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The Clothes Show Live 2015

As I am a Fashion student at sixth form, I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend 'The Clothes Show' 2015 on Friday 4th December which is an annual Fashion event, lasting a few days during December and held at the NEC Birmingham. The Clothes Show is an incredible way to find out about upcoming fashion trends as well as being able to talk to leading fashion icons. We traveled by coach and left Norwich by 5:15am as it is around a three hour journey and we also needed to stop on the way. (This sounds easier than it was, our coach was filled with sleep deprived teenage girls but luckily, Costa helped with this). Unfortunately we had to invite the younger years of the school on the trip but us sixth form girls took complete control and put our dibs on the back of the bus where we spent the journey desperately trying to complete our make-up to the best of our abilities.

We arrived into Birmingham at around mid-morning and as this was my first time attending, I was a little confused as to why we had arrived so early when the show wasn't until 5:30pm however, I was soon in my element when I discovered the gigantic hall full of stores, split into different areas such as; the boutique, hair and beauty, the bazaar, fashion village and of course the designer outlet. There were so many stalls filled with branded products, both brands that I know and some that I hadn't ever heard of and all of these stalls had absolute bargains. Having said this, it is important to know that this room was absolutely packed with people which did cause me to panic slightly but I was luckily around lovely people who were absolutely fine about me having to constantly go outside for air. 

As soon as we stepped into the shopping area, we were overwhelmingly greeted with offers and goody bags for almost every stall that we walked by. We firstly stopped at the 'Cosmopolitan' stall where we were told that if we buy one issue, we get another two for free plus a goody bag of bits and bobs. Of course, us being teenage girls all said yes and was over the moon when we received our three magazines, an 'Organic Glam' full sized Mascara which retails at £21.95 alone, some eye-lash curlers and chocolate. If this hadn't pleased us enough, we next headed to the 'Models Own' Counter where all of their items were being sold as a deal for 'four for £10' plus a goody bag. I am a nail polish lover and considering that Models Own polishes usually cost £5 each, I was thrilled with this deal and quickly started hunting around the counter. I ended up picking up a five in one base coat, top coat and nail strengthener as well as a gorgeous hyper gel finish polish in the shade 'Deep Sea' which is a deep green. I didn't know before this that Models Own had brought out a make-up line and due to this offer, I thought it would only be fair to try out some of their products. I picked up two of their eye-shadow palettes in 'nude' and 'smokey' which usually retails for £6.99 each and includes six shades as well as a compact mirror. I did start using the nude palette quite a bit, mixed in with my other eye-shadows however, I did find that almost all of the colours were extremely shimmery and I ended up passing this palette on to a relative. The smokey palette was rather disappointing for me, I found that the colours didn't blend together well at all and that they weren't extremely pigmented which resulted in me again passing this product on. On the other hand, the nail polishes were just as amazing as all of their others that I am lucky enough to own. Moving on to the goody bag, we were absolutely spoiled rotten by this brand and I am super thankful. We received a matte eye-shadow duo, a small mirror, a ridiculous amount of sponges and eye-shadow applicators and of course, me being me and writing this post eight months after the event, I don't remember what else. But for only ten pounds, it was an absolute steal and it was not worth walking away from.

Next, we found somewhere to sit down and have lunch before watching a small catwalk show which was based in the center of the shopping hall. We all found this incredibly fascinating and it also gave us lots of inspiration for our own design work. I will pop in some of these photos below for you to have a nose at!

Following this, we attended a Question & Answer Session as part of 'The Designers Show' at 3pm with Caryn Franklin MBF which was both educational and interesting. Our fashion teacher got a little bit excited bless her and was rather disappointed in us all when we didn't know too much about her. After this had finished, she introduced us to a Mother & Daughter Brand 'The Design Studio' Hawarden (TDS) who design and hand-make bomber jackets made with faux fur fabrics. Sally (Mother) and Lettie (Daughter) spent some time telling us how each jacket is entirely unique and how more than 1000 jackets have been hand created since September 2014. Overall, I found both of these speeches very inspiring and if you have the opportunity to attend speeches like this whilst at the clothes show, then I would highly recommend going.

We spent the next hour or so trying to not let tiredness take over. We took a slow walk back around the stalls and messed around in some of the absolutely adorable camper-van photo-booths. We went and looked at the art work and cute quotes that filled the walls and waited for the time to come to make our way to the center stage for the actual clothes show. 
The show itself, was incredible. I enjoyed every second of it and looking at all of the forecast trends for next season. I loved how random some of the themes were and how well the garments actually resembled them. The models all looked stunning and I love how some of the themes had incorporated comedy into their show. Whilst the catwalk was taking place, there was a range of stores and items of clothing of products within the individual theme for the upcoming year, showing viewers where to find similar products. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed the show and I look forward to visiting in 2016. Everybody within the arena seemed to be having a fabulous time and believe it or not, there was even a dancing Stormtrooper which I must say, was absolutely hilarious.

Once the show had come to an end, we headed back to the coach and on our way managed to find a small stall which was selling overall Clothes Show Goody Bags. They cost £8 but I felt that they were such a lovely keep sake and included a programme/look-book of the overall show, a tote bag (perfect for sixth form) and a keepsake bracelet/hair tie. (I apologise for the state of my bag as I have had it for eight months and it is fairly worn)
Overall, The Clothes Show 2015 was an incredible event that I was able to attend and I cannot wait for the 2016 show! Despite the fact that the travelling was horrific, the show made up for that and (I know I said it before, but) if any of you have the opportunity to visit this event, then please do! It is so worth it.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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