Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Make-Up & Perfume Storage

Me being a perfectionist and always wanting to reorganise my bedroom, storage is an essential part in making sure that my room is always satisfying and appealing to me. Even though not many people spend time in my room, I love to make sure that it is up to my own personal standards despite the fact that I change my mind multiple times each and every day.

Make-Up Storage is one of those things that for me specifically, I like to change a lot. I quickly get bored of the same things and want to change things up a bit. As my make-up collection has grown, I have had more of a desire to make it look neat, tidy and nice. I used to store my make-up in three different storage baskets which although looked pretty, meant that I was always rummaging through trying to find certain products and when I fancied a change, I eventually looked online to see if I could find something much more suited for my make-up as well as fitting in with the theme of my room.

My first storage purchase was a white wooden make-up organiser which I instantly fell in love with. I found it at Argos and it seemed perfect for what I was after. I find that due to it having so many compartments, I can give each type of product its own place ensuring that I won't have to search around for my every-day essential products. This product retails at £19.99 which I thought was an incredible price and completely worth the money considering that I use it on a daily basis.

The only downside to this organiser is that it doesn't have any space for my pallets, something which I have recently managed to find a love for. Therefore, I have been storing my pallets in a decorative 'bits and bobs' box which I found in Tesco and was the perfect size. This was handy to ensure that my make-up area didn't look cluttered but the problem earlier explained of searching for products became a slight problem again. 

Luckily enough, I had some spare time in the city today and managed to find a section of Rose Gold stationary organisers, two of which stood out the most; a rectangular organiser with three individual compartments and a matching pen pot, both which I felt were perfect for what I was after. As soon as I got home, I decided to test them out to see if they would work for the pallets I was needing to store. To my surprise, all of my pallets except one fitting in the stationary organiser which I have placed on my bedside table and the pen pot, which I didn't actually need but couldn't resist buying is perfect for my brushes, allowing my white organiser to have more space for new and exciting purchases. These products cost me a total of £4.50 from Wilko.

Finally as for me, cotton buds always manage to end up as an essential tool when applying my make-up, I found a small box in Poundland which is the perfect size to store them in out of the way. I feel that in order to complete my make-up storage, I will need to purchase an acrylic clear make-up holder as I have been interested in these for quite some time. However, it isn't a necessary and I am sure that I can resist until I get paid.
There is no doubt that soon enough, I will be looking for another change in regards to storing my make-up but for now, I am satisfied with my current make-up storage.

Moving on to perfume storage, I am not even sure if it is classes as 'storage' as my perfume is as simple as you could imagine. A shelf that consists of all of my perfumes and body sprays is as far as my perfume storage goes. However, this shelf is well organised, making it look neat and tidy despite the fact that I have a lot of perfumes even though I did successfully give a few away to my cousin. When recently sorting through my room, I decided that I was going to move my perfumes which previously shared a shelf with other bits and bobs including books, films and CD's to their own shelf, allowing it to look less cluttered and to fit in better with this decluttering stage that I seem to be going through. The only downside to my perfume storage and collection is that if I fall in love with a perfume bottle, I will keep that bottle no matter what. Even if it is empty or has been sitting in the same spot for years on end, I will not get rid of it. 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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