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Kylie Cosmetics VS Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kits

Hello everybody! Today I managed to get hold of a product from a new drugstore release; one of the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits in my local Superdrug store. Everybody, and I literally mean almost every beauty lover who have tried these lip kits say that they are dupes of the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kits and with MUR's records of dupe product releases, we have good reason to believe this statement. Just in case you weren't aware, Makeup Revolution is a drugstore brand known for creating alternatives or 'dupes' of high end products, a full list can be found here although if you do want me to create an updated list, then let me know.

Packaging - Is anything almost identical and what are the differences?

As always, starting with the packaging there are some very obvious differences yet also almost identical similarities. The shape of the Kylie Cosmetics (KC) Lip Kits packaging is rectangular, as is the Makeup Revolution (MUR) but is much bigger; both in height and length, leaving the depth the exact same size in both boxes. Another obvious difference is the colour and lay out considering that the KC product has a glossy white background, with an illustration of lips at the top and the brand and product details at the bottom whereas the MUR product has a matte black background, with a lip illustration at the bottom and the brand name and product description at the top. I also noticed that on the KC packaging, you can quite easily tell that the font has been printed directly onto the packaging whereas the MUR font feels that it has been embedded into the cardboard, giving it a slightly more professional feel which is pretty ironic. 

Breaking it down a bit, lets talk about the differences between the illustrations presented on each brands packaging. Of course, everybody knows about the KC lips logo which has a set of lips with silver metallic looking teeth and the specific shade of lipstick covering the upper lip and dripping off of the bottom left side of the lips print. I really do like this design, I think it is super unique and represents her brand and liquid lipsticks really well. I'm not as much of a fan of the silver teeth as I think it just adds tackiness if anything but overall, you can tell by the shape, shade and detail that this is an illustration of lips. This illustration takes up around one third of the front packaging. Alternatively, MUR's illustration of lips looks less life-like and draws mostly towards a cartoon sketch. It again, is obvious that it is a lip print but the details are very simple and shading has been applied in black and white, which isn't realistic. You can't see teeth in this illustration and instead, the mouth is just black. The illustration on this brand's packaging is much smaller and takes up around one quarter of the front packaging. I find that both brands have made a good attempt to replica the shade of the lipstick on the illustrations, allowing potential buyers to be able to easily see which shades they like.

Both brands have the shade name written on the top, opening tab of the boxes yet are quite different. The KC packaging has a swatch of the shade around this tab as well as down the left and right sections of the box whereas the shade names on the MUR products are only written small on this tab, in a circle which is filled in with the shade of the product. The writing on both boxes are very bold and although they are opposites, both brands have used the two obvious colours; black and white to really allow the name of the products and brand to be clearly seen although on the MUR products, the brand name is actually written in a smaller rose gold shade which matches a rose gold ban surrounding a middle strip in the packet, I think that this adds a really professional touch. On the side of this drugstore product, the hashtag #LIPCONTOUR has been added.

Turning the packaging over, on the back of the KC lip kit box, her 'dripping lipstick' print is displayed around the top with her signature boldly displayed underneath before moving on to the ingredients, written in small print which actually includes a section dedicated to 'Kylie's tips'. Once the MUR box has been turned around, it doesn't look too different to the front, it still displays the brand and product name with its rose gold strip and ingredients displayed in small print underneath. 

Price, Size & Quantity - Surely the price is too good to be true? Could they really be good enough to be classed as a 'dupe'?

Moving on to a section that myself and many other individuals living in England have been very excited about, the price and quantity of these new MUR lip kits. Starting with the high end product, the Kylie Cosmetic lip kits are only available in American dollars, retailing for $29 (around £23) but if that sounds too expensive for you and you live in England, then think again because on top of that price, you'll also have to pay an international shipping fee of $15 as well as a Royal Mail Customs Charge which starts at £8, making these very pricey products to get hold of, leaving many individuals wondering if they're even worth it? Of course they are, well, I should rephrase that sentence because of course everybody will tell you that they're incredible as Kylie Jenner launches them so they have got to be amazing. Let me tell you a secret, I've found NYX liquid lipsticks which are better. Nonetheless, the formula is good, they do stay on and have an incredible selection of shades. On the other hand, these Makeup Revolution lip kits cost £6 each from Superdrug stores and their website; tam beauty. Both lip kits contain a liquid lipstick and a lip-liner but just a quick heads up is that the KC liquid lipsticks contain 3.25ml of product whereas the MUR lipsticks contain a much larger quantity of 5.5ml and both lip-liners included in the kits, from both brands contain 1g of product. The only main difference that I found within the ingredients section of these products that does really separate the drug-store and high-end product is that although both liquid lipsticks state that they last 12 months before going off, the lip-liner in the MUR kit only lasts 6 months as an oppose to the KC lip-liner being in date for 12 months.

