Saturday, 16 July 2016

Olly Murs #YDKLRadioTour2016

On Friday 15th June, I was lucky enough, after much persuasion to have my boyfriend drive me and my best friend to Ipswich in order to attend the Olly Murs 'You Don't Know Love Radio Tour 2016' which is celebration for the release of his new single. For this tour, Olly would be travelling to various Radio Stations across the United Kingdom which included; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, Sheffield, Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Stoke, Birmingham, Lincoln, Ipswich, Guildford, Fareham, Swansea and Cardiff. Me, living in Norwich meant that the only event that I could realistically attend was Ipswich, forty-eight miles away from where I live.

As soon as Olly announced this tour, I immediately asked my mum if she could take me but unfortunately she had work which left me with another option, I could ask my boyfriend. Joe being the loveliest and best boyfriend of the year, took the day off work to ensure that I was able to meet my idol again. Olly announced the night prior to the event that he would arrive at 8am, resulting in myself and Elle setting alarms for 4:30am in order to head off at 6am. We ensured that we took our medication early and decided that an early night was the only option we had and we still managed to oversleep till 5am. Once we woke up, we quickly got ready as much as we could and Joe picked us up at 6 before heading straight to Ipswich. We arrived at Town 102 FM Radio Station at 7:20am and were amazed at how there was only about twenty of us at the location.

Of course, Olly being Olly arrived ten minutes late and we saw his tour van covered in hearts pull up which made me ridiculously more excited than I already was. He quickly got out of the van, wearing an extremely creased shirt, with his team beside him and gave us all a quick wave, briefly met some young children who couldn't be late to school and proceeded into the radio station. Next, one of the girls a few people up from us broadcasted the radio so that we could all hear what was being said, not missing a thing. We stood around waiting for Olly to take part in several different interviews inside and got handed small pieces of card which could be signed whilst chatting with other fellow Murs lovers. And after a long, three hour wait, he came out of the station ready to meet us all! Unfortunately, he was already behind schedule so couldn't sign anything but we were all allowed one photo which was completely worth every second, especially considering that the event was completely free.

Olly made his way through the queue of about fifty people and my moment was super exciting and incredible. I sneakily managed to get two photos as I knew that I wouldn't like at least one of them and by 10:45am we were all, as well as Olly ready to leave. Me, being a fan of Olly Murs, I thought that the journey and waiting time was completely worth it as Olly Murs is a big inspiration for me throughout my recovery and it is one of the few things that makes me happy. I would highly recommend events like this and I wish I was able to drive so I could have attended more of the tour locations! 

Me, Elle and Joe decided to spend the rest of the day at the beach, drinking incredible milkshakes and enjoying the sunshine, resulting in an all round incredible experience and day! Although, Joe did jokingly suggest going to the Newmarket Races and I later realised that Olly was there which was disappointing! If you haven't already then please go and have a watch of his new single and music video!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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