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Blogaween | Halloween Themed Make-Up Finds, Haul & Swatches

Hello my loves and welcome back to another Halloween themed post. As you know, I am a big lover of make-up so when I found new Halloween make-up launches, I was ecstatic. I firstly went in Primark to have a nose into what Halloween themed make-up they had to offer but all I could find was nails, face gems and face paint so I resisted and decided I would have a look around before buying anything. Next, I went into Boots and unfortunately had no luck there either as the majority of products I came across were in fact Christmas themed. I lastly decided to try my luck in Superdrug and I was baffled with the amount of Halloween themed make-up they had to offer, especially by Make Up Revolution and Make Up Academy; both very affordable brands with products that look amazing. 

I firstly picked up a Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Ghost Lights. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this product due to testing out these highlighters before. To be entirely honest, I picked up this product before I even considered doing this post simply because I thought it looked cute. It cost £3 and is a pearl shade highlighter with specs of pink glitter and has a skull embossed into the pan. I find that this highlighter is a good one to pick up because it can be used and worn throughout the year and isn't such a drastic and obviously Halloween themed product. I have tried this product a couple of times already and am getting on really well with it however, one thing I would say is that it does take a little longer to blend out than some other highlighters due to its light shade and to avoid it looking chalky on the skin. 

Next from Make Up Revolution, I was so pleased to find that their new Halloween lip kits were in store. I couldn't decide which one to pick up so I got them all. They cost £6 each and two have a Matte finish with the remaining one having a Gloss finish. I have tried their matte lip kits before but mine are actually the old formula which I did find to be quite tacky and they wouldn't dry down completely. If you're interested to see my thoughts on those then I will leave the link here. The first matte lip kit is in the shade Vampire Night and is a deep red shade which not only fits in well with the Halloween theme as it is a very similar shade to blood but can also be worn all year round. I think that this is the most wearable shade out of the three and would work well with a whole range of looks. One thing that I am quite concerned about with the new formula is that due to these shades being dark, they could go incredibly patchy on the lips but I will give them a go and get back to you. This product does look very purple on the applicator and upon swatching, I have noticed that there is definitely a deep purple undertone. 

The next matte lip kit is in the shade Kiss Of Death and I must say that I do love the names that this brand manages to come up with. This shade is a true black, making it perfect for Halloween because who doesn't love adding a black lip to their costume? I think that this shade would look so good with white face painted skin and could be used with so many different costumes. Whilst swatching, I have noticed that both shades require a few strokes before the pigment really shows up evenly which I don't remember happening with the previous formula but they do dry down completely matte and to be honest, seem like a completely different formula all together. This shade can be also applied with a thin layer to get a dark grey shade. The liner in both of these kits are so pigmented and I would recommend using them all over the lip to ensure that the lipstick doesn't apply patchy. After applying the matte lip kits to my lips, I have noticed that they are fairly drying and that the lip liners are difficult to remove. I would recommend adding balm to your lips before applying but so far, they seem rather long lasting and durable. I am also aware that these lip swatches are far from perfect but are just to give you an idea of the shades.

Finally, the third lip product I purchased is advertised as a Holographic lip kit and has a gloss finish which is something that I tend to avoid but I couldn't resist picking up a purple, holographic lip product. This product was also £6 but is in white packaging instead of black. I'm not sure which packaging I prefer as I think that they both look sophisticated and expensive. The liner within this product is a purple whereas the actual gloss is a white/pearl shade with pink and purple glitter. Upon swatching, I have noticed that the liner does actually contain glitter too and that the liner would need to be applied all over the lips in order for the gloss to be visible. I really do like how well the glitter reflects in this gloss and I look forward to testing it on my lips. I do remember Primark also selling Holographic lip kits but theirs did actually contain tubes of glitter.. If you'd like me to try and compare the two then let me know and I definitely will. So far, I have found that the purple liner is rather pigmented and could even be used as a pencil eye liner if you are going for that unicorn/mermaid look.

Lastly, the final product from Make Up Revolution that I picked up was their SFX Face Paint Palette which only cost £6. This product contains eight shades which are all face paint and even tells you what each shade could best be used for. I have found that many face painting sets that I have found are either hit or miss with the shades as many are far too bright whereas the shades within this palette are quite dull and dark, making them look more realistic on the skin. In this palette there are both a white mixer and a black mixer meaning that any of the shades can actually be made lighter or darker depending on the tone that you are trying to achieve. I think that this palette is such a bargain purchase because all of the face paints and compact in a palette meaning that they are more likely to stay fresh and would last longer. I am intrigued to see how far each pan would go as I feel that the white especially, would disappear after only a few uses due to the fact that this would usually be the base colour for multiple Halloween looks. I am very excited to test out this product to see if it is worth the money and I feel that face paint in a palette has been very long awaited.

Moving on to Make Up Academy, they actually had a stand full of Halloween products, just like MUR but due to my hands already being full of products, I didn't have as much time or space to have as much of a look as I had hoped. All three products that I purchased were highlighters and cost £3 each. I have always been intrigued by MUA highlighters as they have such a wide range of bold and unique shades. Unfortunately with these highlighters, they aren't wearable throughout the year with every skin tone as they would be far too dark on my skin. The first shade that I was instantly drawn to and is probably my favourite is in the shade Aqua Shine which is a bright turquoise. I picked up this shade in the hope to attempt a mermaid Halloween look. It is completely packed with glitter and would even make a gorgeous eye shadow shade if placed on top of a similar colour as a base. The pigment within this product is so strong and I am so eager to test out this product properly. 

The next shade that I picked up is a sparkling silver in the shade Glistering Amethyst which I thought would work paired up with the previous shade nicely. I'm not as keep on this shade as silver highlighters are something that I haven't really tried before. When swatching this product, I did noticed that it has a slight pink undertone and look more of a beige/rose gold shade. 

The final shade that I picked up is in Black Magic and in the pan looks like a gorgeous deep navy shade but upon swatching, I found that it definitely looks more like a black hence its name. All three of these highlighters are incredibly pigmented but are slightly different to their shade within the pan. Nonetheless, they are beautiful shades and I feel that they can be used in so many different ways, especially when trying out Halloween themed looks. 

Will you be purchasing any of these products? Have you bought any different Halloween products? I'd love to hear about them.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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