Thursday, 29 September 2016

Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette Review

We all know the brand Zoeva for the incredible, high quality brushes that they provide for us make-up addicts, and rightly so because they are gorgeous. But how many of you actually know that Zoeva does infact produce and sell make-up? Most probably a lot of you, but I bet that this statistic is much lower than the number of people who are aware about this brand because of their brush sets.

I am still yet to purchase a collection of their brushes simply because, I cannot justify splashing out that amount of cash, all in one go, on some brushes that I don't need, I simply just want. However, I have managed to get my hands on a part of their Spectrum Collection.

Within this gorgeous collection there is the Coral Spectrum Blush Palette, the Pink Spectrum Blush Palette, the Nude Spectrum Blush Palette, the Contour Spectrum Palette and the Cool Spectrum Eye-Shadow Palette; all retailing for just £15 from Beauty Bay as well as their Concealer Spectrum Palette which is slightly more pricey at £18. I went ahead and purchased the Coral Palette which I have been obsessed with ever since. I actually use the shades inside of this palette more than I do my Benefit Rockateur and Dandelion blushes.

Lets talk about the packaging because I just cannot deal with how sleek and sophisticated this packaging is, Zoeva have got it so right. The product comes in a square, matte black palette. The front is so simplistic with a rose gold line running down the center with the brand and product name in between, again in a rose gold font. This palette opens from the side rather than the front like most palettes within the industry and once opened up, the name of the product is written on the left, with the four gorgeous shades on the right with the brand name written largely across the center. The back continues to have the same theme as the front with the ingredients and product information written in small, rose gold font.

Moving on to the product. I love how these four shades are so different and so unique to any other blush palette. All of the shades within this palette are powder, making them so easy to work with. The first shade 'CR010' is a very bright shade of coral and would work perfectly in the summer months. The second shade, 'CR020' is a much more neutral shade but still contains very pink pigmentation and is probably my favourite out of the four. Next, the shade 'CR030' is again, much lighter yet has a shimmer hint which works so well and can be used as either a blush or a highlighter. Finally, the last shade 'CR040' is a nude with a pink and coral undertone. This shade is much more subtle and although it is very pale, still shows up incredibly on the skin. I find that the formula of these shades makes the skin feel light and silky, they haven't irritated my skin at all. The pigmentation is so, so, so good. I wasn't sure if they would show up properly on my skin or last for very long but I was pleasantly surprised. (I will include swatches at the end of this post).

On the other hand, my own fault with this product would be that it doesn't come with a mirror which can make things a bit difficult when wanting to do your make-up on the go whilst travelling. However, for the price, you really can't go wrong with this product and I would recommend this to everybody. I haven't tried out the Pink Spectrum Palette as pink can sometimes make me look too washed out but I can only guess that the formulas are the same as within this palette. If you are somebody who prefers cream blush, then this may not be for you, but I cannot explain how happy I am with this product, especially for the incredible price. You can purchase this product from Beauty Bay; a site that sells foreign products to the lovely people living within the UK. I hope to try out their Contour Spectrum Palette and hopefully purchase some of their beautiful brush sets within the future.

Shades from top to bottom: CR010, CR020, CR030, CR040.

Do you own this product? What do you think? What is your overall favourite blush?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x


  1. The brushes are great, definitely worth the money! This looks gorgeous too.

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