Friday, 24 March 2017

Birchbox March 2017 Review, Swatches & Discount Code | Benefit, Model Co

In recent years, a whole range of beauty subscription box services have been swarming the internet and I have finally managed to try one and be able to review it. Subscription beauty boxes are a fantastic way to try out a whole range of new products, on a budget. Birchbox is probably one of the most popular subscription box services within the UK, even voted as the number one best box and I manage to see adverts for it all over social media. There is no doubt that everyone knows at least one person who has tried out this service.

Birchbox enables you to pay a small price once a month and sends you out five surprise beauty products. Each box costs £10 plus £2.95 postage and the contents inside always add up to a much higher price. I decided to try out Birchbox first as they are a very trusted service and have a huge amount of brand partners. Birchbox claims that they'll never send you the same product twice and it there is even an option on the website to gift a box which could make a really lovely present. 

When placing my order, my box arrived within three days which is extremely quick considering they ask to allow eight working days. The box itself comes inside another postal box, enabling you to have a keepsake storage box which is exclusive to that specific month alone. This months box came in a simplistic white box with a brown lid. The box has a small triangle repeat print inside and is the perfect size to store small bits and bobs inside. Once having opened the box, you are greeted with a small drawstring bag which quotes 'best day ever' and is what all of your goodies are stored in. Aside from this, I received a small postcard which has some information about the service. The only thing that I felt was missing from the box was a leaflet, giving you a bit more information about the products but having said that, if you log into the website, there are product details available. 
The first product that I picked out of my bag was one that I wasn't too enthusiastic about and is the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray in 37ml which is partly a dry shampoo and partly adds texture. The travel size version of this product which contains 75ml costs £20 and due to this, even though I haven't tried this product, my expectations are high. I have previously had a whole range of products similar to this which haven't really added much to my hair. It doesn't feel flaky or chalky like many dry shampoos and smells fresh and professional. This product is meant to work well for a day to night transformation and contains no parabens or 'scary' chemicals. 

Next, this is the product that drew me to trying out this specific box and is the Benefit They're Real Double The Lip Deluxe Sample. I got mine in the shade Pink Thrills which I was quite disappointed with as the other shade available; Lusty Rose seems like it would suit me much better. Nonetheless, I have recently seen so many press releases of these lipsticks and I love the idea of having a lip liner and lipstick all in one. These lipsticks feel very creamy on the lips and definitely stays put. I really like the formula and will look into purchasing some of their other shades in the future as I adore the shade Nude Scandal. The full size of these lipsticks are £16.50 which does make them quite expensive considering that Benefit claims to be a drugstore brand but considering that you get a liner included, it does make it slightly more justifiable.

Next is a product from a brand that I have never heard of and is the Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes in 50ml which is a Birchbox exclusive. I am always eager to try out new removers as I can never seem to find one that works well with my skin type. I have only tried this once so far but it doesn't feel too oily or tacky on my skin and causes no irritation at all as well as removing every spec of make-up. I am really impressed with this product and the only downsides are that it is completely scentless and due to it being a liquid product, it has to be used with cotton wool pads which can often absorb a lot of the product. I think that the bottle is very simple but looks professional and high end. The full size 150ml of this product costs £14.50 which is quite reasonable considering that it seems that it would last quite some time. This product also claims to diminish dark under eye circles and to reduce puffiness by using cucumber and green tea.

Excitingly enough, the next product is a product that I have been needing to try a new version of for a while and is the Balance Me Instant Lift Primer which aims to tighten and blur enlarged pores as well as smoothing and refining your skins surface. This product is 99% natural and is anti-aging. The full size of this costs £22 so is quite pricey for a primer but if you only like to use natural products, then this may be the one for you.

Lastly but not least within this months box is the Model Co Highlighting Trio in Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze. This product is actually full sized and usually retails for £17. I like how all three shades are unique and are all cream products, making them easy to blend. I haven't been able to try out these properly yet but they look like they will give a gorgeous yet subtle glow and I am so excited to try them.

Overall, I will definitely find use for at least four of out five of the products in this months box. Birchbox also has a shop and if you review products that you receive in your box, you are able to earn points to put towards products from hundreds of different brands. The combined total of the products in this box which I worked out by checking how many milliliters each product contains is roughly £47.40 making it definitely worth the price of £10 per month. I will continue my subscription for the next couple of months in order to give this brand a fair trial. What did you think of the goodies inside this months box?

