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My Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick Collection, Swatches, Review & Wish-List

Hello lovelies, Its a Wednesday today and is pretty dull in England which comes as no shock so I thought that it is the perfect time and weather to sit down and write up a post. Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits are products which the entire world has been going crazy for throughout the past year, either because they are fans of the Kardashians or if they're just a liquid lipstick junkie like me. Many months ago, I did a first impressions post of a couple of her products but as I now own a few more, I thought that a review is long awaited. I'm not going to go too much into details of the price of the products and postage but if you'd like to know about that then I have linked my previous post above. Anyhow, lets dive straight in.

Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2016 and was so hyped up to the point where I actually think some products are too over hyped. The first products to launch were of course the lip kits which came in a range of different shades. Just like everybody else; I was so excited to try out some of the gorgeous shades. I took the dive and ordered two directly from her website which I was super excited for. When she first released her products, they came in three different formulas; Matte, Gloss and Metallic and the formula that stuck out the most to me was the matte lipsticks as I am not a gloss girl in the slightest. I now own six liquid lipsticks of hers; three of which I purchased as lip kits. Most of my lipsticks are in the traditional packaging with a transparent bottle and black lid but a couple of them are different which I will talk about later on.

Metal Singles

The first liquid lipstick that I own is one from her Metallic line in the shade Heir. When I first purchased this lipstick I hated it, I thought it made me look completely washed out and it seemed far too pail for my skin tone but I have been using it recently on top of other lipsticks and it looks gorgeous. Out of the shades that I own, this is probably the hardest to wear but it can still look super pretty. I bought this shade from her website for eighteen dollars and I don't think that I have yet got my moneys worth but no doubt I will continue to use this shade.

Matte Lip Kits

The first matte that I have is one that I bought off depop and is Dolce K. I purchased this lipstick with a lip liner and it is by far my favourite from her original range. It is a dark nude/brown shade and is honestly like no other lipstick shade. I have almost used this product to death and will no doubt end up repurchasing as I adore it. On the Kylie Cosmetics website, this lip kit retails for twenty-nine dollars and I paid twenty pounds on depop to save myself having a hefty customs charge. The liner that comes in this kit is super creamy and just as pigmented as the lipstick itself. 

The next lip kit that I own is in the shade Posie K, when I initially tried this shade I wasn't sure how I felt about it considering that it showed up much darker on my lips than I both expected and hoped. However, I absolutely love how pigmented and unique this shade is, it is a typical dark pink with purple tones and looks stunning with any make-up look. Just like Dolce K, the liner is also pigmented and I paid twenty-nine dollars for this product. I have certainly got my moneys worth although I have neglected this shade a bit in the recent months. 

Moving on, the final lip kit that I own is in the shade Kristen. I was so excited when this shade launched but was also quite hesitant to purchase it due to how pink and bright toned it is. I soon gave in and purchased this product and I do love it, I just have to be in the mood to wear it due to how bright it is. The liner with this lipstick is the exact same formula as the previous two and could even be worn alone. Again, this product costs twenty-nine dollars direct from the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Limited Edition Matte Singles

I wasn't too sure of which category to place my final two lipsticks in considering that they are both from separate collections. Starting with one which I picked up on depop which was originally part of the holiday range and is Blitzen. I think that this tends to be many peoples least favourite from the holiday collection but I love this shade. It is a true, deep purple and is perfect for the winter months. This product even comes in different packaging with a silver lid, drops and font. I wish that this shade was part of the everyday line as I love it but again, I have to be in the mood to wear it. 

The final lipstick that I own from Kylie Cosmetics is one from the Koko Collection and is in the shade Khlo$. This is by far my favourite shade out of them all and is the perfect pink toned nude. I definitely reach for this shade the most and have already worn it to death despite not owning it long. This product comes in completely different packaging to the rest. The lid and bottle is completely gold and has Koko written on the side instead of Kylie. This product can be bought alone from the website for seventeen dollars.

Overall, I am a fan of the Kylie Lipsticks although I do think that they can be quite overpriced, especially when you also have to pay for shipping. I think that for the money, the quality could be much better considering that most of the matte lipsticks go patchy throughout the day, making them look awful. Nonetheless, there are many shades that I would love to get my hand on, especially her new velvet products and I will therefore leave a wishlist down below.

Shades (top to bottom): Heir, Dolce K, Posie K, Kristen, Blitzen, Khlo$.


Velvet Lip Kit in the shade Dazzle (a warm terracotta) - $27
Velvet Lip Kit in Charm (a dusty pink rose) - $27
Matte Lip Kit in Candy K (a warm pinky nude) - $29
Matte Lip Kit in Exposed (a warm mid toned beige) - $29
Matte Lip Kit in Maliboo (a light cool toned nude) - $29
Matte Lip Kit in Moon (a taupe nude) - $29

Thank-you for reading, Tay x
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