Thursday, 10 August 2017

Trips Away, Health Update and Going Short.. | August Update

I am actually rather nervous to post this as it has been such a long time since I last posted but hello.. how are we all? I thought that the best way to start off blogging again was with a classic life update and over the past two months, there has been so much going on for me. 

Starting with a positive, I have spent quite a bit of time away from home recently. I went to Cambridge in June to visit some of the friends that I met in hospital and I met my friends gorgeous little girl which was nice. Cambridge was fun, I met up with Elle in Norwich and we headed to the train station. We set off to do some shopping and see various different friends. We started by meeting one friend at a charity event before heading off to town for some lunch. We then went shopping and managed to remember our way around Cambridge City Center before meeting up with two more friends for cocktails and a cheeky nandos! We ended up very drunk and had a very interesting train journey home to say the least. It was so lovely to be reunited with Elle and other friends, some of which I hadn't seen in years.

I then went to see Olly Murs live at Thetford Forest with my mum which was incredible. We were so close to the front which I managed without having a panic attack and I loved the whole night. It was so similar yet so different to tour earlier on in the year and I am still so sad that it is over. I had never been to a concert at Thetford Forest before but I think that the location is so good; it is so secluded and really gives festival vibes.

Soon after, I was on a train yet again to go and visit Elle. The train journey was so tedious and just over four hours later I arrived in Milton Keynes. We had quite a chilled few days although we did go to Be At One for a few cocktails and discovered the most amazing cocktail I have ever had which was called Buenot which contained Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur, Salted Caramel Kahlua, White Kinder Bueno and Vanilla Ice Cream. I must admit, it was incredible sickly and was probably more of a desert than a cocktail but it was honestly to die for. We decided to start a wreck this journal which was fun as we hadn't done any crafts together since we were in hospital. 

The final trip away is the most recent and was to Southampton which is so. far. away. The journey on the way there was fine, it went pretty quick but on the way home, we got stuck in awful standstill traffic which just meant that everybody was starting to get agitated but we got home in the end! We went to Southampton for my boyfriends brothers graduation and it was so nice. We went for two nights and spent the majority of our time within pubs but they sold mango cider on draught which was cool and very different. We went for a meal at a place called Banana Wharf and it was honestly the best meal I have ever eaten, please bring one to Norwich! It was slightly on the pricey side but the food was so worth it. I had some Garlic Bread as a starter and the Stir-fried Chicken and noodles for my main. I really can't get over how good the food was. It actually rained on the day of the graduation but we still managed to have a lovely day.

Moving on, my mental health has been pretty much all over the place recently. I have had a couple of set backs and it has felt a little bit like it is just one thing after another but hopefully I am on the mend now. I have stopped DBT for the time being and there isn't too much of a plan in place just yet but I am sure I will get there sooner rather than later. 

I have also decided that I will be cutting off my hair! I have wanted to go fairly short for quite some time and I am finally doing it. I will be donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust which I am rather excited for. I will attach the link and the information that is on my Just Giving page in case anybody is interested in sponsoring me.

"Within the next few weeks I will be chopping off the majority of my hair (to shoulder length) after seven years of growing it. I am ready for a change but considering that my hair is natural and healthy, I will be donating it to the Little Princess Trust where I can give somebody else the chance to embrace having long locks. I would love for you to sponsor me, to ensure that even more children can feel confident with their gorgeous wigs, giving them a bit of joy back for the bravery they've had to go through with their illnesses."

That is all for now and I will be back very soon!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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