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MAC Lipstick Collection & Wishlist

Everybody is aware that when looking for a new lipstick, MAC is the place to go! I don't have a huge collection of Mac Lipsticks but I do own a few gorgeous shades which I would happily repurchase over and over again. I will firstly talk about the packaging which is so simplistic, sophisticated and classy. I love the packaging almost as much as the products themselves as it is so distinct yet so well known. The product isn't too big, too heavy or even too small. It is shaped like a bullet and has the brand written on both the link and inside in contrasting colours which works really well as well as having its own unique slightly sweet vanilla scent which smells delicious (in small doses).

The first Mac Lipstick that I bought was a 'Cremesheen' lipstick in the shade 'Hot Gossip' which is a delightful mid-tone pink and plumb shade. I love the Cremesheen finish lipsticks yet I sadly only own two of them. I instantly fell in love with this product and with gritted teeth proceeded to pay the £15.50 for this product and I can easily say that I am so glad that I did. I bought this product back in December 2014 and therefore, it has a lot of usage meaning that I will have to repurchase very soon. I find this lipstick so easy to apply with its creamy texture and I find that it rarely needs topping up throughout the day due to its incredible pigmentation. I have noticed within this product, that it has tiny pieces of glitter inside the product, allowing it to leave this gorgeous cremesheen finish. This is the same with the shade 'Party Line' however, it is very difficult to notice and just makes the product even prettier. For those who aren't aware, Mac Cremesheen finished lipsticks are extremely creamy and glossy and leaves such a smooth and hydrating finish on your lips although unfortunately, these finishes are often not as pigmented or as long-wearing as other products.

Continuing with the 'Cremesheen' finished lipsticks, my next beloved Mac Lipstick is in the shade 'Party Line' which is a gorgeous red toned plum which is much lighter than burgundy yet defiantly not a pink. This is a rather deep and darker coloured product and I think that the pigmentation is incredible, one of the many reasons why I will never stop buying Mac Lipsticks. I find this product so easy to apply, it is so smooth on my lips and just glides across leaving a trail of its vibrant shade. This lipstick is moisturising and doesn't leave my lips feeling dry although due to its dark shade, it can bleed a little on and around the lips so I would recommend purchasing a lip liner, especially if you have shaky hands like me! This product is suitable to wear in the spring and summer seasons as it isn't too dark but is defiantly not the typical nude and is noticeable. I think that this product can easily match any outfit and again, the colour stays on for hours so there is no need to mess around trying to reapply it, especially on a busy schedule and if you were needing to reapply, it is so easy to do. On the photo shown below, this shade is the lipstick on the left and as you can see, rather a new addition to my collection.

Moving on, the next lipstick that I actually got given as a present is a relatively similar colour to the shade 'Hot Gossip' yet has a completely different finish ensuring that the product looks different when being worn. This beauty is in the shade 'Creme De La Femme' and has a 'Frost' finish leaving your lips looking super silky and is defined as 'pink laced with gold'. I must admit, before I owned this shade, I had never heard of it before as I don't believe that it is one of Mac's best selling lipsticks but nonetheless, it is defiantly underrated and worth every penny of the £15.50 spent on it. This product is a flawless glossy pink tone which is extremely moisturised lips whereas I know that a lot of lipsticks can easily dry the lips out. This lipstick is one of the overall longest lasting lipsticks that I own. Unlike some lipsticks, it isn't quick to transfer and fade away and can literally be worn with any outfit. It is still a slight nude shade which helps this lipstick to not clash with other colours. I personally love this product and would highly recommend (as I would all of these products). The frost finishes are usually slightly more long-wearing than the cremesheen and have slightly more coverage. However, these products stand out by leaving a frost look on your lips (as suggested by their name) and are of course, super shimmery. 

