Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Stupidity of Brands on Romanticising Mental Illness

Nothing makes me more mad and upset than seeing shops, stores and brands that I once loved being so thick about the items that they put on display. Items, clothing and objects that quite honestly targets mentally ill individuals by making jokes out of the topic. It's easy for someone who has no experience with mental illness to laugh and joke about these items that they see in shops and others brush it off as raising awareness when in reality. there is a big difference between mental health awareness and taking the piss out of mental illness completely. After reading Leah's post, I remembered how over the years, I have seen clothing, accessories and even mugs plastered with these 'funny' quotes. I have even seen a cosmetic brand launch with an extremely uneducated name. To be honest, some of these items I have found funny and I have laughed but little do anybody else know that I have only laughed at the fact that a brand or company can be so stupid to actually make and promote these products. Do these brands really not realise that these products are nothing more than damaging and feeding the stigma that is associated with mental illness.

Starting with what is probably the most well-known situation, when Urban Outfitters released a top in 2014 with a slogan on it directly insulting mental illness. Do you remember that white crop top which has the word 'depression' plastered all over it? Did people actually buy that? I am completely mind blown as to how they didn't think that people would take offence, it isn't even a joke? Where is the punchline? Depression is a daunting and usually secretive illness, so why would we want to wear it on our bodies? To constantly remind ourselves and others of the daily battles inside of our heads? I just don't understand the logic behind this design in the slightest. If this wasn't bad enough, it was later said by Urban Outfitters on twitter that Depression was the brand of the company who made the top which I personally find even more insulting than the top itself. Why did this brand launch under the name 'Depression'? Why are they portraying a serious mental health issue as a fashion statement? 

But of course, this isn't the first time that Urban Outfitters had sold offensive clothing. Back in 2011, they had a women's t-shirt for sale which stated 'Eat Less' which is disgusting. Have they never heard of eating disorders? I know it is only a top but I dread to think about how many individuals this item alone had negative impacts on. The description of this item stated "eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck" which just shows that there wasn't even a consideration about how badly this product could effect people, especially young girls who are most commonly at risk of developing eating disorders and ironically are also the target market for the store.

Its not cool and it is certainly not OK but unfortunately Urban Outfitters aren't the only brand and stores to be selling these types of clothing, even Amazon has got involved with the 'hype' when Halloween came around a few years back and they promoted clothing obviously mocking suicide. A t-shirt was being sold with a diagram of two people and the words 'Suicide Watch' as well as a t-shirt displaying a bar code with a man hanging from it. The creators of these products as well as the individuals publishing them to their websites clearly have no respect at all, many people with mental illnesses who are classed as suicidal has experienced being on what amazon would class as 'Suicide Watch' and the fact that these products were launched around Halloween is even worse, fulling the stigma yet again and giving the impression to young people and the population in general that the mentally ill are both scary and dangerous. The suicide watch t-shirt made so many individuals feel offended that a petition even had to occur where an individual stated how seeing an item of clothing like this could potentially tip somebody over the edge.

Believe it or not, these aren't the only outrageous clothing items flooding the internet, there are many different types and ones that seem to be more common nowadays are t-shirts with the quotes 'Sad but Rad' and 'Stressed, Depressed but well Dressed'. The fact that people are actually purchasing these products is appalling, I just don't understand how people see them as being funny or cool in the slightest. 

Moving on and away from clothing, I bet you can all remember many moons ago when photos went around of Claire's accessories selling a set of 'emo scars' for Halloween. Thankfully, these were fake and somebody had just played a childish prank but to my horror, only in 2015 did Topshop create a pack of 'Gold Scar Temporary Tattoos' that cost £8.50 and were displayed in shops on the lead up to Halloween. It really is no surprise that Topshop then got accused of glamorising self-harm. The worse part is that these tattoos had already sold out online soon after they were published to the website. You would have thought that they would learn after the drama with Claire's which luckily happened to be fake. Topshop claims that they were promoting self-love which makes no sense at all to me, on the packet states 'flaws worth fighting for' which just seems like a whole different kick in the face to the people who have self-harm scars. What made me even more furious was the fact that these 'scars' are so detailed that they even have dot and lines across them resembling stitches and staples leaving me certain that  the research had been done into self-harm so what made them think that these would be OK to create and sell? Who knows? I haven't shopped in Topshop since and I don't plan on in the near future. 

