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Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick Review (Frosting, Fuchsia & Violet)

For myself, lipstick is an absolute essential part of my everyday make-up routine and is by far one of my favourite types of products. Due to this, I find myself purchasing many different new and exciting lip products. I recently purchased three of the 'Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks' in the shades 'melted frosting', 'melted fuchsia' and 'melted violet' which are three very vibrant shades, ideal for summer. These lipsticks are stated as having the specialty of being long-wearing with the power of a lip-stain but the intense colour of a liquid lipstick.

When I found myself browsing the Too Faced website, I was completely torn between purchasing from the original 'melted' range, the 'melted chocolate' range, the 'melted matte range' or the 'melted metal' range. I decided to start with a few from the original to see if I like these particular products before venturing into the other ranges and spending even more money on products that I may not even like. However, having said this I am almost certain that I will end up purchasing some of the 'melted metal' lipsticks as I am very intrigued to how these would look as well as then being able to compare them with the Kylie Jenner Metal Lipsticks. These lipsticks cost £17 each for 12ml which for a well-known high-end make-up company, I don't think is too bad. However I know that this can be frustrating when trying to try out new make-up products or building a collection because even I hate to spend that much money on a single lipstick.

When these three products arrive, I fell in love with the packaging. The box is very similar to the product itself (unfortunately I don't have my boxes to photograph), I find them so unique and I like how the squeezable tube packaging is the same colour as the product, making it easier to find specific shades. I think they look sophisticated and classy and that the gold toned lids work really well. The tubes aren't too crowded with writing and are the perfect size. My only personal issue with the packaging would be that they don't always fit in the typical acrylic lipstick storage holders due to them being tall. Once I had taken these products out of their packaging, I thought that I would absolutely adore the shade 'frosting' due to it being a very light, pastel toned pink-nude shade and that my least favourite would be the shade 'violet' as the packaging looks extremely bright and I wasn't entirely sure if I could pull off a purple shade that wasn't more of a berry toned colour. When I swatched the shades on my trusted Beauty Swatch Cards, they looked almost identical to the colours of the tubes however, when applying them to my lips, they looked slightly different which is most likely due to the colour tone of my lips. I found that 'frosting' has a much paler finish than shown on the packaging which I think makes me look slightly washed out and 'violet' being less bright and slightly darker which actually works really well with my skin tone. Out of the three, 'fuchsia' was the most identical to the colour of its packaging and applies as a bright deeper pink. Nonetheless, all three of these shades are absolutely stunning and I will defiantly be trying out some more soon.

I find that the application of these lipsticks is very easy and well thought of. The product squeezes from the tube onto a sponge which is then used to apply the product to your lips. I feel that this makes these lipsticks stand out to me as well as the huge range of colours available to purchase. These lipsticks are so pigmented and only a tiny amount of product is required which then easily blends out, covering your lips with these incredible shades. However, although this lipsticks felt soft and creamy at first, I soon found that they left my lips feeling slightly dry so I tend to wear them with a clear Vaseline lip balm underneath ensuring that my lips feel moisturised. Due to these being classes as a lip-stain and lipstick, I found that when wearing these products throughout the day, they do go slightly patchy and the lip-stain within them can be noticed once the initial glossy effect has gone, making them not entirely long-wearing and would probably need topping up throughout the day. It is also important to note that if too much of the product is applied, then some bleeding can occur whereas when only a small amount is used, I find that these lipsticks don't need lip-liners worn with them due to them being full of incredible colour. 

Moving on, I have heard and read reviews about these products changing consistency as time goes on where the liquid can go much thinner. I am hoping that I don't experience this same issue as I adore these lipsticks and it would be a shame. Overall, these lipsticks have an amazing formula as well as a wide range of exciting shades. As these three shades are so different, it would be so difficult to say which is my favourite. I find that these products are weightless and soft, easy to apply and I look forward to purchasing and reviewing many more of these beauties.

Do you own any of these products? What do you think about the formulation? Feel free to leave me a comment or two and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Melted Frosting (top swatch) - A nude, pale pink with a thinner formulation but incredible pigmentation.
Melted Fuchsia (middle swatch) - A bright pink with a slight berry undertone with an incredible formulation.
Melted Violet (bottom swatch) - A vibrant purple shade with a soft formulation with a colour which works surprisingly well.

All of these lipsticks can be found on the Too Faced website for £17 or at Debenhams for £19.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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