Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Freedom Pro Lipsticks: The Red Collection

Hello everybody, how are you all? It feels like I haven't sat down to write up a post in the longest time due to going away and being super busy with sixth form and work. Today I have five gorgeous lipsticks to talk to you about so lets get straight in! 

Freedom Make-Up is a relatively new brand that I have recently come across. I managed to find myself spending ten minutes standing in front of their counter in Superdrug, curious and committed to try out some of their products. Of course, with the excuse of them being essential for 'blog purposes'. Freedom make-up was created by the founders of make-up revolution and is a professional make-up brand, aimed at make-up artists. Freedom's 'range of affordable products are made with the highest quality, professional formulas to help you perfect your skills.' 

After hearing some quick advise from my friend, I quickly decided to pick up one of their sets of lipsticks. I found an entire range of different lipstick kits which all contained five full sized lipsticks and only cost five pounds. I chose to go for the Reds collection, as it is a colour that I love to wear and to be honest, there was only a few different options within store. I really couldn't resist trying out these lipsticks and was excited before I even bought them. Other shades that this brand does within its 'pro lipstick kits' are: Bare, Vamp Noir, Pink, Far Away Galaxy, Now, Naked Mattes, Retro Mattes and Noir Mattes, all available on the Superdrug website.

Starting with the packaging of these products (as usual), the five lipsticks come inside a small box with a photo of the lipsticks on the front, shade swatches down one side and ingredients on the back. This packaging is small, subtle and simple and I think that it makes the products feel much higher end. The only issue with the packaging that I have is that the swatches are printed much darker than the actual pigmentation of the products. The lipsticks themselves, come in a black tube with a transparent rim, allowing you to easily see which shade you are choosing. The packaging feels extremely light and you can tell that they are made from plastic, but this is only when you're holding them. The pot of product and lid are separated by a thin silver band. Like most lipsticks, the product is inside a swivel tube and I was shocked to see how much product actually fits within these tubes because they do seem slightly smaller than the average size. Unfortunately, these lipsticks don't carry any sort of aroma at all, but glide onto your lips so smoothly with a lovely, creamy formula. It would be nice if these lipsticks had been given names for which sort of finish they leave, as sometimes it can be hard to buy products if you are unaware, I know that for me especially, I can only really get on with certain formulas. I found that the first time I wore each of these lipsticks, they felt quite stiff but I have had no problems since.

After properly swatching and trying out these lipsticks, I am impressed. I must admit, I didn't expect much when I was purchasing these because of their price. However, each shade is completely unique from one-another and all of the shades work well together if you were wanting to try out a two-toned lip. On the other hand, I feel that it does take a couple of coats of product to build the pigmentation up to the given shade and the pigmentation doesn't last all day, but is more of the average priced lipstick that needs to be carried around with you to top up. Whilst wearing these lipsticks, I can't feel them on my lips. Instead, my lips feel light and moisturised and not irritated in the slightest. I do really like the formula of these products and I feel that it is unfair to talk about the few negatives that I have, due to the price because at the end of the day, you pay for what you get so it is always likely that products this cheap aren't always going to be perfect. Above are swatches of the shades given on the package, and the shades that I swatched.

Hopefully you are still here and haven't switched off yet, but just in case you are getting there, lets get onto the exciting part; the shades..

Fever (106) - This shade is a rather bright toned red which would suit the summer weather perfectly. I feel that this is quite a unique shade as it isn't so bright that it is overpowering, but it is obvious that you are wearing it and adds a glow to the rest of your make-up.

Make Me Crazy (107) - Within the tube, I feel that this shade looks more like a coral toned pink than a red however, when swatched, it still has some of the coral shade but is more of an orange under-toned red. This is a much more subtle shade for individuals who don't like to wear big, bright and bold lip shades

Expression (108) - This is one of the darkest shades in the collection yet also one of the warmest. It defiantly has an obvious plum undertone and would look gorgeous all year round, especially in the winter months. This shade is either lighter or darker than any other red lipsticks within my collection, making it quite unique and different which is good as I hate having too many dupes of the same shade.

Red Wine (109) - This is the darkest within this collection and is very self-explanatory with its name. It is a deep, wine red which could make any outfit look sophisticated. I really adore this shade and look forward to wearing it more.

Born With It (110) - The final shade within this collection and is a dusky red with a slight pink under-tone. This shade is slightly darker than what it looks like in the tube and is a softer, more subtle shade of red than the others.

Overall, I am happy with these lipsticks, impressed by their performance and glad to have picked some up. If I were to suggest these products, I would probably say that it may be best to stay away from the darker sets unless you have matching lip-liners just because the pigmentation can rub away fairly easily, causing you to have patchy lips. On the other hand, within this set, you get a red for every different occasion which I think is good.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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