I am sure that we are all aware of LUSH Cosmetics; I am personally a fan as are many others who have experienced mental illness as LUSH can be used to distract or self-soothe; a massive part of recovery. LUSH are known for their adventurous product names and humor in their product descriptions. However, when I saw that they had a Kitchen Exclusive Bath Bomb named Happy Pill I did have to look twice. I feel that although this product is a joke and relevant as it is from the Happy Hippy and Olive Branch scent family, why did they make a bath bomb in the shape of a pill called Happy Pill? Everybody knows that a happy pill is another name for an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic or mood stabiliser and considering that LUSH has a huge audience of individuals with mental illness, it could have come across as offensive although I do understand that it follows the name of a specific scent which contains ingredients to lift your mood. I know that I would personally rather not use a bath bomb which is shaped like a pill which includes this bath bomb as well as Cyanide Pill but that is my own personal preference. 

If you thought that you'd seen it all then think again, because brands don't stop there with shaming mental illness. It has happened with a whole variety of make-up brands too. Starting off with the most common; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics which is the name of a beauty brand.. something that I was shocked about when I first came across. We have all heard people joking around and stating how they're 'so OCD' and t-shirts floating around the internet stating 'Obsessive Cat Disorder' or 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' but for a brand to take this illness and alter it to create a company name is outrageous. People really need to realise that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is more than being clean and tidy; it is to do with thoughts, compulsions and rituals and isn't always about being clean or tidy, trust me. When going into the Frequently Asked Questions area of their website, the top question reflects the name of the brand with the response from company founder, David Klasfeld stating how "the first step is admitting you have a problem, I did and the result is a line obsessively crafted from the finest ingredients possible, to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup fanatics everywhere." I am sorry but what? If this brand name wasn't already offensive then it sure is now, he has pretty much changed the psychiatric disorder into a punch line for his brand. I understand that people have urges to keep spending money time and time again on high-end make-up but the underlying disorder has been pushed aside, allowing individuals to misunderstand what it actually is and for the stigma to increase.

The next product that I want to talk about is one that you're all probably aware of and is The Balm Nude 'Tude Eye-Shadow palette which contains twelve shades, all named with a word beginning with the letter S. One of the shades was originally called 'Schitzo' but had to be changed to 'Seductive' after customers from all over the world finding this name offensive. Schizo is one of those words which everybody chucks around without a care, the same as Psycho but for people who are living with Psychosis or Schizophrenia I am sure that these 'insults' aren't that funny. I know numerous people suffering with these disorders and I don't find these words humorous in the slightest. People really need to be careful before throwing around random insults that they may not even know the meaning behind, especially when the words can be very targeting and offensive. However, this shade alone wasn't the only issue with this palette and many women claims that this palette is sexist naming women names like 'Stubborn' and 'Selfish' whereas the nude dude palette gives men names such as 'Funny' and 'Fierce'. Personally, I'm not offended by these, just the Schizo shade which any adult knows what this has been shortened from, surely? Having said this, the Balm Cosmetics have apologised and the shade name has been changed. 

This most likely doesn't come to a surprise to many of you but Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched a liquid lipstick in the shade 'Abused' which had extremely controversial opinions at how the shade name had been used so lightly when in reality, abuse is a very serious topic that can lead to mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The slogan 'New and Abused' was going around all forms of social media when this dark purple toned navy shade was launched and left people having very little respect for the make up artist. People were upset due to this word often being a trigger word in situations where an individual has been abused but Jeffree Star claimed that it was a tribute to Marilyn Masons cover of the famous song, 'Sweet Dreams' which contains the lines 'some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused'. There are going to be a tonne of his fans who have experienced abused and I am sure that they wouldn't want to be wearing a lipstick with this name on their face.

Another incident that I have last minute heard about is Urban Decay releasing their 'Razor Sharp' Eye-Liners and promoting self-harm by picturing the swatches down somebodies wrist with the person clenching their fist. This could have been an accident but it is slightly suspicious that the Razor Sharp eye-liners were swatched in perfect lines down a wrist and arm; a common place for self-harm to occur. Urban Decay soon deleted the photo of the swatches and responded by stating how "like many beauty brands, we swatch all of our products on the skin to show the texture, vibrancy of colour, and range of shades - usually on the inside of the arm. We in no way intended to reference self-harm as the name of the product is Razor Sharp Liquid Eye Liner". 

