Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bedroom Lookbook 2016

I always love to have a glimpse into other peoples bedrooms, whether it be people I know or complete strangers. I also am guilty of spending hours scrolling through Pinterest finding lots of adorable ideas. Today, I thought I would show you around my bedroom which is also my safe place and the room in my house that I spent the most time, and yes, I know that doing this isn't always healthy. By the end of the year, I am hoping to have a bit of a switch up of my room as there are a few pieces of stunning furniture that I have my eyes on but for now, I will give you a quick overview of around my room.

As you open my door and walk in, the first thing that you are able to see is my wallpapered wall and my bed. I have a duck-egg colour scheme throughout my room and my wallpaper is from B&Q and has small flowers and butterflies on it. On my bed, I have a range of cushions, some which were made from relatives and others were purchased from Primark, Next and Dunelm Mill. I also have a teddy-bear which is called Eddie and was my bear from my hospital admission, he is originally from Harrods.

On the back of my door I have two butterfly door hangers which I purchased for £1.99 each from B&M. I keep a couple of jackets on here as well as my scarfs, belts and bits and pieces such as my festival flower hairband.

Straight in front of the door is my one-drawer bedside table which has on it; a photo frame, keys, purse, book, medication, a couple of boxes (you'll soon realise that I have a slight obsession with boxes), a lamp and a bottle of water. To the left of this is where I keep my bin and above is my full-length mirror.

To the left of my mirror, I have my built in wardrobe which I am super lucky to have. This corner is my favourite part of my room as around my wardrobe I have stuck up all of my photo-booth photos as well as small quotes and keepsakes. I feel that this gives such a personal touch. Hanging from my wardrobe is just a quote from The Card Factory and an owl. To the left is a copper ornament which my mum put in my room and works really nicely. 

On the left side of my wardrobe, I have a mirror on the back of the door and four storage shelves. Three which can only be accessed from the left side and one at the top which is barely seen which I can put all of my things that I don't want to display.

On the bottom shelf is my make-up, I have three storage holders as well as a box. To the left of this which can't be seen from my room is where I store my essentials such as my hair tools, my recovery boxes, spare make-up bags, contact lenses, glasses, my plaster box, cotton buds and all of my LUSH samples.

Moving up to the second shelf, this is where I store my perfumes, jewellery and candles. I have a mirrored jewellery box, two small Yankee Candles in the shades 'Bahama Breeze' and 'Clean Cotton'. I also have a personalised shot glass from my birthday and a cat ring holder. At the far left of this shelf I keep another make-up bag and my 'go to' make-up removers. 

And finally, the top shelf is where I keep my DVDs, Books, CDs and everyday skin and hair care products. At the back, I have a ted baker wash bag which is where I store my nail varnishes. 

And of course, in the right side of my wardrobe is my clothes rail and at the bottom is a shoe rack where I store some of my shoes as well as my bags.

Moving on to the opposite wall of my room which is my box bay window with my gorgeous windowsill. On here, I just have some more photo frames, a large vanilla candle which I found in B&M, a few decoration ornaments that fit in well with my room, some family guy box series which of course, are my boyfriends and some alcohol. Having a large window is so handy for me as it brings so much natural lighting in although, having said that, I live on a busy road and there are forever car lights shining through my window at nighttime so I have to have both a roller blind and some curtains.

To the left of my window is my super small desk which I emergency bought a few years ago and has been handy for little bits and bobs. I have a floral folder to the right which I purchased from Sainsbury's and absolutely adore, my colouring books, my DIY notice board, two pen pots, my other lamp and of course, my new notebook which I managed to find in Primark.

Underneath my desk is where my Disney plush collection lives which is another favourite part of my room. I am an absolute sucker for all things Disney, especially Monsters Inc and Tangled and have managed to end up with these little beauties.

To the right of my window is my four drawer storage holder which is where I keep pyjamas and swimwear and is a stand for my TV. Above this on the wall is my Discovery Cove Canvas and football frame which remind me of happy memories.

I am also lucky enough to have lots of storage under my bed where I keep all of my sixth form work, additional clothes, blankets and the most random of things. Part of this, is my LUSH collection which has actually downsized a ridiculous amount due to the fact that some products are in my bathroom, some are in a separate box ready for a giveaway. My shower gel's and FUN are defiantly my overall favourite parts of my collection.

Lastly but not least, is my hanging lamp shade which has clear gems hanging from it and adds an elegant finish to my room.

I hope you enjoyed looking around my room. What are your favourite parts of your room?

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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