Sunday, 28 August 2016

10 Tips for getting through a Bad Day

Bad days come and go, some 'bad' days are worse than others and a bunch of bad days may come all at one. However, there is always an end to bad days and I thought I would talk you through my top ten tips of dealing with bad days and how to overcome them. I personally like to plan specific days before they happen but despite this, sometimes those days turn out worse than I had hoped.

  1. Give yourself time to recognise how, what and why you are feeling how you are. Usually bad days depend on how we are personally feeling and realising how we feel can produce many ideas of how the day needs to change.
  2. Let other people know that you are having a bad day. Suffering in silence isn't helpful, especially towards ourselves as it gives us more time to dwell on the situation whereas if others know, then they can attempt to help and make you aware that they are there if you need.
  3. Get out of bed in the morning, get dressed and don't return until at least the afternoon. I know that on most days, I want nothing more than to stay in bed but other than to sleep in, your bedroom can be a really unhelpful place to be. If you're dressed and out of bed then you will feel better about yourself. I also like to put my make-up on as I find it therapeutic but that is up to you.
  4. Have a task that needs to be completed by the end of the day. Whether it be to go to work, to go for a walk or to catch up on some homework. Being active is a good way to distract our mind from the issues currently faced.
  5. Try to get some fresh air as although it sounds ridiculous, having fresh air can help clear your head as it helps to get oxygen to the brain. A change of scenery can also be good as well as using up some of your energy (allowing you to sleep better).
  6. Cuddle your pet is the best tip that I could give anyone. I have a cat and giving her affection benefits the both of us, because she is happy and I am able to calm down a bit. If you don't have a pet, spend time with relatives or friends.
  7. Ensure that you are fueling your body as food and water are essentials for our bodies to function. Having a low food intake can bring your mood down and not drinking enough can cause you to be dehydrated, causing physical illness which can also bring you down. Personally, I think that mental illness is bad enough alone let alone physical illness too.
  8. Watch an episode of your favourite series or your favourite film in order to try and lift your mood a little. Having said this, don't spend too much time watching television as it may make you feel worse.
  9. Keep a diary where you write how you feel as well as the people who helped and anything else that was helpful. This enables you to look back when you have future bad days on what helped.
  10. Attempt to get a good nights sleep. I always find that having a good sleep can make you feel less stressed and more positive the following day. In order to achieve this, try to spend less time during the day in your room.
I hope that this post was at least a little helpful. Any feedback would be super helpful!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bedroom Lookbook 2016

I always love to have a glimpse into other peoples bedrooms, whether it be people I know or complete strangers. I also am guilty of spending hours scrolling through Pinterest finding lots of adorable ideas. Today, I thought I would show you around my bedroom which is also my safe place and the room in my house that I spent the most time, and yes, I know that doing this isn't always healthy. By the end of the year, I am hoping to have a bit of a switch up of my room as there are a few pieces of stunning furniture that I have my eyes on but for now, I will give you a quick overview of around my room.

As you open my door and walk in, the first thing that you are able to see is my wallpapered wall and my bed. I have a duck-egg colour scheme throughout my room and my wallpaper is from B&Q and has small flowers and butterflies on it. On my bed, I have a range of cushions, some which were made from relatives and others were purchased from Primark, Next and Dunelm Mill. I also have a teddy-bear which is called Eddie and was my bear from my hospital admission, he is originally from Harrods.

On the back of my door I have two butterfly door hangers which I purchased for £1.99 each from B&M. I keep a couple of jackets on here as well as my scarfs, belts and bits and pieces such as my festival flower hairband.

Straight in front of the door is my one-drawer bedside table which has on it; a photo frame, keys, purse, book, medication, a couple of boxes (you'll soon realise that I have a slight obsession with boxes), a lamp and a bottle of water. To the left of this is where I keep my bin and above is my full-length mirror.

To the left of my mirror, I have my built in wardrobe which I am super lucky to have. This corner is my favourite part of my room as around my wardrobe I have stuck up all of my photo-booth photos as well as small quotes and keepsakes. I feel that this gives such a personal touch. Hanging from my wardrobe is just a quote from The Card Factory and an owl. To the left is a copper ornament which my mum put in my room and works really nicely. 