The final product(s) that I want to talk about is the high-end brand Nars' collaboration with Guy Bourdin which launched in 2013 in the holiday season. Many fans on this brand didn't think anything of this collaboration minus patiently waiting for the products and swatches to be released. However, Guy Bourdin is a well-known artist who's work is mostly centered around violence to women therefore, everyone associated this collection around the promotion of violence which again, isn't a direct link to mental illness but abuse can often be a trigger point for mental illnesses to develop. Overall, I don't know too much about this artist nor collection to talk for too long but some of the shade names that stood out to me as being seen as offensive includes 'Damaged', 'Cruella' and 'No Limits'. 

Sorry that this post got extremely lengthy but it is important to recognise that shaming mental illness or any illness is an OK thing to do and just be careful about products that you purchase if they are from brands that are known for both directly or indirectly slating important topics and issues. No brand or company should be allowed to bring out products targeting an illness which can enable individuals to feel ashamed of their illness which is out of their control. These products are only fulling the stigma which I have said numerous times and makes my blood boil, as it probably does many other people. I will leave some photos below of other products that I managed to find. Let me know if you've found any others than mine and please remember that these are just my opinions, I don't mean to shame any brand but I don't agree with these products ever even being created. 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Collective Beauty Haul | January 2017

We are only a few days away from a new month and it is safe to say that January has been extremely bad for my bank balance but on a more positive note, great for my make-up collection. I seem to have just spent and spent and have suddenly realised how many purchases I have made within the past few weeks.

Starting with an extremely exciting purchase, I bought the Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin Edition which is a set of five best selling brushes which have a gorgeous white, black and purple pattern on them. I found these in boots for around £18. To be honest, I did intend to only purchase the Highlight and Glow Set which contains three brushes that I don't have however, this set was £15 and it made more sense to get two additional brushes for only £3. In the Berlin set is the Stippling Brush which is the only one in the set that I didn't already own, a Contour Brush, a Buffing Brush, a Deluxe Crease Brush and a Base Shadow Brush. I used my Boots Points to buy these and I am glad that I did because the design is gorgeous and it is always handy to have spares of brushes.

I picked up one foundation from Boots, again with my points but I think cost between £10-£12 and it is the NYX HD Studio Foundation. I had heard lots of people talk about how this is their favourite foundation. I have used this and I do really like it, I'm just not the biggest fan of the tube packaging because the foundation can often leak whilst you are undoing it. 

Next, I picked up two concealers in Boots which were the Rimmel Wake Me Up which I have recently ran out of and is so good for under your eyes and costs around £6 as well as the Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser which has been hyped up so much and I hadn't tried it before and to be honest, I am mostly intrigued about the sponge applicator. This concealer cost around £8.

Another face item that I picked up was the Collection Sheer Loose Powder which only cost £2 and was a product that I needed as I have recently ran out of loose powder. I got this from Superdrug and it was much cheaper than the Gosh one which I usually pick up.

The final two face products that I picked up were both highlighters. Firstly, the Sleek Midas Touch Highlighting palette which cost me £5 in the sale from their website and contains four shades in a blue, a pink, a grey and a white. I absolutely adore this palette, maybe even more than the well know Solstice. I was very unsure at first because putting blue highlighter on your cheeks isn't really the normal but I love it. Secondly, I picked up the Make-Up Revolution Strobe Highlighter in the shade Radiant Lights which cost £3 and is a gorgeous slightly pink toned shimmer shade.

Onto eyes and starting with palettes, I picked up the Make-Up Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave palette which was created by BritishBeautyBlogger and was very popular a few years ago when it launched. This palette cost £9.99 and contains thirty gorgeous shades. The palette is stunning and contains a full size mirror and a brush and the shades completely vary from nudes and golds to blues and purples. I cannot wait to start playing around with this and was a nice change as I don't really own too many drugstore palettes.

The second and final eye-shadow palette that I picked up was the Make-Up Revolution Love The Revolution palette which was actually a free gift for spending over £12 on the brand. This palette is beautiful and contains six eye-shadows as well as a highlighter. On the left contains very warm, berry toned matte shades and on the right are the very rosey and smokey shimmers. The highlighter is extremely white toned with a hint of pink but if it is anything like their other highlighters then I am sure that I will be impressed.

Next, I picked up a whole range of loose glitter pots which are by a brand called Star Gazer and cost £2.99 each. The shades don't have names but me and my friend bought eight between us ranging from white to red and green and these will be used for an upcoming DIY that we are going to try. I cannot wait to do this DIY and then be able to use the glitter afterwards on my eyes. 

