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Tanya Burr Cosmetics: 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar Review & Sneak Peak

As we are now in October and well on our way to the Christmas countdown, many brands are bringing out their cosmetic advent calendars of 2016. The first one that I spotted and purchased was in fact, Tanya Burr's 12 Days of Christmas Calendar 2016 which has made a return after she first created a calendar in 2015 called 'Deck The Halls' which was adorable and an absolute huge success. Tanya's fans will be thrilled to know that this year's design is even better with its gorgeous pastel shades of blue, pink and mint as well as gold and glittery white decorations, adding an elegant touch. Just from the packaging, there is already so much to look at. 

Comparing the two designs, I defiantly prefer the 2016 one and I feel that it aims at a much wider audience and age-range, whereas the Deck The Halls calendar was designed as though it was targeted for younger teenagers. Unfortunately I didn't purchase the previous calendar but after some quick research, I am able to compare the contents of the two. The details of typical festive decorations and even silhouettes of Tanya, Jim and Martha are stunning.

Both calendars have retailed at £25. However, when I managed to snap mine up, they were on sale for just £15 in Superdrug and I couldn't say no. As far as I am aware, they are still selling for this price! In case you are curious, I will quickly give you a recap of what goodies were inside the previous box.. 1 x heart shaped mirror, 2 x nail files, 2 x shimmer pots (Starry Night, Creme Brulee), 3 x mini lip glosses (Bewitching, Macaroon, Candy Frost), 2 x eyelashes and 2 x nail polishes (Under The Sea, Carnival Nights).

Just like last year, this product includes twelve small gifts which are usually a mixture of some of her best sellers yet in shades all exclusive to this calendar, not to be sold anywhere else. If you don't like spoilers then it is probably best to stop reading here, but after all, how can you justify purchasing something when you don't know whats inside? I have also recorded a YouTube unboxing which I will leave a link to once I have edited it.

Day One: 5ml Lip-Gloss in the shade 'Candy Cane'. This is a gorgeous sparkling pink shade which fits in nicely with the festive season and would look stunning throughout the winter months. The packaging is absolutely stunning, making it look like a much higher end product. For a gloss, this product is very pigmented but I think that it would take a few coats to be able to see the shade. The scent of these lip-glosses is a sweet vanilla which is appealing and has doe foot applicators.

Day Two: A Tanya Burr nail file with a different pastel design on each side. This is a product that I personally wont end up using but it works in nicely with her cosmetics as designing nail polishes is something that she has been working on. I personally wont use this product but I can understand why it has been included.

Day Three: A light blue almost grey coloured mirror which is the perfect size for putting in your handbag. The design of this mirror is super slick and classy with her font written in gold.

Day Four: Eye Shimmer Pot in the shade 'Champagne Sparkle', something that I am ridiculously excited to test out. This is a gorgeous and glittery dark silver shade; absolutely perfect for the Christmas theme. The only issue with this product is that it is a glitter pigment and could be slightly messy.

Day Five: Another 5ml Lip-Gloss but this time in the shade 'Berry Pavola'. This product is true to its name and defiantly has a deep berry/plum undertone. This product looks slightly glossier than the first and slightly more translucent. Again, the packaging is stunning. I really like the idea of having a red gloss and am excited to see the pigmentation.

Day Six: 9ml Nail Polish in the shade 'Glitters & Gold' which is quite self-explanatory. I cannot wait to use this product throughout the winter months although, this product isn't something that I would purchase alone as I sometimes feel that glittery polishes can be too out there for me but we shall give it a go.

Day Seven: 6ml Glitter Liner in the shade 'Ice Crystals' which is a stunning sparkling silver. However, unfortunately the glitter and liquid have separated in my tube so the product will probably need to be shaken before use. Glitter eye-liners are something that I have hoped to get my hands on for quite some time and I look forward to testing this product out. The packaging is just as stunning as all of the other products although this product is in a plastic tube as an oppose to a thicker, glass like tube, Nonetheless, it is still gorgeous.

Day Eight: Eye Shimmer Pot in the shade 'Snow Day' which is a glittery white. I feel as though this product may be more difficult to use than the other just because of its shade but I will still try.

Day Nine: 5ml Matte Lip in the shade 'Christmas Stocking'. This product is the one that I am most excited for within this set. I absolutely adore matte lipsticks and I always love to try out new brands. This shade is a red but with a pink undertone. The only downside to this product is that it is a miniature and I am sure that I am going to fall in love with it. After trying out this product, it does dry very matte and is long lasting although, it does feel slightly chalky on my lips.

Day Ten: 6ml Glitter Liner in the shade 'Treasured' which is a gorgeous coppery gold and would work well with so many make-up looks. After using this product today, I am not too keen on the applicator and due to it being a glitter liner, it does take a few layers to be seen.

Day Eleven: 9ml Nail Polish in the shade 'Sleigh Bells' which is defiantly my favourite out of the three. It is a red shimmery shade with a purple undertone and looks so stunning. I really hope that this polish is as pigmented as it looks as it really is a gorgeous shade.

Day Twelve: 9ml Nail Polish in the shade 'Glitter Rain' which is the definition of glittery silver. This product would work so nicely with either the ice crystals liner or the champagne sparkle shimmer pot. 

Overall, I am rather impressed with this set. You really do get your moneys worth and even if there are a couple of items included that you aren't too keen on, there is bound to be some that you love. I will say that if you aren't somebody who likes shimmery products, then this set probably isn't ideal for you as the majority of the products are glittery, tying in nicely with the Christmas theme.

As I said, I will be editing and uploading an unboxing video within the next few days. I am debating on including a first impressions so if that is something that you'd be interested in, then by all means feel free to leave a comment.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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