Monday, 8 August 2016

London Trip

Hello again lovely people and I am sorry that it has been a while since I last posted but now that I have access of a laptop, I can jump straight back in. I am currently staying with my friend who lives three hours away from me and we decided that we were going to take a trip to London, something which we haven't done in quite some time. We woke up at around 9am and arrived at the train station at 11am which was a reasonable time to start our adventure. We went to a few popular locations and I will most likely just ramble on about our adventure. 

We arrived into London Euston Train Station and headed straight down to the Underground where we quickly agreed that we would start by visiting Oxford Street and simply had to take the Victoria Line Southbound to Oxford Circus which luckily only took a few minutes. When we arrived, we headed straight into Urban Outfitters which is a store that I adore but unfortunately don't have one in my city. I love their home section and the books that they sell. Of course, we visited the Photo Booth and I now have a printed photo of our day which can remind me of good memories. We continued to walk down Oxford Street and came across Boots of which I was eager to go inside (completely forgetting that we were on the busiest high street in the country) and lasted a good minute before panicking and turning around. We next came across the one store that we were absolute buzzing for and this was in fact LUSH Oxford Street. We stepped in and was instantly greeted by a calming aroma of all of our favourite products and really had no clue where to start. We had to limit ourselves to what we could purchase before becoming even bigger hoarders and I successfully managed to only buy a couple of bits and bobs including Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream as I am running low and Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub which shall always be my favourite. I must admit though, there was a very longwinded debate between me and my friend over if I can justify purchasing another bar of Gold FUN (I already have three) with the outcome being defiantly not. Overall, the entire experience was so incredible and it was great to be able to test out the new and exclusive products including Plum Rain Shower Gel, and the new mouthwash tabs. There was also a small section of Kitchen Exclusive products which I think is a really good idea. Of course, me being me and Lush being my favourite store, I took a ridiculous amount of photos which I will include now. 

Just in case you can't see and appreciate this quote below the 'Try Me' signs then it stated "look and smell but please don't spit, otherwise we'll be in the sh*t" which I found hilarious and must admit that i'm also not surprised that this sentence has ended up within a Lush store.

We next continued walking down the road and popped inside a whole range of different shops before attempting to get inside Boots one more time which was successful and grabbing a cheeky McDonalds before heading back to the underground. 

After a bit of a debate about whether to head to Covent Garden or Camden we chose to head to Covent Garden as we both absolutely adore the entire atmosphere of this area. We had to take the Central Line Eastbound to Holborn before changing to the Piccadilly Line travelling Westbound to Covent Garden Station. As soon as we stepped onto the street I was extremely delighted to be greeted with a Charlotte Tilbury Store which we went straight into and I absolutely fell in love with the Luxury Palette in the shade 'The Dolce Vita' which retails at around £38 which is pretty pricey for four shades but they are so so so gorgeous, I cannot even explain. 

We next popped into Mac which fortunately was opposite Charlotte Tilbury and I did come out with a whole range of shades from both stores on my hand however, I didn't write down any shades which I should have done so I do apologise now. I absolutely fell in love with another Mac lipstick in the shade 'O' which is a stunning metallic looking rose-nude shade with a Cremesheen finish. I really have no clue why I didn't purchase it then, but I will defiantly be going so very soon. After falling in love with too many different products we headed towards Covent Garden Market and watched some of the incredible street performers. We firstly watched a man juggle whilst walking on a rope who was called Dr Philistine which was phenomenal before watching a man lay in a Bed of Nails sandwich which was insane although you could see dents within his skin of where the nails had laid. We next found a quite cocktail bar within covent garden and shared a pitchers named 'Key West Cooler' which included Vodka, Malibu, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice and was absolutely delicious. 

Of course, we couldn't make a trip to covent garden without going into Bobbi Brown, Paperchase or the Disney Store of which we did on our way back to the station. In Bobbi Brown, we went straight over to the eyeshadow stand where we found our very beloved shimmer shadow sticks and of course, swatched every colour that looked appealing to us. If they weren't over £20 each then I would have purchased them all right then, but for now I will just have to make use out of my two. For those of you interested, I am considering doing a review on the Bobbi Brown shimmer sticks but I am still a bit uncertain despite them being my favourite eyeshadows to exist.

Finally on our way back to the station when we had thought that we had browsed every single store we were interested in to the left of us was a Kiko which we had somehow managed to miss on our way in (probably out of excitement of Charlotte Tilbury). We went in and there was a sale on. I hadn't tried this brand before and thought that a sale would be such a good excuse to try out some products. I ended up purchasing the Eye 207 brush, the Trio Brush Stick 3D Colour and Glow in shade '003 Youthful' which I adore and finally, a beautiful red and orange patterned Double Ended Expert Face brush. I am so excited to be able to try out and review these products and will try to feed back. After this, we really did head straight back to the station and of course had to travel on the Piccadilly Line Eastbound back to Holborn before heading towards Stratford on the Central Line Eastbound to Stratford station which is right on the doorstep of Westfield Shopping Centre, our next destination. Unfortunately this journey was much longer than the previous and we spent around twenty-five minutes on the tube but we got there in the end. We started off by strolling 'the street' looking for a restaurant that we could get some dinner in although in the end, we ended inside the shopping centre at the food court where we ate at TGI Fridays. We both ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad with no cheese with a diet coke and it was delicious and we were finally refilled and energised ready for even more shopping.

Westfield was just as good as it always is, we went in so many incredible stores that I don't have within my area including Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Jimmy Choo and of course some of our all time favourites and finally, after getting a Krispy Kreme doughnut (my favourite), at around 9pm headed back to the station in order to make our journey home. We spent half an hour on the underground back to Euston by taking the Central Line Westbound from Stratford to Tottenham Court Road before changing onto the Northern Line Northbound back to Euston and finally on our hour long train back to Elle's house of which when we arrived were absolutely shattered. Overall, we both had such a good day and are glad we went despite the fact that we both spent far too much money. I look forward to the rest of our journeys and if anybody was going to London, I would recommend these tourist areas that we visited.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

(I appologise for the length of this post as well as the fact that some photos are edited and some aren't, I didn't want to ruin any swatches or colours of the LUSH products.)

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