Finally for eyes, I found and picked up one of the Too Faced Bulletproof Liners in the shade Get Lucky which is a gorgeous teal, green toned shade and cost me £6 in TK Maxx. I have already used this and I love it, the texture is so creamy and it has a blending sponge on the opposite end to blend out the liner to use it as eye-shadow. 

Of course I couldn't buy make-up and not buy any lip products. The first two are from Kylie Cosmetics and I got the Kristen Lip Kit as well as the liquid lipstick Blitzen from her holiday collection. I actually manage to get these in a swap with a lovely girl over Depop. If you don't want to pay shipping costs then I would recommend looking on Depop but just make yourself aware of what fakes look like as there are so many of them flooding around. I adore Kristen, its a bright berry toned and as expected, the lip liner is so creamy. Blitzen is a much deeper berry shade and almost looks purple on the lips. I love these products I just don't think they last too long and when they do come off, they go patchy. 

Next, I stopped at the NYX counter in Boots and pick up one of their Liquid Suede Lipsticks in the shade Soft-Spoken. This is a dark nude and is so comfortable on the lips. It cost £6 and the formula is incredible. I would highly recommend this shade or these lipsticks in general as they are so reasonably priced and they also have so many shades. 

Lastly, I managed to pick up a liquid lipstick from Collection called the Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream which cost £2.50 reduced from £3 in the shade Caramel 2 which is again a pinkey nude. I have only swatched this product once and so far it is super pigmented. 

That is all from me and my beauty purchases throughout January, I must be careful over the next month as I don't even need too much more and must try to stick to my wishlist only. I am putting myself on a spending ban so lets see how long this one lasts for.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Monday, 23 January 2017

Exciting Beauty Releases coming our way throughout 2017

Only 23 days into the new year and 2017 has already been insane within the world of beauty with exciting products launching all over the place. I have been meaning to write up this post for a while, to the point where some of the products have already launched but without further ado, lets get straight in and hope that this post doesn't get too lengthy.

It is no secret that Kylie Jenner has released a new palette which the world is going crazy for despite her already having other eye-shadow palettes out, so what makes this one so special? The Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette has been launched with a brand new look and style. Firstly, the shadows are placed in a rectangular palette instead of square, this new palette includes not only a mirror, but also a brush and there are three additional shades for only three dollars more than her previous palettes. I adore the shades within this palette, the bright blue shade is such an thoughtful addition and although some of the shades look similar to other shades featured in her other palettes, the range of shades all match perfectly and could all work well together to make some incredible eye looks. This palette costs $45 directly from the Kylie Cosmetics website but unfortunately is currently sold out. Despite the shipping and customs charges, I am determined to get my hands on this as it really does look stunning. The only thing that I will miss from the previous packaging is the eye illustration on the front of the palette which I think really makes it unique. 

Another product already released in January 2017 is the Colourpop Pressed Powder Eye-Shadows which have already been very successful. Everybody knows that Colourpop already had launched a range of eye-shadow pigments and super shock shadows which some people loved and others hated due to them not being easy to blend. However, pressed powder eye-shadows could be the game changer for Colourpop and retailing at $5 per pan, you really can't go wrong.

Back in December, everybody was talking about a palette launching which was a collaboration between Too Faced and Kat Von D and yes, you guessed it.. the Better Together collection launched in early January and let me tell you, the packaging is insane. The main launch within this range was the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection which retails on the Too Faced website at a pricey £57 and includes six Too Faced shadows, six Kat Von D shadows, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. The shadows are placed in a heart shaped palette which comes apart in the middle, making it easy to separate the products or half the palette with a friend. I do adore the idea behind this palette, I just think that it is extremely over priced when in reality the only shade that sticks out to me is the Kat Von D Swoon. Nonetheless, I assume that there are many individuals out there who adores this palette.
The final launch that I wanted to talk about that has already been released is the Too Faced Sweet Peach range. The Sweet Peach palette launched in the summer of 2016 and was relaunched earlier this month as part of a full collection which looks incredible. This collection includes the Sweet Peach Eye-Shadow palette - £39, the Papa Don't Peach Blush - £25, the Sweet Peach Lip Oil/Glosses which comes in a range of eight shades - £16 each, and finally, the Sweet Peach Glow which looks insane and includes three highlighting shades - £34. This collection is everything and more, it is all pretty and pink and everybody has been dying to try it whether it be the eye-shadow palette or the lip glosses. I am so determined to get my hands on the eye palette and I adore the glow kit but unfortunately it is currently sold out online. 

