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Comparing Two Tam Beauty Mystery Bags | Awful VS Amazing?!

Some time ago, admittedly around six weeks ago, I decided that I needed to get my hands on the new Make-Up Revolution X Soph Palette and I thought that there wasn't a better time to get it from Tam Beauty's website than when they had a free mystery bag offer on. The palettes only came to a total of £18, meaning that I had to spend another £12 in order to qualify for a free bag. This was quite easy for me, as I knew that I needed some more primer and it also gave me the chance to try out a drugstore primer. 

If you aren't already aware, Tam Beauty is an online beauty website and store that was fairly recently created by the team behind Makeup Revolution; a well known drugstore brand, best known for their high-end 'dupes'. Tam Beauty are cruelty free and a number of different beauty brands including Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I Heart Makeup. Most of their products can be found across the UK in Superdrug stores.

I was so excited to receive my mystery bag as I had seen them advertised time and time before (they run mystery bag deals fairly frequently and currently have an offer on). I really had no clue with what to expect and to be entirely honest my first bag (Bag One) was rather disappointing and included a broken product. I was quite annoyed because although the bags were free, I had bumped up my shopping basket in order to meet the £30 threshold to receive a mystery bag. I cannot fault the customer service team one bit because again, despite these bags being a 'free gift', not only did they replace the broken item, they actually sent me out an entirely new mystery bag (Bag Two). 

To be honest, I am not sure how they actually work the mystery bags as I am not sure if they are filled with products that are being discontinued or products that aren't selling well but surely they aren't just for marketing and promoting their products considering how many bags they end up sending out, multiple times throughout the year, plus each mystery bag is worth over £25. Nonetheless, many of us are grateful that they do offer this opportunity. Without me rambling even further, lets get straight in.

Mystery Bag One

Upon opening this bag, I was amazed at how many products were jam packet inside but I soon became very aware that there seemed to be a specific colour theme which was pink. I did get a variety of different brands inside and completely different products, some that I may get use out of and others that I definitely wont. This bag contained twelve different products which is insane for a free gift; even monthly subscription beauty boxes don't contain this many products. I will include close ups of all the products below. The products inside includes:

