds me of a duller version of Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb. There was no way that I was going to be able to leave this product behind and I really think that it might end up being a favourite of mine.. just because of how cute it is. This product again costs £4.95 and contains Litsea Cubeba Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Tangerine Oil, giving it that fresh and citrusy aroma with a hint of sweetness. Although I do have high hopes for this product, on the LUSH website there have been quite a few negative reviews where people are saying how the product didn't dissolve and is sticky but this could be due to the fact that their bath water wasn't hot enough, which is something to consider before using this product as some products work their best in different temperatures. Other people are saying how it turns the bath water a muggy, brown shade which can be quite disappointing considering how bright and fun the outer shell looks but either way, I look forward to seeing the performance.

A product type that you have probably been waiting for are Bubble Bars and of course, I bought a couple to share with you. The first being a classic LUSH Halloween product and is the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar which I have tried before and was super impressed with how much glitter this product actually does contain. This product costs £4.25 which really isn't bad for a Bubble Bar considering that it can be used multiple times. This product contains Lime Oil, Juniperberry Oil and Grapefruit Oil and I can briefly remember not being the biggest fan of the scent mostly due to it being quite harsh at first and certainly different to other products out there. I find that this product does definitely carry an autumnal scent and would be perfect for the winter months. By smelling this product you definitely get a strong scent of grapefruit with a punch of lime and just by picking this product up, my hands are covered in golden glitter. I feel that in order to get the full scent of this product you do need to run it under hot water. My only downside is that there isn't much glitter inside of the product which is a shame because a product with an even distribution of glitter would be so good and most likely very popular. I find that the oval, squashed looking shape of this product is very accurate of what many pumpkins do look like and with the carved details on top, you can easily tell what it is meant to be. Depending on the heat and pressure of your water, you should be able to get at least between two to four uses out of this product but it does tend to turn the water a pale orange shade which can affect the overall shade of the water after using a Bath Bomb. Overall, this is a really lovely product which is ideal for the colder months and creates so many soft and lovely bubbles. 

A very similar product that is in this years Halloween range is Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar. Containing Geranium Oil, Bergamot Oil and Jasmine Absolute, this product definitely has a sweet and floral scent to it. However, unlike the Rose Jam scent family, it isn't too over powering and does have a warming aroma to it. This product has almost an identical design to the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar minus the fact that this product is a hot pink shade with pink glitter (Sparkly Pumpkin is an orange shade with golden glitter). I was actually quite surprised to realise how different the two scents actually are but I also like how the two alternative options are there for very similar products. I haven't actually used this product before so I can't state how well it performs but just like before, it costs £4.25 which is such a reasonable price and I am looking forward to giving this product a go. I presume that this Bubble Bar will add a pink hue to the water but I think that this could work quite well with many of LUSH's Bath Bombs, as pink is quite a staple colour within their collections.

Onto the last and most probably one of my favourite Bubble Bars to exist, we have Bewitched Bubble Bar which is shaped like the face of a black cat; a common theme surrounding Halloween with yellow eyes and a yellow nose. This product is a true black shade and probably one of the darkest shades I have ever tried from LUSH, which we all know can go either one way or the other. This product retails at £4.25 which is the same price as the previous two Bubble Bars. Containing Olibanum Oil and Bergamot Oil, this product has the same scent as the Blackberry Bath Bomb which has recently been discontinued. It has a nice mix of citrus and wood and just works perfectly. I think that this Bubble Bar is so unique to anything that LUSH has previously created (looks wise) and I am itching to try this product out. Again, you will probably be able to get between two and four uses out of this product and I am so sad that I have ran out of Blackberry Bath Bombs because being from the same scent family, these two products would make the perfect bath cocktail. My Bewitched Bubble Bar did however arrive slightly battered, covered in dust and with wonky eyes but let's be real.. that's all part of the Halloween fun. Like I said previously, I do suspect that this product will also strongly tint the water black which is fine, but probably wouldn't work too well with a lighter Bath Bomb. I would like to test out Pink Pumpkin and Bewitched together to see if I end up with a tub full of pink glittered black water.

Finally, we are onto the final product that I caved into and bought which is the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar; a product type that I am yet to try. Isn't this product just the cutest thing you've ever seen? This product contains Bergamot Oil, Illipe Butter, Almond Essential Oil and Grapefruit Oil and is actually the same scent as Space Girl Bath Bomb was.. an older product that 13-year-old me adored. This product contains a mix of gold, green, purple and silver gorgeous lustres, making it perfect for a night out. I find that this product is so soothing and soft on the skin and a small amount really does go a long way. This product may seem rather pricey at £5.95 but it can be used time and time again before you even make a dent in the product. When applied to the skin, the product stays in a silky, cream texture which I like as it still feels moisturising no matter how long it has been on your skin for. This product would make the perfect highlighter before going out and will quite literally leave you dazzling. I can't wait to play around with this product further and to find out how long this product actually stays on your skin. 

Now, lets take a moment to talk about the rest of this years collection that I didn't feel the need to purchase.  Starting with Gift Sets we have Bewitched and Little Pumpkin. Bewitched Gift Set prices at £19.95 and is wrapped in the cutest black cat knot wrap. This set contains three products which are Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream, Secret Arts Jelly Bomb and Bewitched Bubble Bar which is perfect if you're wanting to try out some new products. I imagine that these three products would make a lovely and relaxing bath. Little Pumkin Gift Set costs £12.95 which comes in an outer shell, designed like a Pumpkin which looks like a hard case.. somewhat like a Christmas Tree decoration. This product contains two products which are Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Pumpkin Bath Bomb, the perfect duo to get you in the Halloween spirit. 

We next have three lip products which are all Black from the outside. The first being the Black Rose Lipstick, costing £6.50 which is presented as Charcoal Black but turns to Magenta when applied to the lips, giving it a bright, pinky twist. I love the idea of colour changing lipsticks and I think that LUSH have done really well to incorporate this into their Halloween range. This product contains Ylang Ylang Oil, Sicilian Mandarin Oil and Kalahari Melon Oil. Next, we have the Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub which is £5.75 and contains Caster Sugar, Sicilian Mandarin Oil, Murumuru Butter and Ylang Ylang Oil and finally the Black Rose Naked Lip Tint which retails for £6.25 and also turns Magenta when applied. This product contains the same ingredients as the Lipstick but with an added Rose Wax, ensuring that this product is as wearable and durable as possible. 

There is one Soap in the Halloween range which is the Magic Wand Soap which is an orange and black coloured soap that prices at £4.50 for 120g and contains Pomegranate Molasses, Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil and Coconut Oil. This product sounds very citrusy and fruity so I would be intrigued to see if it works well with the cooler months. 

Lastly but not least, the final two products within the Halloween Collection are both Knot Wraps. The first being Mystic Knot Wrap which is £3.95 and 50cm x 50cm. This product reminds me a lot of magic with it's vibrant pink and navy designs covered with gold moon and star symbols. I like the design of this Knot Wrap but it isn't something that I would personally buy. Rainbow Skull is the next Knot Wrap and final product and retails at £4.95, which is a bit more expensive due to the fact that the size is slightly bigger than the previous at 70cm x 70cm. This design is very out there and contains a skull in the middle with rainbows coming out of it. I think that this design would either be loved or hated by people but it is definitely bright and rather unique. 

That concludes me to the end of this post, sorry that it was a tad late going up but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Sources: * - Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb

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