If you are wanting to try out Birchbox for yourself or even a friend then you can use my code linked below to sign up and get £5 off of your first box.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Monday, 20 March 2017

A fairly late Feb Faves | Too Faced Sweet Peach, Moana & Blue Highlighter?

Hello lovelies, and thank-you for coming back to my page. It feels like it has been forever since I last managed to take the time to sit down and write and I am so glad to be back. Today, I thought that it would be fun to write up a classic favourites post where I can share with you things that I have been adoring recently. 

Starting off with beauty, there are SO many products that I have fell in love with throughout the last month, the first being the NYX HD Foundation which was £12.50 from Boots and has worked wonders with my skin. On the Boots website, this foundation only has a three star rating but I absolutely adore it. It feels light on the skin, it blends like a dream and leaves your skin feeling flawless. I also find that this foundation allows both cream and powder products to blend easily over the top. I got the shade Nude which is an almost identical match to my skin. The only downside to this product that I have noticed is that the product tends to explode out of the bottom whilst opening the tube. 

Another product that I have been using non stop and have fallen in love with is a specific highlighter within the Sleek Midas Touch Highlighting palette. I was really shocked to have loved this product as it is a blue highlighter and in the shade Rhinestone. I haven't really had a chance to play around with the other shades within this palette but let me tell you, this blue is so pigmented and I adore it. It looks incredible and adds such a glow to your make-up, making it perfect for a night out. Unfortunately this product was limited edition and I am regretting not buying a back up but it cost £9.99 from the Sleek website. I personally use this baked blue shade to highlight my eyes and cheek bones but Sleek recommends to use this shade to highlight the brow bones. Nonetheless, I adore this highlighter and it is my all time go to.

Sticking with the theme of drugstore, the next product that I found myself picking up and to my surprise, loving is the Makeup Revolution Love the Revolution palette which was released as a valentines launch and I actually picked up from Superdrug as a free gift for spending £12 on make-up revolution. However, this product usually retails for £8, containing six large eye-shadows (three matte and three shimmer) and a gorgeous highlighter. These powders are so so pigmented, they blend incredibly and a full eye look can definitely be achieved with this palette alone. The shimmer shades require slightly more product than the mattes but work well together and creates gorgeous looks. This palette is currently my go to drugstore palette and although I always forget to use it due to it being in my eye draw, the highlighter is also extremely pigmented. I like how you can see into this palette without opening it but equally, I do wish that it had a mirror. I would definitely recommend this palette if you like warm tones and can't justify spending money on high-end palettes.

It is most likely not going to be a shock that a second eye-shadow palette has made it into my favourites and I was lucky enough to receive this product as a valentines present. It is a high-end palette that I have been eyeing up for months and months and was so happy when it got re-released. It is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.and most probably both my favourite and prettiest palette within my collection. This palette is rather pricey and costs £39 from Debenhams. Having said that, this palette contains eighteen shades which are all the same size and a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The packaging of this product is firm and stunning and this palette actually smells like peaches which is a bonus. I was a bit hesitant when wanting this palette as it is very pink/peach based and pink eye-shadow doesn't usually work for me but the shades in this palette work so well together and actually suits my eyes. My favourite shades within this palette are Bless Her Heart, Summer Yum, Nectar and Peach Pit. So many different looks can be created using this palette and I have been absolutely obsessed with it throughout the past month.

A new mascara that I recently decided to try out is the Benefit Bad Gal Lash. I personally wasn't expecting too much from this product because surely all mascaras are the same? I was wrong. This mascara is so good and completely worth the £18.50. I have stuck to drugstore mascaras in the past but was so shocked to see such a massive difference. This product doesn't clump, it separates every single lash and looks super natural. Another thing that I noticed is that when wearing this product, it genuinely feels like you have no mascara on, it is so lightweight and keeps your lashes lifted all day. I would definitely recommend and will be purchasing time and time again.

No favourites of mine would be complete without mentioning lip products. The first being a Make Up Revolution Lip Kit in the shade Noble. I have actually written up a separate post on these lip kits vs the Kylie Cosmetics ones but I have been wearing this shade non stop and I am so in love with it. It cost £6 from Superdrug and has such a good formula. The liner is creamy and glides on the lips and the lipstick turns completely matte whilst still being fairly comfortable to wear. I mostly love the shade of this product, it dries as a dark nude orange and I haven't ever seen a lipstick of this shade before. It is so versatile and lasts all day. I am yet to try out the other shades in the range but I already know that it is going to be difficult to find a colour that I love even more.

