Sunday, 31 July 2016

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick Review (Frosting, Fuchsia & Violet)

For myself, lipstick is an absolute essential part of my everyday make-up routine and is by far one of my favourite types of products. Due to this, I find myself purchasing many different new and exciting lip products. I recently purchased three of the 'Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks' in the shades 'melted frosting', 'melted fuchsia' and 'melted violet' which are three very vibrant shades, ideal for summer. These lipsticks are stated as having the specialty of being long-wearing with the power of a lip-stain but the intense colour of a liquid lipstick.

When I found myself browsing the Too Faced website, I was completely torn between purchasing from the original 'melted' range, the 'melted chocolate' range, the 'melted matte range' or the 'melted metal' range. I decided to start with a few from the original to see if I like these particular products before venturing into the other ranges and spending even more money on products that I may not even like. However, having said this I am almost certain that I will end up purchasing some of the 'melted metal' lipsticks as I am very intrigued to how these would look as well as then being able to compare them with the Kylie Jenner Metal Lipsticks. These lipsticks cost £17 each for 12ml which for a well-known high-end make-up company, I don't think is too bad. However I know that this can be frustrating when trying to try out new make-up products or building a collection because even I hate to spend that much money on a single lipstick.

When these three products arrive, I fell in love with the packaging. The box is very similar to the product itself (unfortunately I don't have my boxes to photograph), I find them so unique and I like how the squeezable tube packaging is the same colour as the product, making it easier to find specific shades. I think they look sophisticated and classy and that the gold toned lids work really well. The tubes aren't too crowded with writing and are the perfect size. My only personal issue with the packaging would be that they don't always fit in the typical acrylic lipstick storage holders due to them being tall. Once I had taken these products out of their packaging, I thought that I would absolutely adore the shade 'frosting' due to it being a very light, pastel toned pink-nude shade and that my least favourite would be the shade 'violet' as the packaging looks extremely bright and I wasn't entirely sure if I could pull off a purple shade that wasn't more of a berry toned colour. When I swatched the shades on my trusted Beauty Swatch Cards, they looked almost identical to the colours of the tubes however, when applying them to my lips, they looked slightly different which is most likely due to the colour tone of my lips. I found that 'frosting' has a much paler finish than shown on the packaging which I think makes me look slightly washed out and 'violet' being less bright and slightly darker which actually works really well with my skin tone. Out of the three, 'fuchsia' was the most identical to the colour of its packaging and applies as a bright deeper pink. Nonetheless, all three of these shades are absolutely stunning and I will defiantly be trying out some more soon.

I find that the application of these lipsticks is very easy and well thought of. The product squeezes from the tube onto a sponge which is then used to apply the product to your lips. I feel that this makes these lipsticks stand out to me as well as the huge range of colours available to purchase. These lipsticks are so pigmented and only a tiny amount of product is required which then easily blends out, covering your lips with these incredible shades. However, although this lipsticks felt soft and creamy at first, I soon found that they left my lips feeling slightly dry so I tend to wear them with a clear Vaseline lip balm underneath ensuring that my lips feel moisturised. Due to these being classes as a lip-stain and lipstick, I found that when wearing these products throughout the day, they do go slightly patchy and the lip-stain within them can be noticed once the initial glossy effect has gone, making them not entirely long-wearing and would probably need topping up throughout the day. It is also important to note that if too much of the product is applied, then some bleeding can occur whereas when only a small amount is used, I find that these lipsticks don't need lip-liners worn with them due to them being full of incredible colour. 

Moving on, I have heard and read reviews about these products changing consistency as time goes on where the liquid can go much thinner. I am hoping that I don't experience this same issue as I adore these lipsticks and it would be a shame. Overall, these lipsticks have an amazing formula as well as a wide range of exciting shades. As these three shades are so different, it would be so difficult to say which is my favourite. I find that these products are weightless and soft, easy to apply and I look forward to purchasing and reviewing many more of these beauties.

Do you own any of these products? What do you think about the formulation? Feel free to leave me a comment or two and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Melted Frosting (top swatch) - A nude, pale pink with a thinner formulation but incredible pigmentation.
Melted Fuchsia (middle swatch) - A bright pink with a slight berry undertone with an incredible formulation.
Melted Violet (bottom swatch) - A vibrant purple shade with a soft formulation with a colour which works surprisingly well.

