Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A little Life Update

Hello everybody, I know that it has been forever since you last heard from me but quite a few things have changed within my life and I thought that it would only be fair to fill you in on a few of them. 

Firstly, you are all most probably aware that I have spent the past two and a half years studying my A-Levels. Myself and my sixth form decided that it would be best if I was to leave as I wasn't happy there at all and I couldn't focus on my work and had lost all motivation. Since leaving, I have so much more free time and although I was nervous to leave, it has done me the world of good. I no longer have to dread going into sixth form and worry that I wont wake up on time. I have decided that if I do go back into education, it will be when I am in a much better mental state as I want to be able to reach my full potential.

Secondly, because of this I am now working a lot more which is absolutely fine as it means that I am earning more money and I am now doing many more day shifts. I love the people who I work with and am much happier working and it also gives me something to do instead of spending all day, every day at home which could potentially make things worse.

As for therapy, I am still in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and although it can be very difficult, I am hoping that it helps me to learn how to manage life better and the issues that I face daily and so far I am happy to continue with it. 

Where blogging is concerned, I adore writing and will be continuing to do so. I have had to take a break as I had a few weeks where I couldn't concentrate or find the motivation to do so, making my not happy with the content I was creating however, I have a couple of posts written up now and will be publishing these over the next few weeks and hope to get back into the swing of things very soon. 

On a brighter note, my Skydive is only two days away which is absolutely crazy and myself and Elle have done incredible well to have raised over £1200 for Mind; a mental health charity. I am super excited for the jump which is odd as I feel that I should be petrified but there is still time for my feelings to change. 

That is all from me for the moment, thank you for reading & I will be back with you very soon, Tay x

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