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What's New? Urban Decay | January 2018

It feels like it has been a whole eternity since I last sat down and wrote up a post yet we are still in January?! I have had a very busy couple of weeks, hence the non existing posts and me failing at my new schedule.. however I was lucky enough to be invited to a Debenhams, Urban Decay event where I got to have a nose into all of their new products and launches as well as drink pink lemonade and mentally spend A LOT of money. I thought that it only made sense to share these exciting new launches with you that includes setting sprays, concealers, eyeshadow palettes and of course, a whole new collaborated range with Blogger Kristen Leanne. If you do find something that you like, then I have linked each product to both the Debenhams and Urban Decay websites so you can have a look for yourself.

Rebound Collagen-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray

Urban Decay are one of the few higher end brands that keep coming out with different types of primer/setting sprays, so many that I can't keep up. This setting spray is a hydrating spray that tightens and boosts radiance. It has a light yet refreshing scent and this spray in particular, is ideal for all skin types. Containing extracts of Chia Seed (which is a source of antioxidant vitamin E), Centella (which is an ancient healing herb) and Chameleon Plant, this formula firms, smooths and evens out skin tones and can be used throughout the day without smudging your makeup, in the morning before your makeup or in the evening if your skin needs a quick boost. When testing this spray on my hand, despite the scent not being strong, it still carries quite a bright yet pure aroma and is extremely light-weight. This product costs £26 from both Debenhams and Urban Decay UK in a 118ml bottle.

All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Make Up Setting Spray

I'm not sure about you, but I have tried and fallen in love with the All Nighter Setting Spray so I feel that finding a setting spray that I love even more, would be quite difficult even if it is from the same range. This product is essentially the All Nighter Setting Spray with a twist and with added minerals that helps to shield against environmental damage. This Pollution Protection Spray includes a mixture of minerals including Zinc, Magnesium and Copper to help protect against oxidation and just like the All Nighter Setting Spray, still contains time-release temperature control technology that lowers the temperature of your makeup to help it last longer (up to 16 hours to be precise). This product is also £26 from Debenhams and Urban Decay UK but is slightly more pricey than the standard All Nighter Setting Spray which is £23.50.

Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray

I am aware that this isn't a completely new product, but I got to have a little look at this product for the first time at the event and therefore thought I would include it. This hydrating and soothing primer spray reduces the appearance of pores, brightens and smooths skin and replaces any lost moisture. It is a light-weight spray so can again be used throughout the day over the top of makeup but can equally be used after taking your makeup off or in the morning before applying makeup. This spray contains Vitamin B3 and Coconut Water enabling it to both nourish your skin and smell fresh. This spray definitely has a slightly different scent to the other Priming Sprays and Setting Sprays so it may be worth having a smell of the tester bottles before purchasing. This product is £23.50 from Debenhams and Urban Decay UK.

All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer

This is probably one of the most exciting launches for many people, myself included. This is yet another product from the All Nighter range and is a blendable, full-coverage concealer with an angled, flocked paddled applicator for precision upon applying. This product provides a full, matte coverage that lasts all day and all night whilst covering anything, including redness AND tattoos. This formula provides a much higher coverage than the Naked Skin Concealer and masks imperfections for 24 hours. A little goes a long way with this product and it includes a high-tech blend of polymers and humectants which provides ultra-long wear and prevents the product from settling into fine lines and pores. This concealer comes in 14 different shades from pale to deep and can be matches to your skin tone in Debenhams stores. It comes in the same luxurious packaging as the All Nighter Liquid Foundation and can be mixed with the Rebound Complexion Prep Priming Spray before applying to thin out the consistency but if you're not one for full coverage products, you might want to avoid this one. This product does dry down darker than when you first apply it, so make sure you wait for it to dry before picking your shade. This product costs £20 from Debenhams and Urban Decay UK. I have included some swatch photos below, the top photo is whilst the product is still wet and the bottom is once it has dried. 

Distortion Eyeshadow Palette

This stunning Limited Edition palette contains 15 different shadows, 10 of which are normal shadow shades and 5 being transformer hues which can be applied on top of shadows to give them a different shift due to their individual reflective pigments. This palette also has arrows and you can follow each arrow to create your own look. I have actually purchased this product and I cannot wait to play around with it. As always with Urban Decay, the packaging of this palette is insane and so reflective. I love how this palette is something completely different to ones we've seen before. It costs £39.50 from Debenhams and Urban Decay UK but be quick, because stores have limited stock!

UD X Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is so quirky and so different but what can you expect when a palette is being designed by Kristen Leanne who is a big lover of self-expression. This palette is again Limited Edition and includes 11 vibrant shades, with each shade being named after something close to Kristen's heart. This palette is a mix of what I would class, everything scary inside an eye-palette due to it's vivid brights, it's unique yellow toned shade and even a split-pan duotone shade. This palette does look incredible and is probably my favourite collaborated palette so far, I love how unique it is and it even comes with a double ended brush. This palette is £28 from Urban Decay UK.

UD X Kristen Leanne Daydream Eyeshadow Palette

This Limited Edition palette is pretty much the complete opposite of the previous. It is a pretty, dainty looking palette with five gorgeous nude and matte shades, the perfect, dreamy palette for everyday use. The packaging of this product is honestly so stunning and completely girly. It again comes with a double ended brush and costs £25 from both Debenhams and Urban Decay UK.

UD X Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam Highlighter Palette

Let me just tell you.. the pigmentation of these highlighters is crazy. This Limited Edition Highlighter Palette is in a similar style to the Naked Flushed Palettes. This palette is gold toned and contains three, gorgeous shimmer shades which can be worn individually or together to create the perfect glow. I must admit though, when swatching these shades I did notice how only one shade would really work on my skin tone; the other two being too dark. Again, the packaging is absolutely beautiful and so unique. This palette costs £22 from Debenhams and Urban Decay UK.

UD X Kristen Leanne Vice Matte Lipsticks

Obviously a collection wouldn't be complete without some form of lip product and there are quite a few of them. The first set being Vice Matte Lipsticks. I have only tried a couple of the Vice Lipsticks but unfortunately neither of these have been their Matte ones. These three lipsticks within the range are all in the standard lipstick packaging but with a purple metallic shell and with Kristen's name written on them. First we have Cloud 9 which is a Comfort Matte Lipstick and is a vibrant purple. It is an absolute gorgeous, pretty toned purple but I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Next is a much darker and deeper toned purple in the shade Spellbound which is a Mega Matte Lipstick. I did actually have the chance to swatch a Mega Matte lipstick but I have no clue how they would feel on the lips. Finally, we have Bun Bun which is another Comfort Matte and is a deep nude with pink/taupe undertones. These lipsticks are £16.50 each from Urban Decay UK.

UD X Kristen Leanne Vice Liquid Lipsticks

This liquid lipstick is in UD's Comfortable Matte Formula and is a true grey shade, hence the shade name being Grey. It comes in their Liquid Lipstick glass packaging with a metallic purple lid and is a very stunning colour, I just again, doubt I could pull it off, especially being quite fair. This costs £16.50 from Urban Decay UK.

The final product within this collection is a Vice Liquid Lipstick duo which is a set of two stunning nudes that would look great on any skin tone and could be pulled off for any occasion. This set costs £22 from Urban Decay UK.

That is all from me today, I hope you enjoyed having a nose into some of Urban Decays new products. If you'd like me to turn this into a series then do let me know as it has been fun, and thank-you to everyone who organised the event.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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