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10 New, Exciting & Upcoming Beauty Releases

Hello and welcome back to my blog, today I am going to be sharing with you some exciting beauty products that have recently been launched or are due to be launched very soon. Some of these products are part of a brands holiday collection but I just felt like I needed to share these products with you all. I will warn you now, many of these products do seem to be palettes but there are a few others bits thrown in too! I will leave a list of all the products I will be talking about here, in the order I talk about them if you are wanting to skip some..

  • The Body Shop Bath Bombs & Bath Bubbles
  • Soap & Glory Bath Bombs
  • Too Faced Clover Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Storybook Cosmetics Rose Brush Sets
  • Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Pro Highlighting Palettes
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder
Firstly, the products that made me decide that I actually needed to write this post are The Body Shop's brand new range of bath products. I am always very torn when it comes to purchasing bath products because I am always asking myself if they'll compare at all with the famous LUSH Cosmetics. I have tried numerous brands of bath products (usually bath bombs) and am yet to find one that I love just as much, or even more. I don't usually buy much from The Body Shop simply because after going far too over-the-top with LUSH Shower Gel's, I have realised that no matter how good they smell, spending over £10 on 250g of shower gel isn't always necessary when they are just as good alternatives in the supermarket. However, these new bath products are only £1.50 each which is an absolute bargain for not only The Body Shop, but also for bath bombs. This new range includes Bath Bombs in the following scents; Mango, Vanilla Delight, Green Tea, Strawberry and Candied Plum as well as Bath Bubbles in the scents Coconut, Moringa and Pink Grapefruit. These products come in the cutest and brightest little packaging and I am desperate to try these out soon. I must admit, after seeing various videos these products do look quite small but if they are anything like the other products that this brand offers then I am sure that they smell incredible. The only fault that I have with these products is that they don't have matching scented bath bombs and bath bubbles, meaning that the two scents could clash. The photos of these products are from The Body Shop's website and are available to buy now.

Sticking on the topic of baths, Soap & Glory have also released a range of three different Bath Bombs, called Fizz-O-Bombs. These products cost £4 each and are in three of their best selling and "scent-sational" fragrances; Original Pink, Sugar Crush and Smoothie Star. These bath bombs appear much bigger than the ones from The Body Shop and I am again, extremely excited to test them out. I must admit, the outer shell of these products are on par with LUSH which is always a good sign. I do like how they brought these products out in a trio with similar designs and these products are available to buy directly from the Soap & Glory website as well as from Boots stores.

Moving onto make-up and starting with one of my favourite brands that I actually have two items to share with you, Too Faced have recently launched a brand new and limited edition eye shadow palette with eighteen gorgeous shades. Of course, this is the Clover Palette and is possibly (alongside the Sweet Peach Palette), the cutest make up product that I have ever seen. We all know that Too Faced are a cruelty free make-up brand and alongside launching this palette, they are donating $250,000 to the 'Best Friend Animal Society'. If you're in the UK, then it probably comes at a downside that this product is exclusive to the Too Faced website which despite promising no custom chargers for international orders, there is always a slightly hefty and annoying shipping and tax charge added to your shopping card before checking out. This palette costs £39 but unfortunately with it's £13.45 shipping cost and £8.84 tax charges, it would cost you a total of £61.29 to get it to the UK so maybe wait until Too Faced do free international shipping which they do every so often. Having said that, this palette is super adorable and I would definitely purchase it if it was available else-wear in the UK. I think that this palette has some super distinctive shades in it and the photos included are from the TF website.

We all are aware that Too Faced have yet again brought out an incredible Holiday Collection (post coming soon) as well as so many new products but the other upcoming product release that caught my eye is one that I actually saw on Twitter and is the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette which is launching on the TF website on November 28th, Ulta Beauty on December 3rd and Sephora on December 11th. Unfortunately, I am yet to find information of when this product will be available within the UK at Debenhams stores but lets keep our fingers crossed. This product contains sixteen eye-shadow shades, twelve which are brand new and most of them being vibrant, bold, metallic and shimmer shades. I am not sure of the price of this palette but I imagine it would be around the same price as the previous Chocolate Bar palettes (£49 from the TF website - I swear these used to be cheaper?) And my guess was confirmed, on the Debenhams website they are £39 so I'm not entirely sure if Too Faced have upped their price or if there has been an error. Either way, lets hope this new palette launches in Debenhams stores. The photo for this palette is from the Too Faced official twitter page.

