Tuesday, 15 January 2019

(A little late) 15 Week College Update

I had the full intention of sitting down throughout half-term and writing up my 15 week college update but I found myself ridiculously busy and just never got round to it, so an entire month later and I have just remembered to do it.

As from the 13th December, I broke up from College for Christmas until January 7th 2019 after completing my fifteenth week on my Access Course. If you weren't already aware I am completing an Access to Science for Health Practitioners, year-long course which will give me the building blocks to University. The previous half term felt pretty manic and I was looking forward to a good break after realising just the amount of work that really does come with an Access Course.

If you'd have seen my 7 Week College Update, I mentioned how I had my first two exams and my first coursework deadline in the last week of October, I was so worried about the exams as they were in Chemistry and Biology; Science really is not my strong point and my coursework was an experiment write up, which despite being quite a difference to any coursework I have completed before, it was definitely more in my comfort zone however, I am still absolutely amazed that I managed to get Distinctions in all three pieces; making up my first 9 credits at a Distinction. 

I also had my Personal Statement dooming over me which I desperately wanted to get sent off before half-term. I had written up my statement and included everything that I needed but I just couldn't cut it down enough. In the end, I had a few friends look at it at different times to help me remove the unnecessary waffle and I couldn't recommend getting a fresh set of eyes to help cut it down enough, especially as it is harder to be brutal with your own work when you've spent so long working on it. I only actually had my Personal Statement looked over on one occasion, once I had included everything and needed to start trimming it which had its pros and cons and I feel that although the professionals helping you with your statement are experienced, what they say is just an opinion and therefore, I took out some parts that they recommended but I left in others that I felt I wanted in there. I was quite surprised that UCAS now charge £18 to apply for just one University or £24 to apply to up to five when a couple of years ago, there was no charge but I paid it and off my statement went on the 11th December which was about a week after I sent it to my tutor to add my reference. 

I applied for Mental Health Nursing starting in September 2019 at University of East Anglia, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Suffolk, Kings College London and Northampton University and I actually received my first interview invitation for Anglia Ruskin just the day after my application was sent off. UEA is my top choice and I actually had my Anglia Ruskin Interview last Wednesday which went ok.. the Math test was brutal and I was so nervous for the first mini Interview that it didn't go amazingly, but it was good experience and I am glad I did it. My UEA interview is tomorrow which is exciting and terrifying but it is a phone interview which I am much more comfortable with and today, I also received an interview for Northampton University. Overall, my interview invitations have been spread out and I am just so pleased that I have a UEA interview.

On another note, in my last update I was saying how brilliant my attendance was which I won't deny, has slipped a bit since. I finished the second half-term with an attendance of 83% for the half-term and 89% overall, which isn't awful, but it isn't great, this was due to annoyingly getting ill midterm.

I feel that I am now at the point of settling in to my course, even if it has taken a few months to do so and although it is difficult and stressful, I am quite enjoying it and it keeps me busy. I can't quite believe that I have my next set of exams and deadlines next week but then I should be about halfway through my course which is crazy but a slight relief.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x
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