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Pack with me: Holiday Essentials

Hello lovelies, I know that summer is coming to an end and that most people have already been on holiday but now that my holiday is only two weeks away, it is time to go through my holiday essentials, both my hand luggage and my suitcase and I decided that it may be a bit more interesting if I shared it with you. I will be doing this post within two parts to ensure that it isn't extremely long and I will be showing you which items of clothing I will be taking with me in the other post.

I am firstly travelling to Spain at the beginning of September with my boyfriend and his family before visiting France in October as my dad lives there and then finally Sweden in November to visit my boyfriend's brother who is at a university over there. I am going to be packing for my first holiday, talking through my absolute essentials although knowing me, this will probably end up as an entire list of what I am taking away with me. 


Firstly, my suitcase was purchased from Debenhams by made by the company 'Tripp.' It is a hard suitcase and is so ideal for holidays as it has four wheels and handles on both the top and side. It is purple with pink outlines of flowers which I think is super cute and is part of their abstract flower collection. The first thing that is already inside my suitcase is a European travel plug adapter which is an essential if you want to be able to use English electrical appliances without having to hunt around a foreign country for an adapter. I actually only currently have one of these so will need to buy a couple more before I set off. These are super easy to find, I know that Argos and Wilko sell them very cheaply and although they probably aren't an absolute essential, it will make your life less stressful.

Swiftly moving onto the Health & Beauty range, the next two essentials within my suitcase are in fact sun-cream and after-sun spray. The sun-cream which I currently have is the
'Nivea moisturising sun spray' with SPF 50+, ideal for people like me who burn easily. This is so light and ideal for travelling. The after-sun spray that I have is the 'Lacura sun-care after-sun spray' which contains aloe vera. Many people don't take after-sun on holiday, but I would hate to be burnt after a few days with no way to soothe my body. As well as both of these, I also have the 'Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil' as I feel that having tanning oil will just ensure that I actually manage to get somewhat of a tan whilst away. However, what I will say is that this product only has an SPF of 12 so it is important to ensure that you also have strong sun-cream with you. I first bought this product when I went to America back in 2013 and have been in love ever since. Another skin care essential is of course moisturiser. I will always be a huge fan of cocoa butter and therefore, my go to product is the 'Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Butter' which leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky and is reasonably priced.

The next two products are actually hair related and these are leave in conditioning spray. I have two of these; the 'L'oreal Paris Elvive Conditioning Shine Spray' and the 'Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Conditioning Spray'. I purchased the L'oreal spray absolute years ago when the product was first being trialed and it has been an absolute life-savior every since although, I don't actually think it is sold anymore as I have never seen it since and unfortunately I have very almost ran out. My Nicky Clarke spray is a more recent purchase which I love equally as much yet I think is a bit pricier. I defiantly prefer the scent of the L'oreal product but I think that the Nicky Clarke one smells like warm weather. The reason that these have made it into my holiday essentials is because there is nothing that I hate more than getting out of a pool with absolutely ragged hair. I find these products useful to just run through your hair if you're out or don't have time to wash your hair straight after. Another holiday essential is dry-hair shampoo which I must admit, I am not a big fan of but if you feel that your hair needs a quick refresh then dry-hair shampoo is defiantly the product to reach for, keeping your hair looking and smelling fresh until you have an opportunity to wash it. I don't use this product that often but when I do, I usually reach for the 'Batiste' collection and as mine is far too big and too full to take on holiday, I may purchase a travel size one just to make things easier for me.

The next little bundle of bits and bobs that I would class as holiday essentials includes; both roll-on and spray deodorant. I am personally more of a fan of spray deodorant however, I feel that on holiday roll on deodorant is absolutely essential as I think that it is more waterproof than most sprays and is often smaller than sprays, enabling you to easily carry it around in your handbag. As well as a razor as lets face it, if you're on holiday, you're going to want to shave your legs. I often only take cheap razors abroad with me to ensure that if I lose them, it isn't a big deal and also meaning that I can dispose of them before I come home. I also always make sure that I take body sprays and mist with me as I prefer taking these on holiday instead of expensive perfumes due to the fear of breaking a perfume bottle. I find that most body sprays are strong enough to be worn without a perfume and are usually scented rather fruity and summery. They are also rather light, so wont weigh down your suitcase.