On the left side of my wardrobe, I have a mirror on the back of the door and four storage shelves. Three which can only be accessed from the left side and one at the top which is barely seen which I can put all of my things that I don't want to display.

On the bottom shelf is my make-up, I have three storage holders as well as a box. To the left of this which can't be seen from my room is where I store my essentials such as my hair tools, my recovery boxes, spare make-up bags, contact lenses, glasses, my plaster box, cotton buds and all of my LUSH samples.

Moving up to the second shelf, this is where I store my perfumes, jewellery and candles. I have a mirrored jewellery box, two small Yankee Candles in the shades 'Bahama Breeze' and 'Clean Cotton'. I also have a personalised shot glass from my birthday and a cat ring holder. At the far left of this shelf I keep another make-up bag and my 'go to' make-up removers. 

And finally, the top shelf is where I keep my DVDs, Books, CDs and everyday skin and hair care products. At the back, I have a ted baker wash bag which is where I store my nail varnishes. 

And of course, in the right side of my wardrobe is my clothes rail and at the bottom is a shoe rack where I store some of my shoes as well as my bags.

Moving on to the opposite wall of my room which is my box bay window with my gorgeous windowsill. On here, I just have some more photo frames, a large vanilla candle which I found in B&M, a few decoration ornaments that fit in well with my room, some family guy box series which of course, are my boyfriends and some alcohol. Having a large window is so handy for me as it brings so much natural lighting in although, having said that, I live on a busy road and there are forever car lights shining through my window at nighttime so I have to have both a roller blind and some curtains.

To the left of my window is my super small desk which I emergency bought a few years ago and has been handy for little bits and bobs. I have a floral folder to the right which I purchased from Sainsbury's and absolutely adore, my colouring books, my DIY notice board, two pen pots, my other lamp and of course, my new notebook which I managed to find in Primark.

Underneath my desk is where my Disney plush collection lives which is another favourite part of my room. I am an absolute sucker for all things Disney, especially Monsters Inc and Tangled and have managed to end up with these little beauties.

To the right of my window is my four drawer storage holder which is where I keep pyjamas and swimwear and is a stand for my TV. Above this on the wall is my Discovery Cove Canvas and football frame which remind me of happy memories.

I am also lucky enough to have lots of storage under my bed where I keep all of my sixth form work, additional clothes, blankets and the most random of things. Part of this, is my LUSH collection which has actually downsized a ridiculous amount due to the fact that some products are in my bathroom, some are in a separate box ready for a giveaway. My shower gel's and FUN are defiantly my overall favourite parts of my collection.

Lastly but not least, is my hanging lamp shade which has clear gems hanging from it and adds an elegant finish to my room.

I hope you enjoyed looking around my room. What are your favourite parts of your room?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Thursday, 25 August 2016

'Yes To' Body Wash Grapefruit & Blueberries

On Monday, I decided to have a day of shopping for back to school stationary as the term is fast approaching and I need to start getting organised. I spent far too much money (as usual) and also ended up finding a few little bargains on the Boots clearance shelf including these 'Yes To' products which is a brand that I had heard so much about yet have so little experience with and therefore, I decided to pick some up. After doing some research, I quickly learnt that 'Yes To' is an environmentally friendly brand where none of there products would ever sink below containing 95% natural ingredients and with packaging that is recyclable. Another great fact about this brand is that, just like LUSH, they are cruelty free and swear to never test on animals. This company have the mission to make individuals smile more and to say 'yes' at least once every day however, in some situations they will also say no. The things that result in a definite 'no' is using parabens, phthalates, SLS, silicones, chemical sunscreens and all other potentially harmful ingredients.

