Friday, 13 September 2019

My last Summer before the beginning of my Future

Somehow we are in September, already? I finished college at the beginning of June, leaving me with a three and a half month summer. Most people would choose to use this gap of time to travel, to embrace the good weather and to make incredible memories but for me, this summer was all about resting and ensuring that even without a structure, I can still maintain a stable state of mind. This summer has been strange, I haven't had an educational summer break in years and I am preparing for my life to change in a few different aspects; I am starting my career and university degree, something that I have only dreamt of, some of my relatives are expecting babies which is incredibly exciting and I am making the biggest step in my life yet of moving on, past my history and own personal struggles. 

There isn't too much that I can say that I have achieved or accomplished this summer but I have still been entirely busy. Preparing for university is stressful (and I'm not even having to move house), I have spent all summer filling in form after form, attending meetings, filling out more paperwork and spending a tonne of money on university, before even starting. I never even thought that there would be much more preparing to do throughout the summer as I had already applied to university through UCAS, I had already sorted out student finance, I had attended my interviews but oh boy was I wrong, those were the 'simple' things that needed to be organised. I didn't realise how much time, energy and 'faffing around' went into getting a DBS check, applying for extra support incase I need it, organising appointments and filling in forms for a health check, applying to various national and university nursing organisations, setting up my university online portal, consenting to this, that and everything else, opening a student bank account and even filling in forms for placements. It has been hectic to say the least and just when I think that I am finished, there's something else that I have forgotten to do. Having said that, I think I am almost there (thankfully).

Alongside this, I have been working part-time, trying to sort other family issues out, trying to spend as much time as I possibly can with my family and boyfriend before my time is even more stretched and ultimately distracting myself from the reality and anxiety that I am actually going to university.. in just over a week.

I have also had some lovely times, I have had countless family BBQ's which have been lovely, I went to a wedding which was exciting and I have also gotten back into watching TV series which is something that I rarely do. I have gotten so much into watching series that I have spent the summer rewatching the first six seasons of dance moms, thirteen reasons why and a few other mini series. 

I aim to continue to update my blog throughout my degree when I can but please be patient as I have no idea how busy I will be, but this is definitely not the end of my blog and I hope that you can all come on my journey with me.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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