All of these lipsticks can be found on the Too Faced website for £17 or at Debenhams for £19.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Stila: 'In The Light' Eye Shadow Palette Review

I have been wanting to write up a review of this palette since it arrived on my doorstep. It is my most loved and used eye-shadow palette and is packed with ten absolutely gorgeous shades to die for, plus a waterproof eyeliner. I came across this palette when browsing the internet for reasonably priced make-up and fell in love with it. I wasn't sure if to order the 'in the light' or the 'in the garden' palette but settled for this beauty due to the shades been more of what I was after. I was a bit unsure whether to purchase this product at first, simply because I had no previous experience of Stila products (which now I realise that I have been missing out) but with the incredible price, I couldn't resist.

This palette was in the sale for £12.50, reduced from £25 which is an absolute bargain. I was over the moon to find this product and was absolutely thrilled when it arrived. It contains a mixture of both matte and shimmer shadows, mostly all neutral shades with a couple of subtle blue shades which is perfect for the summer months. I absolutely love the colour range within this pallet, giving so many different looks that you can explore and these shades all seem to work well with my skin tone, especially the pinker shades which I was surprised at. Within this palette, there are four matte shades which are all soft and rich as well as six shimmer shades which have a creamy consistency. I find that these shades are so pigmented and are extremely easy to blend. If these ten warm shades aren't enough to persuade you, then this palette also comes with one of the Stila Smudge-Stick Waterproof eye-liner in the shade 'Damsel' which is a deep brown shade and has a creamy formula ensuring that it wont tug on your eyes. I have personally never owned one of these eye-liners before, but I have heard really good reviews on them and look forward to using it more.

This palette arrived in simplistic brown packaging and included a look-book with six different gorgeous styles that can be easily tried out with a step-to-step guide. As you open the palette, the shadows are in the bottom half with a mirror in the top which is ideal for if you are needing to do your make-up on the go. Above this mirror is a quote by Sarah Lucero which reads "believe in the beauty of the future" which I think adds a lovely touch. Within this palette, my personal favourite way to use these shades are by taking the shade 'bare' and using it as a setting shade before working the shades 'bliss' and 'sandstone' into my crease before blending the shades 'bubbly' and 'sunset' onto my lit and completing the look by using 'kitten' in the inner corner of my eye. I feel that I already have and will use the majority of the shades within this palette. The only shade that I am a bit nervous about using is the shade 'night sky' which is a gorgeous blue shimmer shade which I am just not sure if I can pull off. Other than this, I am sure that the palette will get used all of the time and if you don't already have this palette, then it is defiantly worth investing in, especially if you are like me, and prefer matte shades to shimmery as this palette gives you a wide range of options.

From left to right these swatches are; bare, kitten, bliss, sunset, sandstone, bubbly, gilded gold, luster, night sky, ebony.

Stila has very quickly became one of my favourite brands for eye-shadow and if you're lucky enough then there may even be a Stila counter within your local Boots store. If not, have a look on their website and see if you can pick yourself up any bargains! If there is anything more that you'd like to know about this product then just leave a comment, but I highly highly recommend and hopefully some of you will love this product as much as I do.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Self-Harm Scars: Gradual Exposure

Before you read this post, I must mention that although I have tried for it not to be, some individuals may feel triggered so please if you're going to read at all, read with caution. I just feel that a brief story of how my self-harm got worse was essential within this post.

Back in the day, many moons ago when my self-harm was classed as 'superficial', a word that I despise as any form of self-harm is serious, no matter how dangerous or life-threatening, I would constantly wear long sleeves throughout the whole of summer, throughout the night and especially when I was around other people. At this point, it was still quite a secret and I didn't want anybody to know, I didn't even know what I was doing to myself and I defiantly had never heard of the term 'self-harm' before. It was when I was scrolling down my tumblr feed one day, about a year after I had started this destructive behavior when I saw a graphic photo with the phrase underneath 'self-harm', this gave me the answer and name to what I was doing to myself and I soon became aware that it was much more common that I had initially realised. At this point in my life, my thirteen year old self didn't realise that it could get worse, I had no idea. I was young and still oblivious to the damage that one could do to themselves and I was so ashamed by this behaviour that even if I had no fresh wounds, I would still not show my arms in fear of being judged and people finding out.

