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Metamorphosis Bath Bomb Review | LUSH Cosmetics

Something that many of you probably aren't aware of is that I used to be addicted to buying lush products. It started when I started recovery for my mental health and I was desperate to make washing and bathing into a positive experience whereas before it would almost always turn into a place of self destruction. 

I took self soothe to the extreme and found my love in bath bombs. I ended up impulsively spending all of my money, around £150 per week on bath bombs, bubble bars, fun bars, shower gels, face masks and pretty much everything they sold. I was ordering from the kitchen at least twice a week and it escalated out of control very quickly, I dread to think of how much money I spent on delivery alone. I was hiding parcels from my mum and I never had any money to go out and do things which would also benefit my mental health so I had to cut it out, completely. I put myself on a ban and almost two years later I am finally getting through my collection and have now got a 'normal' amount of products. 

I have removed products that I didn't like and used up the ones that I loved so when I was passing by lush this week, I couldn't resist on having a look with the intention to stock up on products that I love, but are being discontinued. Of course this isn't the way it went and I ended up buying a bath bomb that has always caught my eye but I haven't ever picked up which is Metamorphosis bath bomb. I was instantly drawn the the dark colour of this ballistic and was intrigued to see how it would perform, the fact that it was covered in glitter was a bonus and before I knew it, I was walking out of the shop with it in my bag.

This product has a strong aroma, it has a spicy and dry scent of cinnamon and pepper but is still extremely warming. The scent is definitely a new one within lush products and it overall gives off a very earthy scent, it seems like it is one of those scents that you're either going to love or hate, there will be no in the middle (quite like most of Lush's scents). The main ingredients within this product is Cinnamon Oil, Black Petter Oil and Myrrh Resinoid which leaves no surprise that it has an earthy scent. The aroma was just as strong when the ballistic was in the bath as to in the packet and I can still smell traces of this product on my skin hours after using it. I must admit, it is very uplifting to smell and watch this ballistic and I think many people can be in denial about how relaxing this scent really can be. 

The design of this ballistic is so unique and precise. It has a smokey grey shell with intense, jagged indents reflecting a meteorite. It is in the original sphere shape and is covered in glitter. 

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when putting this product to the test and I half hoped that it would result in the water turning black. Although this didn't happen, I was still pleasantly surprised. The ballistic started to fizz as soon as it hit the water, and quickly started shooting waves of grey across the surface.

What I didn't expect was to soon find that this ballistic would be sending out even more waves of colour, but this time shades of yellow and pink. Before long, a few other colours even made an appearance including green and orange. What I like about this product is that despite many different colours coming from the ballistic at different time, all of the colours managed to stick around on the surface of the water, giving a beautiful mix of light and dark. 

This ballistic had a lengthy process before it has totally dissolved which made the whole experience even better and definitely worth the money. Once most of the colours had made an appearance, the ballistic started to create tiny bubbles within the foam again reflecting back to its design and to a meteorite (It also looked a bit like honeycomb)

I can't deny that I was disappointed with the muggy grey shade that my bath water turned into but it was filled to the brim with glitter, making the dullness really sparkle (and making it much more bearable). 

Retailing at £4.25, this ballistic sits into the average price range for a Lush bath bomb. I will certainly be purchasing this ballistic again as I really find it to be so unique and brightening. When using this product, I paired it with Sunnyside Bubble Bar, Yellow FUN and Lord of Misrule Shower Cream. I think that this product worked particularly well with LOM as they both contain quite earthy, strong and unique scents.

Lastly, I found that the product wasn't overly moisturising to my skin. I much prefer ballistics that contain cocoa butter such as Lover Lamp (Valentine's Day Exclusive) but having said that, my skin did feel clean, refreshed and soft so it's safe to say that it did its job, right? 

If you'd like to see more of LUSH products on my page then just leave me a comment! I would love to start sharing my favourite products with you all!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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