Friday, 2 February 2018

Benefit Gimme Brow Product Recall, Being Discontinued & Review

Back in what I believe was mid-2016, Benefit Cosmetics launched a huge range of 13 different beauty products, every single one being Brow products in different formulas, styles, applicators and shades.. there was bound to be something for everyone. This launch included not only brow filling products, but brow setting gel, a brow highlighting pencil and brow primer. The majority of the brow filling products are available in six different shades ranging from light to dark, meaning that you're able to find a product that suits your skin tone and hair shade the best.

Benefit Gimme Brow is a volumising eyebrow fibre gel that aims to make your brows look naturally fuller and thicker. It comes in a sleek silver packaging and its full size product is in 3g. I decided to opt for trying this product due to it still leaving your brows looking natural due to the fact that bolder, filled brows just don't work on me. This product is available in three different shades; 01 (light), 03 (medium) and 05 (deep). I was slightly hesitant to purchase this product as I believed that the best shade for me from their brow line was shade 02 which isn't available in the Gimme Brow. However, I went for shade 01 and was pleasantly surprised with the shade of this product, I find that it is buildable, you can use it straight onto your natural eyebrows or onto already filled in brows and it gives much different effects, making it versatile to how thick you may want your brows to look. Prior to trying this product eighteen months ago, I really struggled to find a reasonably priced brow product that doesn't leave my brows looking too dark, I really felt like the market was missing good quality brow products aimed for lighter tones and whenever I found a product that I had heard good reviews of, I couldn't find a shade light enough.

Having said all of this, it is a rather well-know fact that back in October 2017, more than a year after the product was placed on the market, the Benefit Gimme Brow was actually given a voluntary product recall from Benefit UK where it was explained that "out of an abundance of caution, we are initiating a voluntary recall of our Gimme Brow product after discovering that recent batches of the product did not meet our stringent quality standards. If applied in its normal usage on the brows, the Gimme Brow product doesn’t involve any risk. However, if it comes into contact with the eyes, it could lead to eye irritation." Benefit recommends that everyone who uses the Gimme Brow stops using the product and to return it to its original place of purchase for a full refund. 

Since this recall, the product has been taken off the market and now appears to be Out Of Stock on all of the websites that sell this product, suggesting that it has been discontinued which we aren't sure if it is temporary or long term. Due to the fact that I have personally had no issues with this product and I can't remember where I purchased from, let alone have the receipt, I have been using this product despite being advised not to. However, just a disclaimer, I don't recommend doing this as it could lead to eye irritation and it most likely means that the product could include a dangerous ingredient.

Overall, I really do hope that Benefit manages to resolve the issue soon and bring a much safer version of the product back onto the market. The product is long lasting and so easy to apply with its small brush applicator, it really does make your brows appear thicker and more fuller. The only downsize is that I find the product does dry up extremely quickly which is a shame as the more it dries out, the harder it is to apply. This product did cost £20 from the Benefit UK website.

Have you tried any of the other Benefit Brow products? Benefit have actually added a new feature to their website where you can not only find out which product would be best for you, but you can actually add a photo and see how the product would look on you.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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