Friday, 2 September 2016

Gorgeous Gel Nails: Prom & Holiday

Just like most teenage girls, there is nothing that I love more than having pretty coloured nails. I used to wear nail polish all of the time, especially within years ten and eleven during school. However, I have now been working for two years and both of the jobs that I have had required me to wear no nail polish which did crush my soul a little bit at first. As I usually work at least every other day, I can't really get around to painting my nails for me to have to remove it the following day. Acrylic and Gel nails were something that I hadn't really put much thought into due to always maintaining my nails at a nice length, meaning that I had no need to use false or acrylic nails. 

Having said that, in June of 2014 I decided that for Prom, I was going to get gel nails done. Fortunately for me, my aunt owns a salon and was willing to fit me in. I was expecting just a standard shade but she looked at my dress (which was a dark turquoise) and found a couple of shades that would match, resulting in my nails being purple with turquoise glitter and diamond gems on them. I was so pleased with them and they lasted for at least two weeks (usually up to three before starting to grow out) before I took them off which is the difference between gel polish and standard nail polish. I find that gels don't chip at all and make your nails feel so much stronger, which is why they cost more money as they are essentially much better quality. I have also heard that gel is bad for your nails, which is some cases is true but the most damaging part is when they are being removed. My aunt paid for my prom nails as a present which I am super grateful for and I got so many lovely compliments on them.

As I am going on holiday tomorrow, I went into the salon again this morning to get both a manicure and pedicure of gel nails. I chose a coral colour which is so bright and looks gorgeous, I believe the shade being from the Bio Sculpture 'Carnival Collection - 172 Favela Sunrise'. Each set cost £28 which is such a good price for incredible quality. I find that no matter who you are, the salon is always a friendly and comfortable place to be and the conversations aren't awkward at all. 

I would highly recommend Nail Solutions which is based at:

9 The High Street
Norwich, Norfolk
NR12 7AA

and is where you can find Debbie and Jan who are both incredible at their work where they offer a huge range of treatments with the help of a few specialists including; Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylics, Acrygel, Botox, Fillers, Fibreglass/Silk, Bio Sculpture Gel and San Tropez Tan as well as beauty treatments too.

Both times that I have been to this salon, I have received sets of Bio Sculpture Gel Nails and I think they are worth every penny as they leave your nails looking absolutely stunning. Even their incredible range of O.P.I polishes leaves me satisfied. 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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