Liquid Lipsticks - What shades are available? Is the quality and performance of the MUR lipsticks worth the hype? Do they have the butterscotch scent?

When opening the packet, the MUR box has an almost identical divider to the KC kits, separating the lipsticks to the liners. The MUR liquid lipstick comes in a very similar glass tube but is slightly taller than the KC lipstick. It has a rose gold lid instead of a black and also feels lighter. The tube is transparent, just like the KC lip kits ensuring that you can clearly see the shade. The KC lipstick also has her signature lipstick drops hanging from the lid and has her brand name underneath whereas the MUR lipstick has the brand name written sideways in rose gold font. One of the main differences that I spotted was that the KC lipsticks have the shade names on a silver sticker at the bottom of the tube whereas the shade name on the MUR lipsticks are on the side of the lipstick, again in rose gold font and sideways but are also stuck on with a transparent sticker. I'm not entirely sure which packaging design I prefer as I love the rose gold and sleek element of the MUR lipsticks yet I also like the individuality of the KC design.

When opening the KC lipsticks, you get an instant aroma of butterscotch which unfortunately the MUR lipsticks don't have. Having said that, they don't have an over-baring chemical scent. Both lipsticks have very similar doe foot applicators, the stick of the KC wand is translucent whereas the MUR is white and the KC applicator is slightly shorter and thicker although both work just as well as each other.

Moving onto shades, this is the part that I think doesn't make these MUR lip kits a complete dupe to the KC lip kits as the shades aren't even close to being identical. Of course, some shades are similar but that is the case within most brands but I also think that it is important that brands don't bring out the exact same shades. I bought the MUR lip kit in the shade Noble as this was one of the only few available in my store. The MUR lip kits are currently available in eight different shades, ranging from nude pink and browns to dark blues and purples but no doubt that more exciting shades will launch in the future. KC currently have over twenty lip kits available to buy from the normal line with specific shades added around seasons and holidays throughout the year.

When applying the MUR lipstick, I found that the product is extremely pigmented and doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all which is similar to the KC ones, again just like the KC lipsticks, you only need one layer to get an even shade over your lips and to give it a neat and smooth finish. Having said this, I did notice that in comparison to the KC lipsticks, the MUR ones do feel quite glossy and tacky at first and does take much longer to fully dry than the KC but leaves an equally matte and gorgeous finish. I find that after a few hours and especially after eating, the KC lipsticks go extremely patchy and are a pain to top up considering that you have to take the remains off before reapplying. I haven't yet noticed this with the MUR lipstick but this may be because I bought a light shade. I have heard that the MUR lipsticks don't last as long as the KC ones and do definitely feel slightly more tacky on the lips.

Lip-Liners - Do they tug on the skin? Are they as creamy as everybody makes out? Are they worth getting the lip kits for instead of the single lipsticks? 

Before purchasing any of the MUR lip kits, I had especially heard great things about the lip-liners; how they're extremely pigmented and can easily be worn alone due to them being long lasting and I can confirm that both of these statements are so true. When I first swatched this product, I can shocked about how creamy, buttery and pigmented these liners are, you really can't tell the difference in formula from these and the KC liners. The MUR liners are again in similar packaging to the KC with them being in matte black packaging, with the shade swatched at the bottom (which covers a bigger area of the product than the KC) and the brand name written up the side. Again, like the lipsticks, the shade names are added with transparent stickers which you wouldn't get with higher end products but I really can't believe the colour pay off and overall performance of these liners, they are incredible. Just like the KC liners, the MUR liners do have to be sharpened but the product feels extremely secure within the tube unlike the KC liners which often fall out when turned upside down. I always find a similar issue with the KC liner lids which no matter how much you try and secure them, they always fall off but this isn't the case at all with the MUR liners. As you can tell from the photos, the MUR liners are much longer than the KC ones but do contain exactly the same amount of product.

Overall, I think that the MUR lip kits are definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something different or cheaper. However, I personally can't find a direct shade match between the two brands so please bare this in mind. Don't buy a MUR lip-kit in Glory to be the same shade and formula as the KC in True Brown K as that really isn't the case. I think that for only £6, you can't go wrong and I am pretty positive that the liquid lipsticks are available as singles online at tam beauty for just £3. For a drugstore brand, these MUR lip kits are so incredible and they will also be bringing out Metallic lip kits and Gloss lip kits which alters slightly from KC because although they do sell metallic lipsticks and glosses, they don't sell them in lip kit format with a matching liner so I will have to give those a go when they launch in stores too although these have also already launched online at tam beauty. I will for sure be firstly buying some more shades of the matte lip kits and I will be doing a swatch post with a complete review so keep a look out for that in the upcoming weeks.

I know that this post has been very lengthy but it is my honest views which I think was needed as so many people aren't going into specific detail. I hope this post helped you decide if you want to try these products and that you love them as much as I do.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x


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