Moving onto to upcoming launches, most probably the part that you've been waiting for, a drugstore launch that I am super excited for is the Make Up Revolution Lip Kits which not enough people know about and the Matte products went live on their website only three days ago and are stunning. Make Up Revolution are known for their incredible dupes and many people are saying that these lip kits are a direct dupe of the Kylie Cosmetics ones. The Retro Luxe collection comes in three parts, starting with the Matte Lip Kits which are available in eight stunning shades and retails at only £6 each for a liquid lipstick and liner. The packaging is black and has a lip illustration on them. Moving on, there are also Gloss Lip Kits which comes in white packaging and includes again a lip gloss and liner for £6 in three different shades. Finally, they have also launched a set of three Metallic Lip Kits which come in three different shades and gold packaging for the same price again. I feel that for six pounds you really can't go wrong and these products are available on tam beauty and in Superdrug stores. In case I haven't tempted you enough, I will leave the official swatch video here and trust me, you need them. It has not yet been said when the Metallic products will be released but I assume very soon.

Another exciting launch is one that has been thoroughly teased by Jeffree Star and this is of course his new Androgyny Eye-Shadow Palette which will be launching in March including "10 draw-dropping shades" and is Jeffree's "version of a neutral palette" but what does Jeffree class as neutral? Either way, this palette sounds incredible and if this palette is as successful as his Beauty Killer palette then count me in. The palette has a leather looking packaging and is a much darker shade of pink than the previous. We are still yet to find out the shades and the price but I really cannot wait so I can only hope that more information will be released soon.

MAC Cosmetics are also launching a bit collection at some point throughout this year which is the MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetic Collection which is a set of 50 brand new make-up items. Mac is known for creating some incredible collaboration products so it isn't too much of a shock that they have teamed up with three well-known make-up artists; Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal with each of them creating their own collections reflecting their signature styles. It was rumoured that this collection will launch during January but considering that we are heading towards the end of January, it may have been pushed back a little further. I am not sure about you, but I am excited to see and purchase some of the collection.

For those Kat Von D fans out there, you will be pleased to know that she is launches a whole new range of 25 brand new shades of her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and trust me.. they are gorgeous. These new shades cover every single colour that could be thought of and although I am still yet to try out her liquid lipsticks, I am excited for this release. Another new release of Kat Von D is her Pastel Goth Eye-Shadow Palette which she described as the eye-shadow palette that we all thought she'd never make. She released photos on Instagram of the packaging and it just looks too pretty. I am sure that she palette will make many people very happy bunnies.

It wasn't really a shock to me when I found out that Urban Decay were launching a range of Vice Liquid Lipsticks after launching 100 new lipstick shades fairly recently. This new liquid lipstick collection will include 30 shades which comes in two different finishes; comfort matte and metallic and are claimed to be waterproof, kiss-proof and life-proof. I am really intrigued as to how their formula will pay off considering how popular their lipsticks turned out. 

That is all from me on the upcoming beauty releases to look out for in 2017, who is excited? It looks as though this year will be the battle of the liquid lipsticks yet again as there are so many new formulas and shades to try out.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Monday, 16 January 2017

10 Beauty Products I want to try throughout 2017

Hello everybody and Happy Monday. After spending what felt like forever writing up a never-ending make-up wishlist, I decided that a better idea would be to write a post where I explain the top ten make-up items that I want to try throughout this year, inspired by Fabulous Hannah's video. It did take me far too long to narrow my wishlist down but hopefully I will be able to prioritise these products and end up spending my money more wisely, instead of impulsively spending it on make-up that I think I want.

Starting with eye-shadow palettes which there most probably will be a few of.. first on my wishlist is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye-Shadow Palette which launched in the summer as a limited edition product but was relaunched due to high demand. This product costs £39 and contains eighteen gorgeous peach inspired shades, perfect for the summer months. Just like the popular Chocolate Bar palettes, this product is scented and infused with Peach which allows it to stand out from any other palette. I think that the packaging is so so gorgeous and I like how within this palette, all of the shades are the same size which is rare within Too Faced palettes. The shades that really stick out to me are: Nectar, Luscious and Bless Her Heart. I adore the idea behind this palette and if I have heard correctly; it is worth every single penny. 