'Yes To' have a wide range of products, split into six main categories associated with scents and focusing on different problem areas, making it easy to find out which products would suit your body best. These categories are:

  • Yes To Carrots, specifically for normal-to-dry skin and hair.
  • Yes To Cucumbers, for sensitive skin and normal-to-dry hair.
  • Yes To Tomatoes, advised to individuals with combination and acne-prone skin.
  • Yes To Blueberries which targets fine lines, wrinkles and frizzy hair.
  • Yes To Grapefruit aimed towards uneven skin tones.
  • Yes To Coconut, for dry skin and hair.
The only two products that I managed to pick up were both body washes, something that I am happy to purchase as I know that I will defiantly get round to using. The first being the 'Yes To Grapefruit Rejuvenating Body Wash' which targets all skin types which is suitable for almost anyone, this product includes 98% natural ingredients and was reduced from £7.99 to £4 in the clearance for a 500ml bottle which I think is reasonably prices. I doubt that I would have purchased this product at its full price just to try out but if I fall in love with it then who knows?  This product states that it will give you a fresh cleanse. The aroma of this product isn't too heavy which I love as sometimes, when products are too strong, they can cause you feeling nauseous. It defiantly has a stronger punch of grapefruit which works well to balance out the overall citrus, summer scent. The liquid isn't coloured but is slightly cloudy, as you'd expect from most body washes. My first impressions of this product are really good and I cannot wait to try it out.

Moving on to the other product that I actually managed to pick up the last two bottles of which is the 'Yes To Blueberries Ultra Hydrating Body Wash', suitable for dry skin which I thought was useful as I have a lot of scar tissue on my arms which result in me having extremely dry skin. I thought that this would also be beneficial for after holiday as although I will try not to, there is the chance that my skin could burn. This product includes 95% natural ingredients and was again, reduced from £7.99 to £4. This product has an aim to moisturise and soften skin by using Shea butter within its formula. I found that when first discovering the scent of this product, that it has a mix of lemon and tea-tree oils. The blueberry scent is much more subtle than the main ingredient within the grapefruit wash and I must admit, I couldn't distinguish it at first. Again, this product is clear in colour and I look forward to testing this product out and seeing how much it lathers.

So far, I think that these products could be comparable with LUSH Cosmetic's Shower Gel's as both brands are against animal testing and for those of you who get a headache by just walking past a LUSH store, (I know my mum does) then this brand could be a cheaper and better option for you as the scent is much more subtle which can be nice and refreshing. Out of all of the ranges, I think that the 'Yes To Tomatoes' would be most suitable for my skin tone as I still have quite acne-prone skin and I will defiantly look out for their Charcoal cleanser and mud-mask which I have heard good reviews about, and of course first heard of by Zoe. I am not entirely sure where these body washes are currently available to purchase as I believe that Boots were selling off their stock, maybe for a new product launch, look or maybe these just weren't as popular as hoped.

After finding the time to use both of these products, I am extremely impressed. The scent is much stronger whilst in the shower and they lather up incredibly. I have been using the Grapefruit product a bit more, just because it suits my skin better but I would recommend this brand, especially if you are interested in natural products. I'm not sure if I would repurchase, simply because when it comes to body wash, I always go to my rather embarrassingly large collection of LUSH Cosmetics Shower Gel's. Nonetheless, these products left my skin feeling so hydrated, soft and silky. I will continue to use these products and feedback my thoughts after using them for more than three days. I especially love how within this brand, each scent targets different problem areas.

Have you tried these products? What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Saturday, 20 August 2016

What I Wish I'd Known Before Turning Eighteen

Now that I am eighteen years old and eight months, to be exact, I feel that I am now at a stage where I can talk to you lovely people about being eighteen; how it has changed my life, how it hasn't changed my life and some answers to the biggest fears that I had about turning eighteen as I wish I had someone to tell me that it isn't as bad as it seems. This post is mostly linked with mental health as my mind made it difficult to accept that I was moving onto adulthood.