  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation in FB 12 (Yellow Tone), £3 - This product is described on the front as a BB Cream Foundation that is long lasting. It comes in a 30ml tube that is full size. I knew straight away that this product would be too dark for me, especially after looking up the shade and I am pretty sure that this is a shade on the darker end of the scale. 
  • Freedom Blush in True Loved, £1 - This product is simply a pressed pigment powder blush and is actually in a really lovely pale pink shade that I imagine would leave a nice, natural tint to the cheeks. This product is definitely in my pile of products that I want to give a go and considering that it retails at only £1, you can't really go wrong.
  • Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick in Dream, £5 - This is one of the products included in the bag that I was so eager to try out, the shade is a gorgeous nude/pale pink but unfortunately was the product that arrived broken. Either way, I am still going to try and get this product to work as I haven't really tried a blush stick before. This product is described as 'Vibrant or Sheer for Cheeks or Lips' and instructs you to 'use dry for hi intensity colour finish' or 'use wet for smooth, sheer finish'. This is a slightly paler shade than the previous blush and has a cream consistency. I would have thought that this product is super easy to blend, but I will have to find out for myself.
  • Freedom Eyebrow Kit in Brown Kit, Light Brown, £3.50 - I am not entirely sure of the retail price of this product as I believe that the packaging has been changed but have included the price of the eyebrow kits currently on the website. This product isn't one that I will be using simply because even light brown eyebrow products look far too dark on my skin tone and with my hair. This products includes three brow powders in a light, medium and dark shade of brown and a pink tinted wax as well as some mini tweezers.
  • Freedom Mono Eyeshadow in Brights 229, £1. This product is a true, mid-toned, matte purple. I actually really like the shade of this product but I don't really reach for single eye shadows and I have very similar shades in palettes that I already own so I will most likely pass this product on to somebody who will get a lot more use out of it than me.
  • Freedom Mono Eyeshadow in Gilded 220, £1 - This shade is fairly unique and is a shimmery rose-gold, pink shade with silver reflex. I actually really like this shade although it does remind me of a couple of the shades in the Morphe 35O Palette that I already own. I may keep this product and give a go, but I equally might pass it on for the simple reason that I probably wouldn't reach for it due to it being a single shadow. Having said that, at the moment it is sat in the pile of products that I do intend to keep.
  • Makeup Revolution My Sign Complete Eye Wheel in Scorpio, £5 - This was probably the most exciting product that I picked out from the mystery bag. This product includes an eye primer, eye-shadow, brow power and brow bone highlighter. I want to keep this product due to it being different and I have seen these wheel palettes advertised but I am not overly fond of the shades that distinguishes it and I know that deep down, I won't use it and I certainly do not need anymore eye palettes at the moment. The shadow shades are a true purple, very similar to the Brights single eye-shadow and a plum purple. I feel like I shouldn't really own this palette not only because the shades aren't really my favourites but also because I am not a Scorpio and am actually Sagittarius, which I definitely prefer the shades to. 
  • Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick in Scandalous Crime, £1 - This lipstick is a very bright fuchsia with a pink undertone. This shade is definitely not for me and I know for a fact that I won't be using this product so I am going to pass it on. I believe this is one of the old Revolution lipsticks in their old packaging and unfortunately this shade really doesn't appeal to me.
  • Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Make it in the city, £3 - I loved the packaging of this product, the lipstick itself is in the typical bullet shape and the shade on the outer packaging looked like it was a pretty pink shade but it is actually a true fuchsia shade just like the previous, but much less bright. This is another shade that I won't be using so am going to pass this on to somebody else.
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Gave You All My Love, £3 - I am really not one to wear gloss and when I do very rarely reach for it, it is always in a nude shade considering that glosses tend to just slide off of my lips. This gloss shade however a hot pink (I did warn you that there was a pink theme), and I wouldn't ever pick this shade up in a shop to look at, let alone wear it as I would imagine it to be very opaque and patchy. 
  • I Heart Makeup Nail Geek Polish in Skeptical 24, £1 - For this nail polish, I couldn't find anything remotely similar on the Tam Beauty Website, giving me the impression that this is a discontinued product but after doing a bit of research, I found that in 2014, these nail polishes were being sold for £1 each. This polish is actually in such a lovely shade, its a marble pink with a mauve undertone. It is also very shimmery but the polish looks very liquefied and runny. I have enough nail polish and although I do like the shade, it does look quite sheer so I am not going to be keeping this product (what a surprise).
  • I Heart Makeup Nail Geek Polish in Out Of Bounds 40, £1. This nail polish is in a hot pink shade, which as you will be sick of hearing by now is a shade that I tend to avoid because it just doesn't suit me no matter if its on my face, nails or even clothing. This polish does look a little less runny and much more pigmented than the previous but I have no use for this polish at all. 
Overall, as you can probably tell, this bag was quite a disappointment. The total contents in the bag comes to a total of £28.50 but the three products that I am going to keep only comes to a total of £7. This bag consisted of two I Heart Makeup products, six Revolution products and four Freedom Makeup products. I would have much preferred if the products were randomly selected and didn't seem to be colour themed and it was quite disappointing that the products I probably would have kept (the foundation and brow kit) were in the wrong shades. I know that each mystery bag is completely randomly put together so that no two are the same but without further ado, lets get straight onto the next.

