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10 Beauty Products I want to try throughout 2017

Hello everybody and Happy Monday. After spending what felt like forever writing up a never-ending make-up wishlist, I decided that a better idea would be to write a post where I explain the top ten make-up items that I want to try throughout this year, inspired by Fabulous Hannah's video. It did take me far too long to narrow my wishlist down but hopefully I will be able to prioritise these products and end up spending my money more wisely, instead of impulsively spending it on make-up that I think I want.

Starting with eye-shadow palettes which there most probably will be a few of.. first on my wishlist is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye-Shadow Palette which launched in the summer as a limited edition product but was relaunched due to high demand. This product costs £39 and contains eighteen gorgeous peach inspired shades, perfect for the summer months. Just like the popular Chocolate Bar palettes, this product is scented and infused with Peach which allows it to stand out from any other palette. I think that the packaging is so so gorgeous and I like how within this palette, all of the shades are the same size which is rare within Too Faced palettes. The shades that really stick out to me are: Nectar, Luscious and Bless Her Heart. I adore the idea behind this palette and if I have heard correctly; it is worth every single penny. 

Next, is another eye palette and is actually rather similar to the first.. The Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette which has been rumoured to be a dupe of the Sweet Peach Palette which I personally don't see. What sticks out to me from this palette is the bright blue shade, Royal. I feel that this palette was well thought out in comparison to her others. There has been a drastic change in packaging and quantity from the previous palettes including three more shades for only $3 extra, a rectangular palette instead of square, a mirror and of course, includes a brush. The only thing from the old packaging that I wish was in the new is the eyes illustration which is on the front of the palette. Overall, I find that this product looks far more professional than the previous and I am much more keen to spend my money. I love the idea of adding blue with peach as it really makes the eyes pop. This product is $45 which converts to around £37, making it more pricey than other high-end brands considering that you only receive nine shades. The only downside is that you would have to consider the international shipping charges as well as customs. I am slightly nervous about this palette as I am yet to try out her eye-shadows and really don't want it to waste that much money.

The third and final eye-shadow palette that I want to try is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Reniassance Palette which has been so hyped up throughout 2016 and I am still yet to try. Thankfully, this brand now has a UK website so there is no need to risk getting customs charges by ordering from America. It costs £41 and contains fourteen warm, berry toned shades in the most beautiful packaging. I have heard so many good reviews about this product and the pigmentation looks incredible. I know that this is again on the slightly pricey side but as long as the shades live up to my expectation, I won't mind. I also feel that the shades within this palette are so unique and different to anything that I have in my collection.

Moving on to a different product before I bore you all, I really want to try out some of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks which I have heard so many positive reviews about. This brand is so reasonably priced but unfortunately, for us English beauty lovers, we have to order directly from America meaning customs charges yet again. Having said that, considering how reasonably priced they are, I may just take the leap. These lipsticks cost $6 each which converts to just under £5 and can be bought in every shade ever created. My favourites include: Beeper, LAX, Tulle, Limbo, Bumble, Kapow, Love Bug, Speed Dial and Mama which is a lot but they look gorgeous. They also are always doing limited edition shades and collaborations so it is definitely worth having a look on their website.

Number five, leaving me half way through is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid which yes, is a bit of a mouthful to say. These come in five different shades targeting different problems and cost £17.50 each. I would either get this in Peach or Purple, depending on which one samples better. These look incredible and although they are pricey, considering that you can get many drugstore alternatives, I have heard that they work really well.

Again from Urban Decay, I would like to try the Naked Illuminated Trio Powders which retails at £29 which includes three different shades to highlight with. One being a gold champagne, another being a marbled taupe and the final being a pink. I think that these are really good value for money for a high-end brand considering that the full size individual highlighters cost £22.50 and gives you the opportunity to try out different shades. The only downside which I suppose can be seen as a plus side is that the shades within this trio cannot be bought separately meaning that if you want to try one shade, you're committed to all three. This product really interests me because will it live up to my expectation and replace my trusted Sleek Highlighting palettes? I am sure that we will find out soon.

Moving onto a much more reasonably priced brand, there are two items that I would like from Sleek. Sleek is a rather new brand that I have discovered and their products never fail to impress me with their quality. The first being their Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette which is gold inspired and super pigmented. I have already used this product due to my friend owning it but I adore the shades and considering that you get four unique shades for £10; there is no going wrong. I already own the Solstice and Midas Touch palettes and have been so impressed with them so there is no doubt that I will love this one just as much. Sleek cosmetics can be purchased in Boots and Superdrug stores across the UK.

The other product from Sleek that I am eager to try is their Cream Contour Kit. I have been eager to try a cream contour kit for a while now and considering how much I love the rest of the Sleek products that I own, why not try their version? It costs £10.99 which is so reasonable and contains six shades. I am still unsure about if to buy this in the shade light or medium due to the shade ranges but I look forward to trying this product out.

Moving onto another brand that has recently launched in the UK, I really want to try out some of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. These cost £16 each from Debenhams and have a range of different colours. I have heard that these are meant to be so good and I'd like to buy a couple in shades that I wouldn't usually wear. Although some of these shades are different to what I would usually wear, I like the shades Witches, Vampira, Lolita 1 and Bow N Arrow and after flicking through the shades, I really like the dark, mythical names too.

The final product on my top ten beauty items are some Zoeva brushes. Everybody always bangs on about how incredible these brushes are and I am so tempted to buy them. I would either go for the Zoeva En Taupe Brush Set which costs £40 or the Zoeva Classic Eye Brush Set which is slightly cheaper at £38 because eye brushes are what I use the most and I don't want to folk out for an entire set in case I don't like them. I could really do with some new eye brushes and may as well save up to get some good quality ones.
Fingers cross that I get to try some of these products soon. What are included in your top ten products? Do you have any of the products on my list? I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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