When you have a head that races at thousands of miles per hour, jumping from one conclusion to another, turning eighteen and being faced with 'adulthood', a stage that is associated with lots of life-changing roles and responsibilities can be extremely daunting. I know that because I was absolutely terrified to turn eighteen and I can honestly say that I don't know why because nothing has majorly changed other than the fact that I have more freedom and I get paid more money, bonus! I'm not sure what it is about being eighteen, but its like a milestone in life and when you're ill, they're quite difficult to come to terms with. I remember when I first became ill, not thinking I would even make it to my thirteenth birthday, let alone my sixteenth which I was worried about and turning eighteen was a milestone that I had dreaded for years. Making it to eighteen and still being alive, was a big thing for me, and for many of my unwell friends. I never ever believed that it would happen and the closer it got, the worse I felt about it. I also hate birthdays, I really dislike anything that draws attention to myself and therefore, my birthday isn't my favourite time of the year.

One of the main fears of being unwell and turning eighteen is moving on from CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) to the dreaded, even less-funded Adult Services. I am fairly lucky in some respects, as my local service has changed to a Youth Service, suited for individuals aged between fifteen and twenty-five so changing services was something that I didn't have to worry about. Having said this, my case manager of two years did leave just before I turned eighteen, making things a bit difficult as I knew that I had to start a completely new relationship with another stranger. The thing with adult services is that, just like CAMHS, they are different depending on which county you live in, which is absolutely ridiculous. An example being, that the county that I live in, has one of the worst services within the entire country. I know that when starting the transition, you aren't just dropped completely and handed over (like I was when my worker suddenly left), you have many introduction sessions with both workers which enables you to start building up a relationship. A positive of adult services is that there isn't just one main service, there are specialist services such as personality disorder services and services that just specialist in all different types of mental health problems. I do believe that an assessment is required, but if you've been in services for many years, you may be used to it and this probably would ease your anxiety a little.

When approaching your eighteenth birthday, I feel that it is normal for everybody to be nervous about the changes, having responsibility, having to be independent and having to actually be able to look after yourself but in reality, nothing really changes. Nowadays, at eighteen, most individuals are still in education at college and moving onto university, most people still live at home with their clothes being washed for them and their dinner being cooked for them. There aren't really extra responsibilities for when you reach the age of eighteen as I feel that we are in a society where we have roles and responsibilities from a younger age and therefore, these are just normal. You have more control over your decisions and you have more options with care confidentiality. You can choose who you tell about certain things although for me, I have just stayed the same as I have learnt that there is no point in hiding things just because you can, when it would be more beneficial to tell certain people. I think another fear of turning eighteen is the fact that many individuals within older generations always tell young people how childhood and teenage years are the best years of your life as you don't have to work, pay bills and you get looked after. However, life is what you make it and I know that recovery is a long process, but everybody is capable of recovering and therefore, there will be brighter and better days.

It is funny how when you are a child you cannot wait to grow up despite everyone telling you not to wish your life away yet when you reach eighteen, all you want to do is be a child again. I struggle with change, both big and small and I can barely even spend the night away from home so you can imagine how much I wound myself up about being an adult and the stress that I put myself through. There's also worries that most likely would never happen such as if you got really poorly again, you'd be sent to an adult hospital which you've grown up learning how they are 'not nice' places to be.

Having said this, there are actually so many positive outcomes of being eighteen which I didn't even realise until I found myself reaching this age. Firstly, you are able to legally buy alcohol and tobacco as you'll have valid identification. For me, purchasing these items within the first month or two of being eighteen was a bit anxiety provoking because although my ID is real and valid, I was worried that people checking it wouldn't believe so. I learnt that the best way to deal with this and dealing with the fear of being asked for ID was to get my ID out before I get to the till as then the shop keeper or bar tender can recognise that you have it out and can just take it out of your hand as an oppose of making a big deal and asking which could draw attention to you. I still use this trick now when purchasing age restricted items as it just makes me more calm. Moving on, once you turn eighteen, you can get a tattoo if you wish which is something that I am yet to do as well as getting as many piercings as you please, without having to worry about parental permission. Another exciting thing that happens when you're eighteen, is that if you are receiving minimum wage at a job, it will increase and all of those hours completed at work will feel so much more worth it. You can vote when you turn eighteen, allowing you to be more involved with society and the world around you. You can legally move out if you feel like you'd be able to cope without your parents, you can get married without parental permission and although I wouldn't recommend it, you can gamble. Finally, the most important of all is that you can never ever be readmitted back to that hellhole of an adolescent inpatient unit which you spent tedious months in as you are too old.

