Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Urban Decay Moondust Palette

Despite being a fan of make-up; especially eye-shadow, up until last week, I was yet to try out any of the Urban Decay Palettes. I have had my eye on this palette in particular since looking through Leah's palettes and I instantly fell in love. In all honesty, I was debating this purchase simply because the shades are rather bright and extremely shimmery; both something that I don't feel confident enough to wear too often. Having said that, this palette is defiantly one of a kind and irresistible.

If the shades themselves aren't enough to sell you, please take a moment to look at the packaging. The box of the palette has a photo of space with the palette itself looking like it is covered in glitter; resembling the sparkles within the shadows. The name of the palette on the outside has actually been cut out of the lid and reflects the mirror from the inside which I thought was another rather unique aspect. I think that the palette is slightly bulky but overall a good size; much more suitable for travelling than the Naked palettes. The palette has a magnetic seal, ensuring that the pigments stay fresh (as well as making the palette really satisfying to open and close). 

This palette retails for £35 but is currently selling in Debenhams for £31.50 and contains eight shades; making it slightly pricier than most palettes. Every shade is brand new ranging from light peaches to dark grays, ensuring that you are able to create a look for every occasion. The shades within this palette can all be used either wet or dry and UD recommends that you use your fingers to apply them which I know, isn't the most hygienic but will ensure that your make-up looks incredible all day long.

Specter - Soft and shimmering pink/peach with a tonal sparkle. 
Element - 'Amazing' peach with a pink undertone and sparkles.
Magnetic - Purple with sparkle.
Lightyear - Vibrant Green with tonal sparkle.
Granite - Silvery metallic shade with multicoloured sparkle.
Lithium - Brown coppery-gold with sparkle.
Vega - Bright blue with tonal sparkle.
Galaxy - Smokey blue-gray with sparkle.

I must admit, I haven't used this product too many times but the pigmentation is incredible. I have found that the products defiantly work brighter and better whilst using a wet brush (I use setting spray to dampen mine) before blending the edges out with a dry brush. When using the shades dry (photo below), I find that I have a lot of fall-out and the shades are much less intense which is actually quite good, meaning that all of these shades can have two completely different effects.

The only fault that I have with this product is that once the products have even been touched; you can tell. Their 3-D metallic shades appear to have been deflated in the middle which isn't actually the case and in fact, just shows how pigmented and dreamy these shades really are.

If these eight shades don't suit your taste, then also within this collection, Urban Decay have brought out seven new liquid cream eye-shadows which I am very curious about, retailing at £15 each as well as having the shades from the palette 'Magnetic' and 'Vega' and twenty-two all different and unique singular shadows which retails at £14 each. I would highly recommend this palette as not only can you look incredible, you can have so much fun playing around with it.

Here are a couple of looks that I have managed to create using this palette..

Have you got your hands on this product? What were your first impressions?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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