As life went on, my mental health deteriorated more and more. I was finding new ways to self-harm without leaving visible damage. I would abuse pills and attempt suicide on frequent occasions. In 2014, my mental health team suddenly got more strict and serious and decided that I could not go back home. This resulted in me being admitted to a psychiatric hospital where I met many other young people who were just like me. On my first day at the ward, the first thing one of the other patients said to me was "have you ever had stitches?" and by this point, I was already well aware that self-harm could proceed to get much worse as this had happened to me, but only with the injuries on my legs. I didn't recognise at the time that these wounds were beginning to get worse, they by no means were severe but they were getting worse. A few months later, still on the ward, I soon noticed my self-harm getting worse. My wounds were getting deeper whereas before I would cover my arms in scratches and I began having to have wounds stripped together with surgical strips or glued in order to reduce scarring and to push the edges back together. By this point, I still didn't really realise how quickly my self-harm had escalated but my scars wounds started to heal, leaving very obvious marks compared to what I was used to. My mum began to see my scars frequently and ever since, I have felt comfortable around her and my brother with short sleeves as well as other close family members. 

About a year later, after a few different self-harm related incidents which I am not going into as I don't want to give anybody any ideas. I had my first A&E trip regarding the depth of my self-harm wounds where I received stitches. I still thought of my self-harm as superficial and it wasn't until the next visit to the hospital that I realised the severity when I was required to have both internal and external stitches as the wound wouldn't have held external stitches alone. This was a big reality check for me and when I started to realise how much of my life I was missing out on due to my self-harming behaviours. These behaviours carried on and still occur, but not very often at all. With any habit, it is difficult to break and relapses do happen. I wish that I could have seen my scars in two years time before my self-harm got worse because it may have put me off.
I am finally starting to feel more comfortable wearing short sleeves in public but only around specific people. Having to hide my scars has had quite a big effect on my life, I have to wear long-sleeves at work, at sixth form, when visiting my dad and when on holiday as I haven't yet felt comfortable enough to wear short sleeves around these people.

But for anybody who doesn't know how to feel comfortable around your family with your scars out then gradual exposure is the key. If they already know about the issue, it may be easier. I would start by gradually rolling your sleeves up when around them, but only a little at a time. Another idea is wearing short sleeves to bed, because then they may notice but wont be able to stare or analyse them. Once you've gotten comfortable with your sleeves rolled up to three-quarters, try a bit further up with the goal of being able to have your arms out up to your elbows, and so on. I found that this method really helped when other family members started to see my scars for the first time and I have found it helpful with the relatives of my boyfriend. 

There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of your scars, unfortunately there is still a lot of stigma attached to mental illness but more people would be kind about it than horrible. It is also worth mentioning, that if you haven't self-harmed and are thinking about it, please do not. It is addictive and although at first wont feel like it, it will control your life and it will get worse. I didn't think it would but the thing with habits is that they are toxic and usually have to get worse to give you the same release and effect. This may sound ridiculous, as it did to me when I first heard but there are some people out there who wants their self-harm to get worse, and if this is the case, I will add in some photos below of my arms as I despise the scars on my body and would give anything to turn back time and not start to self-harm. It is hands down one of my biggest regrets, also I am not saying that my self-harm was worse than everybody else because it defiantly isn't. And lastly, I am not trying to show off anything and I really hope that there aren't people who may think that as that's pretty twisted, self-harm is not cool, clever or impressive. It can be life-changing, terrifying and lonely, I just want to raise awareness in order to try and help others before they lose control like I did as I am now at a point when my scars will fade, but they wont ever go, all because I let my self-harm get much more severe.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Monday, 18 July 2016

What Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me

When I was sixteen, I was admitted to an adolescent psychiatric hospital and after lots of requests I decided to narrow down the never ending list of things that I learned from my experience down to forty. Psychiatric wards aren't ever a pleasant or smooth experience and I wouldn't wish it on anybody but these are the things that I thought were the most important. I also think that it is important to state that psychiatric hospitals aren't a holiday camp, they are an absolute last resort and although this post may make them seem not too bad, you have to make the most out of a bad situation.
  1. Psychiatric Hospitals actually exist.
  2. There are people out there with similar experiences and issues who understand you.
  3. It is possible for some aspects of your illness to get worse which if it happens, will be scary. For me, my self-harm went from superficial to rather medically serious very quickly.
  4. When your parents drop you off, they most likely will leave crying.
  5. The staff members have specialist training within mental health, they won't judge you or discriminate against you.
  6. Some of the closest and strongest friendships can be made inside of them. I met my best friend in hospital and I don't know how I used to live my life without her.
  7. You find out who your true friends are, who still talks to you regularly, who comes to visit you, even once you're discharged.
  8. You recognise which things in life you have been taking for granted. Small things such as having a comfortable bed, having windows that open more than an inch, a wardrobe with doors, having baths and showers without interruptions, going to bed when you like and not being woken up at eight in the morning.
  9. You don't have to be sectioned to be admitted but you often won't get the choice. 
  10. You literally are 'locked away' but it is for your own safety.
  11. There will always be patients who are more poorly than you and there will also be patients who are less poorly than you.
  12. Within adolescent wards, there will be school but it would most likely feel like reception. You will also sit any scheduled exams there, I sat some of my GCSEs within hospital.
  13. If there are no beds within your county, you will be sent miles away from home. I was sent to a unit not only out of my city, but completely out of my county and seventy miles away from where I live which for me, made it harder to settle in knowing that my family were so far away.
  14. Any mail that you receive, will be checked by staff before you receive it.
  15. Any sharp objects or any items that you can harm yourself with will be confiscated.
  16. You will have all of your belongings locked away if you abuse them.
  17. Within the adolescent ward, you will all be around similar ages.
  18. You will most likely be given your own bedroom.
  19. You'll be woken up multiple times throughout the night with a torch shining in your face and your bedroom door wide open.
  20. Privacy doesn't exist, if you're not on 1:1 observations then you'll be checked on frequently.
  21. The staff will try everything in their power to help and support you.
  22. Staff will watch you swallow your medication.
  23. Sometimes it will feel like the staff really don't care but the majority of them do.
  24. If you are a girl then your periods will sync with the other girls on the ward.. that's right, twelve girls all grumpy, emotional and fragile at the same time.
  25. Despite being under eighteen and still in the care of your parents, they will lose control. Every decision regarding being allow off the ward will be completely up to your consultant.
  26. Other patients will find out about incidents and trips to general hospital.
  27. When you finally are allowed home leave, your home wont feel like home, hospital will.
  28. You'll become rebellious which you'll soon realise wont get you anywhere.
  29. Your every move will be watched.
  30. You will get forced to try out a wide range of new therapies.
  31. The staff will witness all of your relapses, blips and breakdowns and you'll soon learn how to talk about what you are feeling.
  32. You will find ways to sneak in things that you aren't allowed but if the staff finds out then you will get strip searched on a regular basis and it wont be nice.
  33. You'll make close bonds with the staff members and it will be hard once you are discharged and aren't allowed any contact.
  34. When you are finally given a discharge date, you will feel more terrified than thrilled.
  35. You'll manage to escape any future threats of another admission.
  36. Psychiatric hospitals aren't a nice place to be.
  37. Once discharged, everything will feel odd and uncomfortable for a few weeks, maybe even months but your home will feel like home again soon enough.
  38. You will miss the patients, staff and the good memories but you will not miss the ward itself.
  39. When you and other individuals are ill, you will decide to do things that aren't helpful and which can be seen as something that friends wouldn't do, but you'll be able to look back on them moments and realise that it was only because you were all extremely poorly.
  40. You will realise that life inside a psychiatric hospital is no life.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Olly Murs #YDKLRadioTour2016

On Friday 15th June, I was lucky enough, after much persuasion to have my boyfriend drive me and my best friend to Ipswich in order to attend the Olly Murs 'You Don't Know Love Radio Tour 2016' which is celebration for the release of his new single. For this tour, Olly would be travelling to various Radio Stations across the United Kingdom which included; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds, Sheffield, Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Stoke, Birmingham, Lincoln, Ipswich, Guildford, Fareham, Swansea and Cardiff. Me, living in Norwich meant that the only event that I could realistically attend was Ipswich, forty-eight miles away from where I live.