I feel like a post without photos just isn't right and that some of you may switch off so I will include some photos of my eighteenth birthday for you all to see. I hope you've enjoyed this post or found some hope for turning eighteen. The main piece of advice that I can give to you all is to spend it with those you love!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Friday, 19 August 2016

164 Thoughts that Everybody has had During Therapy.

So, those of you who have been, or in fact are in some sort of therapy/counselling for mental health will know the exact feeling of dread when you wake up, look in your calendar and notice that you have an appointment in the afternoon or maybe even within the upcoming few days. After asking for some feedback from friends, I thought it would be quite fun to write up a post of thoughts that most people have during therapy sessions; from travelling to therapy to the minute that the session is over.


  1. This is so much effort just for an hour long appointment.
  2. I want to go back to bed.
  3. Lets see how many people I bump into today.
  4. Nope, don't even think about that.
  5. I look dreadful.
  6. Are they even going to recognise me with no make-up on?
  7. Maybe if I had made more of an effort, they'd believe that I am feeling fine.
  8. I know that I have done this one-hundred times before, but what do I say at reception?
  9. I wonder if I have had over one-hundred appointments?
  10. You've got this.
  11. I know exactly what I am going to say.
  12. Do I say it?
  13. How do I say it?
  14. I didn't say it.
  15. This happens every single time.
  16. Whats the worst that could happen?
  17. I said something else that I can't even remember saying.
  18. Try again.
  19. OK, I should not have said that
  20. In fact, I defiantly should not have said that.
  21. Am I making too much eye contact?
  22. Don't snap, she probably didn't mean to say that or if she did, not that harshly.
  23. Keep your cool, everything is going wonderful. Keep your cool.
  24. I should have gone shopping.
  25. I could have done so much today if I didn't come here.
  26. Then again, I wouldn't have actually done anything.
  27. I don't know what to have for dinner.
  28. Wheres the clock? I can't find the clock.
  29. How on earth is there not a clock?
  30. Please don't call my parents.
  31. My hands are so clammy.
  32. How disgusting.
  33. Oh no, here comes all the questions.
  34. Stop with the questions.
  35. And here we go again.
  36. Oh and the threats, lovely.
  37. Don't give it away that you want to rip her eyeballs out.
  38. Or even better, my own.
  39. Surely this appointment is almost over.
  40. This is pointless.
  41. Does she actually ever listen to what I say?
  42. No, I do not want to change medication.
  43. I wonder what my cat is currently doing.
  44. I'm too tired for an intense conversation.
  45. Do not take it for granted, some people don't even have this.
  46. I kind of envy them in a way though.
  47. I'm going to need a shot after this.
  48. Actually, make it ten.
  49. I wonder what my therapist is like drunk.
  50. Imagine bumping into them on a night out.
  51. Nope, changed my mind, lets not.
  52. I can't remember what she just said.
  53. Well, this is awkward.
  54. For the thousandth time, I do not know why I feel like this.
  55. Do you really think that within a week I will have recovered, got married, had children and owned a house?
  56. These questions are doing more harm than anything.
  57. I need a cigarette.
  58. I have been in this appointment for thirty minutes and I am still anxious.
  59. Did what I say sound stupid? Or attention seeking?
  60. I really should justify what I mean.
  61. I can't believe I have just spent five minutes trying to back up my point.
  62. I feel like I am wasting her time as I actually feel fine today.
  63. Why wont you discharge me?
  64. Don't tell her that you hate her just because you can't get your own way.
  65. I should not have just told her that I hate her.
  66. I feel really bad.
  67. I don't even think that I am worthy of the help so what is the point.
  68. Why isn't therapy working?
  69. Why do I get the blame for it not working.
  70. I am complying, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be sat here.
  71. I am trying to open up but you don't understand what I am saying.
  72. Do not get frustrated.
  73. You make this sound so easy.
  74. I think you've forgotten that you can't recover over night.
