Monday, 16 July 2018

I have been SHORTLISTED for an AWARD?! | I need your help..

It has taken me an entire 14 days to write this post, firstly because I am completely baffled by the entire concept and secondly because I have been so busy. Where do I even begin? I have somehow managed to be shortlisted for the Best Illness Recovery Blog Award which was created by the Health Blogger Community and That Protein as part of their annual Health blog awards. 

When I started this blog, adamant that I was going to speak out about Mental Health Difficulties in order to break the stigma, I never imagined that two years later, I would not only be nominated for an award, but shortlisted; I have made it into the top three for my category and that blows my mind. I am so thankful for each and every one of you, who always clicks onto my blog to read my latest posts or who have messaged me to say how beneficial or inspiring my posts have been. I cannot explain how much the messages, comments and conversations surrounding my blog means to me, I am quite honestly, just a girl who is fed up of the world shitting on not only myself, but so many people and although I can't cure other peoples illnesses, I can try my hardest to give advice and I can speak out, in the hope that it breaks some of the stigma, even if it only changes one persons mindset surrounding Mental Illness.

However, in order to get a shot at winning, I need your votes. You can vote more than once and I will give you the complete rundown on how to vote..

  1. 1. Click this link to the Awards Event website, it may take a few seconds to load which is normal. You will be directed to what looks like a website full of photos but this is the right page.
  2. 2. Scroll down, if you're using a mobile then it may take a little longer to scroll down but you basically need to keep scrolling (past my face) until you get to the bottom of the shortlisted bloggers where you will find a section titled 'Vote for your favourite Bloggers' which has a big green button underneath that says start.
  3. 3. Follow the instructions, you will be asked for your first name and email address, you will also get the option to opt in for receiving an electronic newsletter.
  4. 4. You need to chose my category within the list which is 'Chronic Illness & Illness Recovery'.
  5. 5. Click on my face with my name and blog name underneath.
  6. 6. Press Register.

And that is it. As I mentioned before, you can vote multiple times and every single vote counts, I would appreciate every single vote and let me know if you have voted for me, as I would love to be able to say thank-you to you personally and thank-you to everyone who has already voted!

Voting is open until the first week in August, so there isn't much time! The event is taking place on the 15th September in London and tickets are on sale right now for £21.79, which can be found here if you are interested in attending.

Thank-you for reading & thank-you all so much for giving me this opportunity, Tay x

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  1. Inspiring and brave, Ive held the hand of the devil a few times, lonely and dark indeed. Well done you...never doubt that a small, dedicated group of people can change the world, Indeed it has always been the way. voted for you Tay.


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