Next, is another eye palette and is actually rather similar to the first.. The Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette which has been rumoured to be a dupe of the Sweet Peach Palette which I personally don't see. What sticks out to me from this palette is the bright blue shade, Royal. I feel that this palette was well thought out in comparison to her others. There has been a drastic change in packaging and quantity from the previous palettes including three more shades for only $3 extra, a rectangular palette instead of square, a mirror and of course, includes a brush. The only thing from the old packaging that I wish was in the new is the eyes illustration which is on the front of the palette. Overall, I find that this product looks far more professional than the previous and I am much more keen to spend my money. I love the idea of adding blue with peach as it really makes the eyes pop. This product is $45 which converts to around £37, making it more pricey than other high-end brands considering that you only receive nine shades. The only downside is that you would have to consider the international shipping charges as well as customs. I am slightly nervous about this palette as I am yet to try out her eye-shadows and really don't want it to waste that much money.

The third and final eye-shadow palette that I want to try is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Reniassance Palette which has been so hyped up throughout 2016 and I am still yet to try. Thankfully, this brand now has a UK website so there is no need to risk getting customs charges by ordering from America. It costs £41 and contains fourteen warm, berry toned shades in the most beautiful packaging. I have heard so many good reviews about this product and the pigmentation looks incredible. I know that this is again on the slightly pricey side but as long as the shades live up to my expectation, I won't mind. I also feel that the shades within this palette are so unique and different to anything that I have in my collection.

Moving on to a different product before I bore you all, I really want to try out some of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks which I have heard so many positive reviews about. This brand is so reasonably priced but unfortunately, for us English beauty lovers, we have to order directly from America meaning customs charges yet again. Having said that, considering how reasonably priced they are, I may just take the leap. These lipsticks cost $6 each which converts to just under £5 and can be bought in every shade ever created. My favourites include: Beeper, LAX, Tulle, Limbo, Bumble, Kapow, Love Bug, Speed Dial and Mama which is a lot but they look gorgeous. They also are always doing limited edition shades and collaborations so it is definitely worth having a look on their website.

Number five, leaving me half way through is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid which yes, is a bit of a mouthful to say. These come in five different shades targeting different problems and cost £17.50 each. I would either get this in Peach or Purple, depending on which one samples better. These look incredible and although they are pricey, considering that you can get many drugstore alternatives, I have heard that they work really well.

Again from Urban Decay, I would like to try the Naked Illuminated Trio Powders which retails at £29 which includes three different shades to highlight with. One being a gold champagne, another being a marbled taupe and the final being a pink. I think that these are really good value for money for a high-end brand considering that the full size individual highlighters cost £22.50 and gives you the opportunity to try out different shades. The only downside which I suppose can be seen as a plus side is that the shades within this trio cannot be bought separately meaning that if you want to try one shade, you're committed to all three. This product really interests me because will it live up to my expectation and replace my trusted Sleek Highlighting palettes? I am sure that we will find out soon.

Moving onto a much more reasonably priced brand, there are two items that I would like from Sleek. Sleek is a rather new brand that I have discovered and their products never fail to impress me with their quality. The first being their Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette which is gold inspired and super pigmented. I have already used this product due to my friend owning it but I adore the shades and considering that you get four unique shades for £10; there is no going wrong. I already own the Solstice and Midas Touch palettes and have been so impressed with them so there is no doubt that I will love this one just as much. Sleek cosmetics can be purchased in Boots and Superdrug stores across the UK.

The other product from Sleek that I am eager to try is their Cream Contour Kit. I have been eager to try a cream contour kit for a while now and considering how much I love the rest of the Sleek products that I own, why not try their version? It costs £10.99 which is so reasonable and contains six shades. I am still unsure about if to buy this in the shade light or medium due to the shade ranges but I look forward to trying this product out.

Moving onto another brand that has recently launched in the UK, I really want to try out some of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. These cost £16 each from Debenhams and have a range of different colours. I have heard that these are meant to be so good and I'd like to buy a couple in shades that I wouldn't usually wear. Although some of these shades are different to what I would usually wear, I like the shades Witches, Vampira, Lolita 1 and Bow N Arrow and after flicking through the shades, I really like the dark, mythical names too.

The final product on my top ten beauty items are some Zoeva brushes. Everybody always bangs on about how incredible these brushes are and I am so tempted to buy them. I would either go for the Zoeva En Taupe Brush Set which costs £40 or the Zoeva Classic Eye Brush Set which is slightly cheaper at £38 because eye brushes are what I use the most and I don't want to folk out for an entire set in case I don't like them. I could really do with some new eye brushes and may as well save up to get some good quality ones.
Fingers cross that I get to try some of these products soon. What are included in your top ten products? Do you have any of the products on my list? I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x
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