  75. Does she think that I am crazy?
  76. I know I technically am but does she think I have full on lost my mind?
  77. How do you even do this job without crying with the clients?
  78. This is getting deep.
  79. And personal, too personal.
  80. Do not cry.
  81. Please do not cry.
  82. If this all ends badly, i'll just do some retail therapy afterwards.
  83. Wait, the city will be packed, maybe I wont.
  84. I'd much rather be in bed.
  85. You're meant to be helping me.
  86. You're meant to have the answers, I wouldn't be here if I had them.
  87. What month are we in.
  88. What's the day, let alone the month.
  89. You have a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me?
  90. Oh yeah, everybody has a personal life.
  91. But even so, how rude.
  92. How can you expect me to trust me when I know nothing about you?
  93. That's a bit of an exaggeration, I actually know probably too much about you.
  94. I can thank my inner stalker skills for that.
  95. If I had known you were going to leave the room this many times, I would have brought a book.
  96. Stop being stressed, she's just trying to help.
  97. You want to refer me to somebody else?
  98. That's fine, pass me along once again.
  99. Do you really care though?
  100. I mean, this is just your job.
  101. Do not say that out loud.
  102. I hope I didn't say that out loud.
  103. I feel dreadful.
  104. I feel beyond dreadful and you're talking about trying mindfulness.
  105. Don't you think I have tried that before.
  106. It's been drilled into me for the past five years of my life.
  107. Give her a chance.
  108. Instead of wasting time with these questions, why don't you just read through my notes.
  109. Actually, I can understand why you haven't, they must be rather lengthy now.
  110. I want to see my notes.
  111. Just to be nosy and to see if I agree with what they're saying.
  112. They're technically talking about me, behind my back.
  113. How rude.
  114. I can't complain, I do the same to them.
  115. Saying that, I can't wait to text my friend after this appointment.
  116. This appointment was so pointless that I want to cry.
  117. Don't cry.
  118. Yes, seeing you in two weeks is fine because I have no other choice.
  119. Why am I attached.
  120. Why am I always attached.
  121. To be fair, this appointment is actually quite helpful.
  122. I just wish I could stop thinking.
  123. I feel bad about being so harsh.
  124. The care I receive is actually quite good.
  125. I wonder how much longer before she breaks the news that she is leaving.
  126. They all do eventually.
  127. Even when they promise not to.
  128. Maybe not promise, but they say they have no intention of leaving.
  129. I suppose at the time they didn't.
  130. I'll let them off.
  131. I am so dehydrated.
  132. I wonder if she is thinking the same about me?
  133. She must be.
  134. As they say, the imagination is wild.
  135. I am pretty sure that I have a numb bum.
  136. Oh dear, shes asking about incidents.
  137. Be honest.
  138. I regret being honest already.
  139. You say you're concerned, but are you actually?
  140. Possibly, why must you be so difficult to work out.
  141. I am hungry.
  142. I hope my stomach doesn't start to make odd noises.
  143. I actually really like this new case manager.
  144. You're actually funny.
  145. Although, I am pretty sure half of the things you say aren't allowed.
  146. Oh well, trust is a big thing.
  147. She's got the diary out, it must be time to finish.
  148. I always find it so odd giving you a hug, you're so tall.
  149. Not that she should be giving me a hug anyway.
  150. That appointment wasn't too bad.
  151. Why did I dread it?
  152. Why is overthinking a thing?
  153. I must admit, I do feel a bit better.
  154. I hope my make-up still looks alright.
  155. And that's that over for another fortnight.
  156. Is it bad that I can't be bothered to travel home?
  157. Probably, I did have the option of her coming to my house.
  158. I would defiantly rather have to do the travelling.
  159. Maybe this worker genuinely does care.
  160. Who knows?
  161. I now don't have to dread this for another two weeks.
  162. I am so relieved. 
  163. That somehow did go better than expected.
  164. I can't actually remember most of what was said.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and can somewhat relate. Feel free to share or leave your reoccurring thoughts that always pop up during a session.

