Sunday, 18 December 2016

Too Faced No Filter Selfie Powders Review

The 'Too Faced #TFNOFILTER Selfie Powders Palette' contains three "weightless, undetectable finishing powders" which mimic the effects of your favourite photo filters as according to Too Faced; "Selfie Powders are your filters for the real world!" This palette first launched back in 2015 as part of their summer range. These powders are £32 on the Too Faced website and Debenhams but I was lucky enough to find mine for £9.99 in TK Maxx. Despite having this product for quite some time, I am still rather undecided on my overall thoughts. 

Starting off with the packaging, I think that the outside design of the palette is very cute and quirky yet also rather intimidating. I find that this palette looks sleek but with a more childish approach, making it look as though it is aimed at a young teenager audience. I think that the Instagram inspired camera shot works really well and I understand that the hashtag again represents Instagram, there is just something that I really don't like and I cannot seem to put my finger on it. The packaging is cardboard, it is very light and thin, making it easy to travel with. As you open the palette, there is a mirror which is always handy although I am not sure about how long this mirror will remain perfect for, due to the packaging being cardboard. Underneath the mirror there are four of the same photos of a dog; one normal and the other three with each of the powdered filters. I again think that a photo of a dog definitely lowers the predicted target audience. The three powders are a really good size and are completely different from one another. They can be used alone, all over the face or mixed up to add different effects to specific areas.

Sunrise: This is the first powder within the palette and can be rather off putting at a first glance. It is a bright yellow with a mustard undertone. However, at a closer look, it can quickly be recognised that this shade is rather golden as an oppose to the typical bright yellow. This shade has a purpose to add a brightening defused warmth to the skin. This shade is much more subtle once applied and isn't chunky or over powering at all. I personally use this shade under my eyes, brightening any dark circles that I may have and sometimes underneath my contour, highlighting it. In summer, I could imagine that this shade would leave such a gorgeous glow when being used all over the face. 

Totally Toasted: This is a golden brown toned powder with the purpose to provide a bronzed, smoothing glow to the skin. This shade is defiantly the most colour payoff out of the three. It defiantly warms up your skin and works as a stunning illuminator. If you have a fair skin tone, this would work perfectly as a bronzer as you can defiantly build the colour up. I love the sheen finish that this powder leaves on my skin and I typically use it on my temples and forehead before blending it down into my contour. 

Moon River: I'm not going to lie, this is another rather off putting shade at first glance. It is a light, lavender shade and provides a cool, ethereal, lightening glow. Once applied to the skin, this product is much more subtle than it looks. I mostly use this down the center of my face instead of using a bold highlighter which could sometimes look too much. I find that this gives a lovely, defused glow and works really well alone or on top of a highlighter.

I find that this palette is definitely not essential if you own other finishing powders but is a nice addition to have. I don't think that I would have spent full retail price on this product but nonetheless, it does its job and it does work. I find that the powders feel in the middle of a creamy and slightly chalky texture but when applying, there is no fall out at all. The powders are extremely good quality and although the results are not always obvious to the naked eye, it does give a gorgeous glow on camera and within the light. This palette essentially has the task to brighten, bronze and illuminate the skin which it defiantly achieves. Like I said before, you can combine all three shades over your face or use them alone. 

Do you own this palette? Do you love it or hate it?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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