The final make-up product that I have been loving is the Too Faced Melted Nude Lipstick. I have owned six of these lipsticks so the formula is nothing new to me but I must admit, the application took me quite some time to get used to due to it being a brush on the end of the tube. I love this shade, it is the perfect nude and feels so creamy and mosturising on the lips. The product lasts for hours but doesn't tend to go patchy at all when it is rubbing off. These cost £19 each from the Too Faced website and are rather pricey but are such a lovely formula. 

Moving on, my next favourite is a shower gel by the brand treaclemoon and is the honeycomb secret and cost around £3 in Tesco for a 500ml bottle. I picked up this shower gel because the scent is incredible and the only other shower gels that I have found to smell as strong are by LUSH cosmetics. This product lathers up well and leaves your entire body smelling gorgeous. This brand does a whole range of different scented shower gels and I have been using this one non stop.

I have also been loving the LUSH Cosmetics Christingle Body Conditioner which I received in a Christmas gift set. It has a scent of peppermint and menthol and I find that it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and mosturised. I am so sad that this product is only part of their Christmas range as it is one of my all time favourite mosturisers but hopefully this will last me until the Christmas season.

Sticking to LUSH Cosmetics, I have also recently been loving their Vanillary Solid Perfume. I purchased this product a couple of years ago and loved it but then neglected it for quite some time. I like to put this in my hair as it really makes the scent pop. It is such a natural yet strong scent and is completely different to any perfume I have tried before. The scent lasts all day and you don't need to use much product at all. I believe that this cost around £10 but contains so much product and lasts for ages. I would highly recommend trying some of their solid perfumes.

Onto a slightly different topic, I got a new phone at the beginning of February which is the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold, I adore the colour but what I love even more if that I upped my storage from 16GB to 32GB and it has been an absolute life savior. I no longer have to delete apps and photos constantly in order to make room for more and it has been so nice. I would definitely recommend getting a 32GB phone as it makes life so much easier. 

Another thing that I have been loving is Ed Sheerans new album - Divide. I have been listening to it non stop over the past month and my favourite songs are Galway Girl, Supermarket Flowers and Happier. If you haven't already heard the album, then you need to as both the songs and lyrics are incredible. 

The final favourite of mine from February is a fairly new Disney film and of course is Moana. I was super excited for this film to be released but weren't sure if I would love it as much as others but it is definitely within my top five Disney films. I cannot wait to see Beauty and the Beast also!

I hope that you enjoyed having a read of my favourites, sorry that this post is super late but its better late than never. What were your favourites?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A little Life Update

Hello everybody, I know that it has been forever since you last heard from me but quite a few things have changed within my life and I thought that it would only be fair to fill you in on a few of them. 

Firstly, you are all most probably aware that I have spent the past two and a half years studying my A-Levels. Myself and my sixth form decided that it would be best if I was to leave as I wasn't happy there at all and I couldn't focus on my work and had lost all motivation. Since leaving, I have so much more free time and although I was nervous to leave, it has done me the world of good. I no longer have to dread going into sixth form and worry that I wont wake up on time. I have decided that if I do go back into education, it will be when I am in a much better mental state as I want to be able to reach my full potential.

Secondly, because of this I am now working a lot more which is absolutely fine as it means that I am earning more money and I am now doing many more day shifts. I love the people who I work with and am much happier working and it also gives me something to do instead of spending all day, every day at home which could potentially make things worse.

As for therapy, I am still in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and although it can be very difficult, I am hoping that it helps me to learn how to manage life better and the issues that I face daily and so far I am happy to continue with it. 

Where blogging is concerned, I adore writing and will be continuing to do so. I have had to take a break as I had a few weeks where I couldn't concentrate or find the motivation to do so, making my not happy with the content I was creating however, I have a couple of posts written up now and will be publishing these over the next few weeks and hope to get back into the swing of things very soon. 

On a brighter note, my Skydive is only two days away which is absolutely crazy and myself and Elle have done incredible well to have raised over £1200 for Mind; a mental health charity. I am super excited for the jump which is odd as I feel that I should be petrified but there is still time for my feelings to change. 

That is all from me for the moment, thank you for reading & I will be back with you very soon, Tay x
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