(For photo credits, please click here)

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Saturday, 13 August 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection & Wishlist

Everybody is aware that when looking for a new lipstick, MAC is the place to go! I don't have a huge collection of Mac Lipsticks but I do own a few gorgeous shades which I would happily repurchase over and over again. I will firstly talk about the packaging which is so simplistic, sophisticated and classy. I love the packaging almost as much as the products themselves as it is so distinct yet so well known. The product isn't too big, too heavy or even too small. It is shaped like a bullet and has the brand written on both the link and inside in contrasting colours which works really well as well as having its own unique slightly sweet vanilla scent which smells delicious (in small doses).

The first Mac Lipstick that I bought was a 'Cremesheen' lipstick in the shade 'Hot Gossip' which is a delightful mid-tone pink and plumb shade. I love the Cremesheen finish lipsticks yet I sadly only own two of them. I instantly fell in love with this product and with gritted teeth proceeded to pay the £15.50 for this product and I can easily say that I am so glad that I did. I bought this product back in December 2014 and therefore, it has a lot of usage meaning that I will have to repurchase very soon. I find this lipstick so easy to apply with its creamy texture and I find that it rarely needs topping up throughout the day due to its incredible pigmentation. I have noticed within this product, that it has tiny pieces of glitter inside the product, allowing it to leave this gorgeous cremesheen finish. This is the same with the shade 'Party Line' however, it is very difficult to notice and just makes the product even prettier. For those who aren't aware, Mac Cremesheen finished lipsticks are extremely creamy and glossy and leaves such a smooth and hydrating finish on your lips although unfortunately, these finishes are often not as pigmented or as long-wearing as other products.

Continuing with the 'Cremesheen' finished lipsticks, my next beloved Mac Lipstick is in the shade 'Party Line' which is a gorgeous red toned plum which is much lighter than burgundy yet defiantly not a pink. This is a rather deep and darker coloured product and I think that the pigmentation is incredible, one of the many reasons why I will never stop buying Mac Lipsticks. I find this product so easy to apply, it is so smooth on my lips and just glides across leaving a trail of its vibrant shade. This lipstick is moisturising and doesn't leave my lips feeling dry although due to its dark shade, it can bleed a little on and around the lips so I would recommend purchasing a lip liner, especially if you have shaky hands like me! This product is suitable to wear in the spring and summer seasons as it isn't too dark but is defiantly not the typical nude and is noticeable. I think that this product can easily match any outfit and again, the colour stays on for hours so there is no need to mess around trying to reapply it, especially on a busy schedule and if you were needing to reapply, it is so easy to do. On the photo shown below, this shade is the lipstick on the left and as you can see, rather a new addition to my collection.

Moving on, the next lipstick that I actually got given as a present is a relatively similar colour to the shade 'Hot Gossip' yet has a completely different finish ensuring that the product looks different when being worn. This beauty is in the shade 'Creme De La Femme' and has a 'Frost' finish leaving your lips looking super silky and is defined as 'pink laced with gold'. I must admit, before I owned this shade, I had never heard of it before as I don't believe that it is one of Mac's best selling lipsticks but nonetheless, it is defiantly underrated and worth every penny of the £15.50 spent on it. This product is a flawless glossy pink tone which is extremely moisturised lips whereas I know that a lot of lipsticks can easily dry the lips out. This lipstick is one of the overall longest lasting lipsticks that I own. Unlike some lipsticks, it isn't quick to transfer and fade away and can literally be worn with any outfit. It is still a slight nude shade which helps this lipstick to not clash with other colours. I personally love this product and would highly recommend (as I would all of these products). The frost finishes are usually slightly more long-wearing than the cremesheen and have slightly more coverage. However, these products stand out by leaving a frost look on your lips (as suggested by their name) and are of course, super shimmery. 

