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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review, Swatches & Looks

Today I am bringing you a very long awaited review of a palette that I have been loving over the past year. I can't tell you how many times I have started to write this post before deleting it and I haven't ever gotten around to finishing it. Unless you've been hiding away from the internet, you will know that back in 2015, Too Faced released their third edition of their chocolate bar eye-shadow palettes; the Chocolate Bon Bons edition. The original Chocolate Bar palette and the Semi-Sweet palette had huge success but everyone was questioning whether this third palette would be equally as loved. I don't own the first or second as I simply couldn't decide which palette to go for and to be honest, what one me over with this one was the adorable packaging. All three palettes cost £39 each and contain sixteen gorgeous shades in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. These palettes are fairly pricey and if you aren't a fan of either matte shades or shimmers then I would definitely recommend looking at their other palettes as you don't want to spend that much money on a product where you will only use half of the shades.

Considering that I don't own either of the other two palettes from this collection I was a little anxious to purchase this pricey palette as I had no idea about the quality of the shadows inside. I find the heart shaped shades absolutely adorable and just couldn't resist. I also felt that the Chocolate Bar Palette was full of brown, nude shades which as gorgeous as they are, I already own similar shades and wanted to brave something different and I felt that there were more shimmer shades within this set than matte, whereas matte works better with my eyes. The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette is based more around bronze shades and had a much bigger mixture of matte and shimmer shades but despite the fact that these shades are trendy at the moment, I still wanted something slightly more unique and flexible with what looks could be created. Although the Chocolate Bon Bon Palette is slightly pink themed, I feel that I can create so many different styles and I loved the deep shades of purple which I found inside. Before I knew it, I was £39 poorer and had impulsively bought this product.

Having said this, I have adored this product ever since it arrived and have been using it non-stop. I can't comment on what the original chocolate bar palette smells like but this palette has a very strong yet sweet chocolate aroma which of course, is due to Too Faced's wonderful idea of using an antioxidant, rich cocoa powder formula. Although this product may seem pricey, you do get sixteen gorgeous, highly pigmented shadows which all work incredibly with one another.

Starting with the packaging, I adore the pastel pink cover of this palette. I personally like that it is made out of tin even though it does sometimes feel quite weighty. It has heart shaped engravings to represent the chocolate bar aspect with the brand and product name boldly in the top left and bottom right corners. The bottom of the palette displays the ingredients and description of the product and as you open the palette you are greeted by not only a strong scent of chocolate but a decent sized mirror making the palette perfect for travelling. The actual eye-shadows are laid out in heart shaped pans which is what really makes this palette stand out from the previous two. Like the other chocolate bar palettes there are two larger shaped rectangular pans; one with a neutral matte shade and the other a pale pink shimmer. This palette contains some neutral shades, especially browns as well as a variety of pinks which in all honesty, makes me wish I had bought one of the other palettes as pink isn't really my thing. Having said that, I find it really easy to incorporate most of these pinks in basic eye looks and the only two that I don't really use are Cotton Candy which is a bright yet light pink and Totally Fetch which is a dark and vibrant pink. Aside from the pinks, there are some really lovely darker shades which are fairly unusual but actually work incredibly, these being: Dark Truffle which is a very deep purple shade, Black Current which is a dark purple but a few shades lighter than Dark Truffle, Earl Grey which is a dark, green toned grey, Malted which is a dark brown and Bordeaux which is a dark red, burgundy shade. I feel that this palette is worth the money considering that you get a whole variety of shades and almost all of the shades within the palette work perfectly together. 

I find that the pigmentation of all of these shades is incredible, a little amount goes a long way, they blend out really well and can easily be built up. Often in palettes, the shimmers don't work up to the same pigmentation as the matte shades but I don't see a difference with this palette. The only down side is that there is some fall out when using the palette but mostly just when putting the product onto your brush, I think it would be very difficult to find an eye-shadow palette with basically no fallout. These shades are really good quality and will last all day if used with primer, they don't tend to go dull or fade and don't require topping up.

Overall, I really love this palette and it has been very well used since I bought it, the aroma of chocolate is sweet and noticeable but not strong, the packaging is sturdy and unlikely to break and the shades are beautiful. I like the large palettes that Too Faced offers as you can create so many gorgeous looks with most of them looking completely different from the previous. My favourite shades include Divinity, Molasses Chip, Bordeaux, Almond Truffle and Cashew Chew. 

I know that you have most likely been patiently waiting for swatches which I will add in now, these swatches are on my skin with and without flash just so you can really see the shades and their pigmentation but also may not show up as well and normal due to me having scar tissue.

Shades (Left to Right): Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Dark Truffle, Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Pecan Praline, Cafe Au Lait, Totally Fetch & Sprinkles.

Bordeaux, Earl Grey, Molasses Chip, Mocha, Divinity, Malted & Black Currant.

I thought that it would be slightly different and fun to add in some of my favourite looks and how to achieve them. The first being a deep and bold look using mostly brown shades. To recreate this look, just continue reading.

  • Take the shade Divinity and place it all over the lid and up to the brow bone as this shade works wonderfully as both a base and highlighter.
  • Take the shade Bordeaux and blend it through the crease, all the way into the inner third but building up the product on the outer third.
  • Take the shade Mocha and apply it all over the lid, blending it up and outwards into the crease shade.
  • Next, take the shade Malted and pack this shade onto the outer third of the lid, again blending it into the outer crease.
  • You'll next want to take the shade Almond Truffle and pack this onto the middle third of the lid, blending it into the outer third shade.
  • Take Molasses Chip and blend it up from the inner corner of the eye before adding this shade to the inner third of the bottom lash line. 
  • Finally, you'll want to take the shade Bordeaux again and take this under the outer third of the bottom lash line before blending it up to the outer edge of the eye.
Another look which is a bit more subtle and shimmery that I tried out and loved can be achieved with the following steps.
  • Firstly take the shade Divinity and pack this all over the lid and up to the brow bone.
  • Next, take the shade Mocha and blend this into the crease, build the colour up and blend this shade upwards, slightly past the crease. 
  • Take the shade Malted and take this into the outer third of the crease before packing it onto the outer third of the lid.
  • Take the shade Molasses Chip and pack this all over the lid before blending it out as well as placing this shade under the eye, close to the lash line.
  • Finally, take the shade Satin Sheets and apply this to the inner corner of the lid, blending it out and below the eye.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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