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Blogaween | Top 10 Disney Themed Halloween Costumes

Boo! Happy October everybody which that one specific occasion is on its way.. HALLOWEEN! How on earth are we already in October? I have decided this year to start a series called Blogaween (some people prefer Blogoween) where I will be aiming to post two Halloween related posts per week on the lead up to October 31st so make sure to keep your eyes pealed. To kick this series off, I thought I would talk to you about my top 10 Disney Themed Halloween Costume ideas.

If you know me, you will be aware that I am a big Disney fan and if Halloween gives me the opportunity to dress up, of course I am going to gravitate towards Disney themed. I do have an entire list of Disney characters that I would consider dressing up as so I will leave them all at the bottom but without further ado, lets get straight in..

The first Disney character that I think would make an awesome Halloween costume is Maleficent. Maleficent is a fictional character that first made an appearance in Sleeping Beauty. She is portrayed as an evil fairy and curses Princess Aurora who at the time is an Infant to prick her finger and die before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. Maleficent is known for the horns on her head. Maleficent was actually given her own film many years later where she still curses Aurora but the story line is more focuses on who she is and what her story is.

Moving onto my next and most likely favourite costume idea is Mother Gothel from Tangled, most commonly known as Rapunzel's 'mother' although she isn't actually Rapunzel's mother as she kidnapped Rapunzel when she was a baby. Mother Gothel was inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White and Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. Mother Gothel keeps Rapunzel locked in a tower and is very strict on what she can and can't do but her most prominent rule is that Rapunzel must not leave the tower. Tangled is one of my all time favourite Disney Films and I think that Mother Gothel would be an inexpensive and fairly 'easy' character to dress up as and don't forget that Mother knows best.

Next is a bit of a different Halloween costume and out of any of the main characters from Inside Out, you're probably expecting to see Fear on this list but Sadness is one of my favourite characters and is definitely my favourite Inside Out character. I think that he portrays a somewhat realistic view of what feeling down and sad can be like. I think that Sadness would be a unique costume and you could even wack out some of her jokes. It could be quite an easy costume too, you could quite literally dress up, lie on the floor and claim that you'll just "lie her 'til tomorrow".

Boo is next on my list of Disney inspired Halloween costumes I mean, how cute is she? and she fits right in with the 'scary' theme considering that she is best known from Monsters Inc, surprisingly getting on ex(scream)ely well with Mike and Sulley after escaping her room to which Randall intended to kidnap her. She has the cutest little bunches and although in the first film she was only two years old, I definitely think she can be pulled off as a Halloween Costume.

I can't create a Disney Halloween Costume Ideas post without including a character from Alice In Wonderland which leads me onto my next costume.. The Mad Hatter, also called The Hatter in the books is described as being mad. He is friends with Alice and commonly appeared in Alice In Wonderland, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass. If you come across a tea party, you can guarantee he will be there and although he isn't an evil or scary character, he would definitely fit in with Halloween due to his bold, bright and different style.

This next character is probably quite a rare Halloween costume as I think that many people tend to forget about her but is Darla Sherman from Finding Nemo. Darla is the niece of dentist Phillip Sherman. Darla is a child in the film and she is a slightly different villain considering that she is antagonistic through evil intent but instead through the excitement of owning a pet fish which frequently results in her accidentally killing them. Part of my wishes that I still had braces so I could attempt to recreate this character but I do really think that this is one to consider.

Jangles the Clown is another Character from Inside out and is one of Riley's darkest fears without actually being a villain. Jangles is a giant clown with blue hair, a white face and a giant red smile. Jangles was an entertainer who attended Riley's third birthday party and although he is a friendly clown, he traumatised Riley so bad that she started having nightmares about him. I think that Jangles would be quite a hard character to dress up as due to his unrealistic face and body shape but I am sure there would be costumes available online and I like how this is a friendly and not so scary option of a clown.

Another slightly different and probably un-thought of Halloween costume idea is Vidia from Tinkerbell who was initially a villain before turning into a friend of Tinkerbell's. Vidia is described as sly and grouchy but has a good heart. She is said to be the fastest fairy in Pixie Hollow although this title gets to her head, making her believe that she is better than all the other fairies. Fairies seem to be quite a common dressing up costume for many girls, usually children and I think that Vidia would be a nice alternative. 

This next costume is most probably not a surprise and is one of the most obvious and common Disney Halloween costume options. Jack Skellington is the lead character in The Nightmare Before Christmas and is the 'Pumpkin King'. He is portrayed as being on par with Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny due to being the leader his own holiday. Due to the fact that he is a skeleton, he is immortal and can easily remove parts of his body without causing harm. Although he can be a scary looking character, he is actually innocent and just wants to have fun. I think that he would be so much fun to dress up as and I would personally love to try it out myself. 

Last but not least is another character from The Nightmare Before Christmas and is Sally Skellington. She is a rag doll monster created by Dr. Finkelstein and is kind, sensible, honest and very clever. Sally's skin is made from faded blue fabric with messy sewing stitches covering her body. She idolizes Jack and has feelings for him but he can't see it. I think that she would also make a great Halloween costume and her and Jack would work wonders if you're looking for couple costume ideas.

That concludes me to the end of my Top 10 Disney Themed Halloween Costumes and I will be back soon with more Halloween content. Is there anything in particular you would like to see? If so make sure to leave me a comment below and I will see what I can do.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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