My next lipstick is in the shade 'Plumful' and has a 'Lustre' finish. This shade is a rose-plum and is one of my favourite shades that I own. It is so unique and is defined as being blossoming which is very true. This shade applies as a bright plum and berry tint yet still has a pink undertone and looks gorgeous with any outfit as well as being wearable on an everyday basis. This shade leaves a rather glossy finish and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry or cracking at all. I would highly recommend the lustre finishes for those who do have dry lips as these products are so mosturising and super easy to apply. Out of all of the finishes, I would describe the lustre finishes most similar to the cremesheen although some people may disagree as apparently they are almost identical to the glaze finishes lipsticks, something that I cannot comment on as I have never owned or tried a glazed finished lipstick. Nonetheless, this product is an absolute essential to have in your collection. Within the photo to the left, this shade is the middle lipstick which unfortunately looks slightly battered and bruised. Finally, this product leaves a slightly opaque finish which with some shades, can make them look more like glosses although this shade is still fairly pigmented.

Following this, my next product is an 'Amplified' finish lipstick in the shade 'Dark Side' which is another new addition but currently my favourite shade within my collection. This product has a mix of a slight purple tinted undertone as well as a dark red and is a deep burgundy shade (I promise it is nicer than it sounds). I usually wouldn't go for a shade like this but couldn't resist when I was doing some shopping and found myself drooling over it. I find that this product applies slightly darker on the lips and the colour is so pigmented, I cannot even explain my love for this product to you (another reason why I adore the amplified finishes). This product can defiantly be seen whilst worn and I personally think that it is more of a winter shade than a summer due to its deep comforting shade although, I still wear this product all year round. This product is also smooth on the lips which I was quite surprised with but I must admit, I don't find it as mosturising as some of my others. If you're new to lip products or are a perfectionist then you may also want to buy a lip liner which will just give that extra detail which again, is something that I am yet to do. 

Unfortunately, we are onto the last lipstick within my collection and this beauty is the well-known shade 'Ruby Woo' which has a 'Retro Matte' finish. This is simply a gorgeous bright red matte lipstick which I don't tend to wear often as I really can't get on that well with the formula. I find this product fairly chalky and it dries my lips out ridiculously, leaving them chapped and cracked. Having said this, I cannot fault the pigmentation of this product at all as it applies the exact colour of what you see in the tube. Matte products are one of my favourite types but when wearing this product, I usually have to ensure that I have applied lots of lip balm before applying it. I was lucky enough to also receive this product as a present and although I don't get on with the formula too well, I will always have a space in my heart for it simply because of the gorgeous brightening and refreshing colour. If you have dry lips then the retro matte finishes probably aren't for you but if you're looking for a product that is still highly pigmented then I would have a look at some of the amplified lipsticks as these leave equally powerful shades on your lips.


Of course, I as well as you have a MAC Lipstick wishlist and although I adore almost every single shade within their collection, I have to limit myself to an overall wishlist. As I don't own these products, I cannot swatch them or review them but I will give you as much of an overview as I can with of course some help from MAC.
  • Finally Free (Cremesheen) - A stunning mid-tone rosey nude shade which is an online exclusive. 
  • Whirl (Matte) - A slightly brown under toned 'dirty' rose shade.
  • Brave (Satin) - A beige and pink shade with shimmers of white pearl. A product that I have been after for the longest time.
  • Mehr (Matte) - A popular product which is describes as a 'dirty' blue pink toned lipstick.
  • "O" (Frost) - Described as a purplish-red shade with golden pearl, this shade is honestly to die for. I spotted it within a store a few days ago and I seriously need this product in my life. I find that it leaves a slight metallic finish.
  • Crosswires (Cremesheen) - A clean pinky orange shade.
I will state now, that some photos are straight from the MAC website of the shades that I didn't have good photos of, the website can be found linked above and by no means am I claiming these photos to be my own.

Swatches from left to right - Hot Gossip, Creme De La Femme, Plumful, Party Line, Dark Side, Ruby Woo.

Which is your favourite lipstick? Do you have any recommendations? Which MAC finish is your favourite? 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x
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