Storybook Cosmetics is a brand that I haven't actually tried before but their products are so insane and would definitely make you feel like you're living in a fairy tale. The first product that I want to talk about is their new brush sets that actually come in two different designs and colours, these being What's In A Name Rose Brush Set and Limited Edition Roses Are Black Brush Set. Both sets are £45 and I definitely prefer the Roses Are Black Set as they are just more suited to me but I like how you have the option of two designs. They both contain exactly the same products which are four face brushes; Tapered Highlighting Brush, Angled Contour/Blush Brush, Flat Top Powder Brush and the Dome Top Powder Brush. I saw the internet going crazy other these brushes and so many people related them back to Beauty And The Beast which I can see the similarities and makes me want these brushes despite not needing them. I like how unique these brushes are and this brand as a whole. The photos of these sets are from the Beauty Bay UK Website and they are available to purchase now. 

Upon finding these brush sets online, I stumbled across a new eye-shadow palette from the same brand which I thought was cool and is the Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette that retails for £45 and contains nine shades that are a mixture of metallic and matte shades. Harry Potter fans, have you seen this palette? Everything about this palette is incredible, the design is so cool and is designed as a book. The only thing that stops me from buying this palette are the actual shades because I don't feel that they are very unique and I could probably find all of these shades within the palettes I own. Most of the shades are deep and dark shades with a few neutrals for a base. I do really like this palette and I love the design, I just couldn't justify spending the money on it when I already own very similar shades. This palette is again available now on the Beauty Bay UK website.

Moving on to a brand that I have heard a lot about, but never actually tried and is the Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony Eye-Shadow Palette which is a palette inspired by the characters and colours of My Little Pony: The Movie. I love this palette, it only costs £25 and the colours are adorable. I think that everybody needs a bright coloured palette within their collection and this is such a good and reasonably priced one to go for. It contains sixteen shades that are a mixture of bold, bright and neutral colours with some being shimmers and others being matte. This is honestly such a cute little palette and I really would love to hear your thoughts if you've tried this palette. It is currently available on the Beauty Bay Website.
An upcoming launch that I honestly cannot contain my excitement for are the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Pro Highlighting Palettes, that's right.. palettes!!! I know that these are part of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Collection and I said how I am saving Holiday Collections for another post but I could not resist mentioning these. We all love the Jeffree Star Highlighters due to their insane pigment and large pan sizes but he is finally bringing out not just one, but two highlighter palettes. The two palettes are 24 Karat Gold and Platinum Ice. 24 Karat Gold is designed for and works better on medium to darker skin tones and is gold themed whereas Platinum Ice is completely versatile. Each palette contains six shades; two existing shades and four brand new. The palettes cost $40 each which is actually very reasonable and is about the same price as Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Palettes. They have a gorgeous brushed metal packaging and the pan sizes are still such a generous size. Jeffree hasn't stated whether and if so, when these palettes will be released within the UK. These palettes are launching on November 18th (today) on his website and all of the up to date information can be found in his Holiday Collection Reveal YouTube Video and the photo included is from his Twitter account.

Urban Decay have recently launched a new eye-shadow palette (another eye palette, I know) and it isn't the Naked Heat Palette that the world has gone crazy for or unfortunately a Moondust 2 Palette but is somewhat close enough. It is the Heavy Metals Metallic Eye-Shadow Palette which is describes as "a shadow mayhem in a crushed metal case". It is another limited edition palette and contains twenty brand new and exclusive "amped-up metallic shadows". This palette is even organised with brights on the left and neutrals on the right. The shadows within this palette are all a new formula to create their most foiled eye-shadows yet. This palette costs £43 and is available on the Urban Decay UK website now. I am so obsessed with this palette and I don't even own it. Will it compare to my beloved Moondust palette? Will I love it even more? We'll have to wait and see but I know that this is definitely one that I will be picking up. I can't even get over how pretty it is.

Lastly but not least, the final product that I have to share with you today is an eyebrow product from Benefit. It is the Foolproof Brow Powder and comes in three different shades; 01 (light), 03 (medium) and 05 (deep). This product is £20 and comes in a cute little compact with an eyebrow shaped pan. The product contains two different shades, a lighter one for the inner parts of the brow and a slightly darker shade for the arch to add as much definition as possible. Benefit states that it is a soft filling powder and doesn't leave any harsh lines. We all know that Benefit have released a whole range of brow products over the past year and I am sure that we have all found a favourite.. mine being the Gimme Brow which annoyingly is being recalled by various suppliers. I am intrigued to try this new brow product, I just think that they should have released it in all six of their usual brow shades as I find that shade 01 doesn't really do much to my brows but shade 03 is slightly too dark. 

Other new products that have recently been launched include the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighting Palette, £40, the Huda Beauty new Obsessions eye palettes in the shades; Mauve Obsessions, Warm Brown Obsessions, Smokey Obsessions and Electric Obsessions, £25 each, Lime Crime HI-LITE Unicorns Palette, £33, Violet Voss The Rainbow Palette, £28 and the Zoeva Opulence Eye-Shadow Palette, £18. All of these products can be found on the Cult Beauty website, if you'd like a part two where I talk in depth of these products then do let me know. There are so many new products being released but I would be here all day if I were to talk about each and everyone. Which products will you be purchasing? 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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