My next lipstick is in the shade 'Plumful' and has a 'Lustre' finish. This shade is a rose-plum and is one of my favourite shades that I own. It is so unique and is defined as being blossoming which is very true. This shade applies as a bright plum and berry tint yet still has a pink undertone and looks gorgeous with any outfit as well as being wearable on an everyday basis. This shade leaves a rather glossy finish and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry or cracking at all. I would highly recommend the lustre finishes for those who do have dry lips as these products are so mosturising and super easy to apply. Out of all of the finishes, I would describe the lustre finishes most similar to the cremesheen although some people may disagree as apparently they are almost identical to the glaze finishes lipsticks, something that I cannot comment on as I have never owned or tried a glazed finished lipstick. Nonetheless, this product is an absolute essential to have in your collection. Within the photo to the left, this shade is the middle lipstick which unfortunately looks slightly battered and bruised. Finally, this product leaves a slightly opaque finish which with some shades, can make them look more like glosses although this shade is still fairly pigmented.

Following this, my next product is an 'Amplified' finish lipstick in the shade 'Dark Side' which is another new addition but currently my favourite shade within my collection. This product has a mix of a slight purple tinted undertone as well as a dark red and is a deep burgundy shade (I promise it is nicer than it sounds). I usually wouldn't go for a shade like this but couldn't resist when I was doing some shopping and found myself drooling over it. I find that this product applies slightly darker on the lips and the colour is so pigmented, I cannot even explain my love for this product to you (another reason why I adore the amplified finishes). This product can defiantly be seen whilst worn and I personally think that it is more of a winter shade than a summer due to its deep comforting shade although, I still wear this product all year round. This product is also smooth on the lips which I was quite surprised with but I must admit, I don't find it as mosturising as some of my others. If you're new to lip products or are a perfectionist then you may also want to buy a lip liner which will just give that extra detail which again, is something that I am yet to do. 

Unfortunately, we are onto the last lipstick within my collection and this beauty is the well-known shade 'Ruby Woo' which has a 'Retro Matte' finish. This is simply a gorgeous bright red matte lipstick which I don't tend to wear often as I really can't get on that well with the formula. I find this product fairly chalky and it dries my lips out ridiculously, leaving them chapped and cracked. Having said this, I cannot fault the pigmentation of this product at all as it applies the exact colour of what you see in the tube. Matte products are one of my favourite types but when wearing this product, I usually have to ensure that I have applied lots of lip balm before applying it. I was lucky enough to also receive this product as a present and although I don't get on with the formula too well, I will always have a space in my heart for it simply because of the gorgeous brightening and refreshing colour. If you have dry lips then the retro matte finishes probably aren't for you but if you're looking for a product that is still highly pigmented then I would have a look at some of the amplified lipsticks as these leave equally powerful shades on your lips.


Of course, I as well as you have a MAC Lipstick wishlist and although I adore almost every single shade within their collection, I have to limit myself to an overall wishlist. As I don't own these products, I cannot swatch them or review them but I will give you as much of an overview as I can with of course some help from MAC.
  • Finally Free (Cremesheen) - A stunning mid-tone rosey nude shade which is an online exclusive. 
  • Whirl (Matte) - A slightly brown under toned 'dirty' rose shade.
  • Brave (Satin) - A beige and pink shade with shimmers of white pearl. A product that I have been after for the longest time.
  • Mehr (Matte) - A popular product which is describes as a 'dirty' blue pink toned lipstick.
  • "O" (Frost) - Described as a purplish-red shade with golden pearl, this shade is honestly to die for. I spotted it within a store a few days ago and I seriously need this product in my life. I find that it leaves a slight metallic finish.
  • Crosswires (Cremesheen) - A clean pinky orange shade.
I will state now, that some photos are straight from the MAC website of the shades that I didn't have good photos of, the website can be found linked above and by no means am I claiming these photos to be my own.

Swatches from left to right - Hot Gossip, Creme De La Femme, Plumful, Party Line, Dark Side, Ruby Woo.

Which is your favourite lipstick? Do you have any recommendations? Which MAC finish is your favourite? 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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