Books are always a good idea when going on holiday, especially if you are a big book lover. I have recently purchased a whole range of new and exciting books so as well as popping one into my hand luggage, I will ensure that I pack a couple more for when I am trying to catch a tan and wanting to read. I am currently loving 'All The Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven.

I always find that a decent sized cosmetic bag is also an essential when travelling. You want to be able to ensure that all of your beauty products are together and easy to access as you will most likely have to move your liquids when going through airport customs. When I went shopping, I could only find one relatively big make-up bag but didn't want to pay over £30 for it so I opted for a luggage bag which will easily fit all of my toiletries as well as my make-up.  

Please make sure that whenever you are leaving the UK (or whichever county you live in), you have travel insurance. It can be easily forgotten but even easier to sort out by either completing it on line or within a local travel agents. Usually, travel insurance isn't very expensive but it is best to be covered, just in case that you do have to make a claim.

Another essential is money which has been converted into the correct currency for the country that you are visiting, as using a bank card abroad can come with hefty charges. Money can be converted within supermarkets, department stores and inside travel agents. I have had to change my money into euros, and I would always rather to take too much money than too little, although the spending money will depend on your holiday type, if you're all inclusive then you may not need as much money.

The final absolute essential for your suitcase when travelling is a luggage lock and tag. These are so handy because they avoid anybody trying to break inside of your suitcase and having a tag means that you can easily pick out your suitcase from the rest.

Whenever travelling, I would always advise to keep a list of your personal essential items as we all have different products in life that are maybe more beneficial to us, than they would be our friends. My essential products include my contact lenses, glasses, medication and teeth retainers.

Hand Luggage

The bag that I will be taking for my hand luggage is my black tote bag from The Clothes Show which I thought would be ideal as it holds many items if required yet also can be used for only a couple of essential items. I find tote bags super summery and just thought it would be so suitable.

The most important items that you will need is your passport and European health insurance card if you have one. Make sure that both of these haven't expired as you wont be able to travel with an expired passport and they take up to a couple of months for new ones to arrive.

Another item that I carry in my hand luggage is my hair brush as well as some hair ties ensuring that you can brush your hair if it gets too tangled and that you are able to put your hair up if you feel too hot.

I also always take a book inside of my hand luggage, usually a book that I have already started and am aiming to finish before starting on a different one. I find that this is a good way to waste time without feeling bored as being stuck inside of an airport for hours on end can be pretty daunting. 

Headphones are another common one as if you have music on your phone and you are going to be miles up in the air with nothing to do, you might want to listen to some music. This can bring your mood up as well as getting to listen to your favourite artists without anybody complaining.

You are best to keep your purse which contains any money or personal cards within your hand luggage just in case somebody does break into your case or in case it got lost whilst your suitcase is being checked. And after all, how are you going to buy products in duty free without a purse?

Of course, another essential item within my hand luggage is sunglasses because how can you even go abroad without sunglasses? My current sunglasses are from New Look and although I don't remember how much they were, I think they cost something in between £10-£15 which I don't think is too bad considering that I can very rarely find a pair of sunglasses that actually suit me.

If you are a smoker, then you may want to pop your cigarettes or tobacco inside of your hand luggage ensuring that you are able to easily find them when you get outside of the airport you have flown into. Please remember that you are not allowed to smoke within an airport or on a plane.

My final essential for hand luggage, is my notebook and at least one working pen which ensures that I am able to make notes and think of blog ideas whilst on the plane. I can also set some holiday goals of things that I want to blog once home. 

(I think my cat felt a little left out when I was taking photos and packing but although I would love to, I'm not allowed to take her with me. She is always a bit annoyed with me once I come back from spending some time away from home but at least she'll have my bed to herself. She also saw me packing and has literally been attached to me all day.)

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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