Mystery Bag Two

When I opened the second mystery bag that made its way through my door, I was so relieved that it contained products that I was actually excited to use and many that I hadn't seen before. I only got nine products in this bag compared to twelve in the past and many are by Makeup Revolution but I could easily tell that I would love this bag so much more the the previous. Like last time, I will include the products below with their retail prices.
  • Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick In Matte Dream, £5 - I cannot explain how happy I was to have a fully functioning blush stick in this bag. To make things even better, it is in an almost identical shade other than the fact that this one is matte which I actually think I prefer. Due to it being a matte product, you can really tell what sort of shade it is and it is definitely a light dusty pink, great for a natural tint. I am definitely keeping this product and I can't wait to start using it. This product again, has a very soft and creamy formula, despite it being matte.
  • Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade in Caramel Brown, £6 - I am so gutted that brown eye-brows just don't work with my skin tone but I am going to be keeping this product because I really want to find out what the formula is like and I am determined to make it work. I can't believe that this product was inside a mystery bag but I am sure it is a dupe for the very popular Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade that almost everyone adores. If I do find that I love the formula, I will definitely be purchasing this product in a lighter shade. This product is described as a smudge proof cream formula for smooth effortless application to brows to define and groom. 
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Dark, £3 - Now this is another product that I am very interested in trying, but considering that it quite clearly states 'dark' on the packaging, I should probably avoid it. This product is described as a smudge proof eyebrow tint that fills, defines and lengthens the brows. I think that this product will be going straight to my mum so that I am still able to find out how well it really does perform. 
  • Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in I Want U, £1 - This single eye-shadow is a gorgeous gold shimmer that appears brown when no light is shinning onto it. I think this would be such a slightly unique shade to have in a Z-Palette but I know for a fact that I have many very similar shades to this within my palettes and I always forget to use single shadows so I will be passing this product on also. 
  • Makeup Revolution Give Them Darkness Eyeshadow Palette, £6 - Now, this product almost left me gobsmacked when I found it in my free mystery bag. Firstly, I absolutely adore the photo on the front of the palette, giving that really spooky feeling. This palette contains ten shimmer shades and six matte shades. The majority of the shades are very dark shades but have such a wide variety of blues, greens and purples. There are also a few lighter and very pigmented shades including Dusk; a pink shade and Twilight; a gorgeous khaki green shade. I don't own a palette that has almost all dark shades in it and the majority of these shades can be used to create so many different bold and smokey eye looks with different hues of colour. I have tried many Makeup Revolution palettes before and I do love their formula, I just can't believe that this product only retails at £6. Of course I am keeping it!
  • I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipstick in Dream about Success, £1.99 - I haven't tried a I Heart Makeup Lipstick before and I am completely sold on their packaging. You can tell that it isn't expensive but it is so bright and bold, very distinctive compared to many brands of lipstick. It is in the typical bullet style packaging with a metallic, bright pink shell and metallic purple on the inside. This lipstick is in a gorgeous light, nude orange with a slightly coral tint. I don't own a lipstick this shade and I think it'll be perfect for the summer months.
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Velvet Depravity, £3 - At a first glance, I didn't think anything of this lip product as I presumed that it was a gloss like the previous Salvation lip product. It wasn't until now that I realised that this product is in fact, a liquid lipstick. I have been eager to try these lipsticks for a while now but this is a shade that I am probably going to pass on considering that it is a bright lilac. Having said that, considering that they are only £3, I may have to pick one up to try next time I walk past as they do look very pigmented. 
  • The Colour Experts Nail Polish in Ablaze, £1 - I haven't ever heard of this brand before. After doing some research and not finding a whole lot of information I discovered that it is a brand usually found in B&M stores. I couldn't find the nail polishes online anywhere but I soon learned that some of their make-up products usually cost £1, so I think that that it quite a close estimate to how much the polishes would cost. This shade is a lovely coral orange and I would keep it but I honestly rarely reach for nail polish nowadays and I would only wear this shade in summer.
  • The Colour Experts Nail Polish in Pop, £1 - Another fuchsia product? As you are already aware, this isn't really my go to colour so I won't actually be keeping this product. 
Overall, this bag was so worth spending the extra £12 for considering how much I already love some of the products inside. In this bag, I had less of a variety of brands and in total I received six Makeup Revolution products, one I Heart Makeup Product and two The Colour Experts products. The total worth of this bag comes to £27.99 which is slightly less than the first bag but the contents is so much better. I feel that I was easily able to find the majority of these products on the Tam Beauty website whereas the previous bag products proved quite difficult. I am keeping four of these products that totals to £18.99, making it certainly worth it. It is just a shame that the brow products are all in dark shades, but that's the risk you take when ordering a mystery bag.

Isn't it crazy how two mystery bags from the same brand can contain completely different products? That's all for me today, which bag would you prefer to receive?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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