As soon as Olly announced this tour, I immediately asked my mum if she could take me but unfortunately she had work which left me with another option, I could ask my boyfriend. Joe being the loveliest and best boyfriend of the year, took the day off work to ensure that I was able to meet my idol again. Olly announced the night prior to the event that he would arrive at 8am, resulting in myself and Elle setting alarms for 4:30am in order to head off at 6am. We ensured that we took our medication early and decided that an early night was the only option we had and we still managed to oversleep till 5am. Once we woke up, we quickly got ready as much as we could and Joe picked us up at 6 before heading straight to Ipswich. We arrived at Town 102 FM Radio Station at 7:20am and were amazed at how there was only about twenty of us at the location.

Of course, Olly being Olly arrived ten minutes late and we saw his tour van covered in hearts pull up which made me ridiculously more excited than I already was. He quickly got out of the van, wearing an extremely creased shirt, with his team beside him and gave us all a quick wave, briefly met some young children who couldn't be late to school and proceeded into the radio station. Next, one of the girls a few people up from us broadcasted the radio so that we could all hear what was being said, not missing a thing. We stood around waiting for Olly to take part in several different interviews inside and got handed small pieces of card which could be signed whilst chatting with other fellow Murs lovers. And after a long, three hour wait, he came out of the station ready to meet us all! Unfortunately, he was already behind schedule so couldn't sign anything but we were all allowed one photo which was completely worth every second, especially considering that the event was completely free.

Olly made his way through the queue of about fifty people and my moment was super exciting and incredible. I sneakily managed to get two photos as I knew that I wouldn't like at least one of them and by 10:45am we were all, as well as Olly ready to leave. Me, being a fan of Olly Murs, I thought that the journey and waiting time was completely worth it as Olly Murs is a big inspiration for me throughout my recovery and it is one of the few things that makes me happy. I would highly recommend events like this and I wish I was able to drive so I could have attended more of the tour locations! 

Me, Elle and Joe decided to spend the rest of the day at the beach, drinking incredible milkshakes and enjoying the sunshine, resulting in an all round incredible experience and day! Although, Joe did jokingly suggest going to the Newmarket Races and I later realised that Olly was there which was disappointing! If you haven't already then please go and have a watch of his new single and music video!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I thought that today I would write about some of the beauty products that I have bought or hoarded that I regret purchasing. Of course, everybody has different opinions on products and some products work better for some individuals than they do others so I have quickly picked up some of the items that come to mind when thinking of products that I regret purchasing. I have realised that I seem to have more drugstore products than high-end products in this post but by no means does that mean that I will always reach out for high-end products, it just means that I own more drugstore products than high-end.

Starting with eye and brow products, the first product that I regret purchasing is the Barry M - Shape & Define Brow Kit. I bought this product years ago when I first started filling in my eyebrows as I thought that this product which includes a wax, two powders, an applicator and some tweezers would be ideal. However, I couldn't have been more wrong. The shades of this kit are far too dark for my hair colour which is a deep blonde and even when using the lightest shade, my brows looked far too dark and stood out from the rest of my face. Unfortunately for myself, I didn't notice this until I had been filling in my eyebrows for a while. Some blonde haired individuals can completely rock the dark brows but me on the other hand, I defiantly cannot. I am not entirely sure why I still own this product but once I have completed this post, I shall be saying goodbye. 

My next eye product that I regret purchasing is the Benefit - Smokin' Eyes Brow & Eye Kit. I have had this product for a while now and no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get on with it which is a shame because I was so excited to try it. This kit comes with three eye-shadows in shades; pink highlight shadow, pewter base shadow and deep charcoal shadow as well as a mini smokin' pencil eyeliner, Brow Zings in the light shade, eye brightener, some mini tweezers and a mini double ended applicator. I feel that there are not enough shadow shades in this set for what I would usually like and find the different shades fairly difficult to blend due to the shades being far apart from one another. The brow shaping wax is in shade 'light' which is still far too dark for my skin tone and hair colour and applies as more of a medium to dark brown. On the other hand, the shadows are very pigmented and could work well on other people. I was excited to try out the smokin' liner as when swatched, it appears as easy to use and bold. But, once attempting to apply this liner to my eyes, I found it very uncomfortable and difficult to apply the product onto my skin. This product also comes with a small built in mirror like the Barry M Brow Kit does which can be seen on the included photos. This kit is actually going to a new owner tomorrow of which I hope that they can find some use out of it instead of it uselessly sitting in my collection. This kit would be ideal for a night out when you want to wear some heavier and bolder make-up.

Continuing with eyebrow products, this following product is the Maybelline - Brow Drama Pomade Crayon which I believe is a new product within their range. I feel that it is slightly unfair to include this product, as there isn't really anything that I dislike about it, I just regret purchasing it as it doesn't get used. I bought this brow crayon as I hadn't really previously seen anything like it before. My initial impressions consists of curiosity due to this product being such a chunky crayon. This product was available in three shades and I bought the lightest 'dark blonde' which is a perfect match to my hair. This crayon is easy to use as it has a rotating part at the bottom of the tube when you need more product, making it easier than sharpening brow pencils all of the time. When I did try out this product, I particularly liked the creamy formula that this product contains as sometimes I can find brow pencils hard to use as they can irritate and scratch my skin. If you are one of those people too then I would recommend to try this product. Like I said previously, this product doesn't get used and therefore wasn't worth the money that I spent on it. I feel that the tip is too thick and chunky to be able to fill in my brows as precisely as I usually would. I also bought another eyebrow product on the same day which I fell in love with. I am sure that this product will make a return into my everyday eyebrow routine at some point, but I think it would mostly be used to fill parts in instead of adding details and drawing outlines.

Diving straight into an eye-shadow pallet that I regret purchasing which is the Models Own Academy - Smokey Palette, this product was given to me at The Clothes Show Live 2015 as part of a package where I paid £10 for a whole bunch of goodies. Unfortunately, I just haven't been able to get on with it. Which includes a range of six shades ranging from light creams, to dark blacks. I find these products difficult to blend and I find that only a small amount of the darker shades can be used to avoid an overcrowding look. I have had this palette for a while now and have only used it to swatch the colours. I don't think that the shadows are particular pigmented at all which is partly why I don't like this palette.

The final eye product that I regret purchasing is the Maybelline - Eye Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner which I purchased in the shade 'Noir Black'. This beauty purchase was an impulsive buy and considering that I vary rarely wear eyeliner, I find it a rather difficult product to smoothly apply. I know a lot of people who really recommend gel eyeliners but I personally can't get on with them as well as I can liquid eyeliner. However, having said that this particular shade leaves a very bold matte finish which can look lovely.

Moving on, my next beauty purchase that I regret is the No7 - Powder Blusher in the shade 'peach velvet' which is an absolutely gorgeous summery shade. The only reason that I regret this purchase is because the shade is far too bright for my skin tone despite even wearing a small amount. I think that another reason why I don't particularly use this product is because I am absolutely in love with the Benefit and Zoeva blushers and I just don't seem to have a use for this shade. However, when I am on holiday I may try and include this product into my make-up routine as I imagine that it would look incredible with a tan.

Finally, the last beauty product that I regret purchasing is the NARS - concealer brush #7. I imagined that this brush would be incredible when applying cream concealers which I do own a few of but I find that when using, the majority of the product soaks into the brush and it also leaves the product looking patchy on your face leaving me feeling disapointed with this purchase. I wouldn't purchase this product again but may try it out again with more powder based products such as highlighter.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear some feedback from you. Do you have any beauty purchases that you regret buying? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions on the products listed? I also hope that I was able to answer some of your questions about the products mentioned.

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Monday, 11 July 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits; first impressions

 Today, after a long and exciting wait, I finally received my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits in the post. Once I found out that the Lip Kits were back in stock in June, I was eager to purchase one to see if all of the fuss is really worth it and after a heated debate about whether to order 'Posie K' or 'Candy K', I went for 'Posie K' as well as 'Heir'. I will just warn you now that this is a rather long and rambling post as I wanted to include as much information as I knew so feel free to go and grab a nice warm or even cool drink before sitting down and relaxing. I hope you enjoy!

As this is a first impressions post, I will start with the packaging. The products arrived in a black box which is a new design and simply had all of my details as well as Kylie Cosmetic and Royal Mail details covering the front and the sides. The box folds out and has "KYLIE" boldly written on the inside as well as some foam, my order details and both my Lip Kit and Lip Stick inside as well as a quick message from Kylie.

Starting off with 'Posie K', I really like the individual and unique packaging of the Lip Kits. I think that the illustration of lips with the dripping lipstick of the shade that you order works incredibly on the white background. I especially like how the shade that your chosen shade is written on the top of the box and determines the second main colour of the packaging, giving you and insight and computerised swatch of what this colour will look like. "Kylie" is again boldly written on the bottom with a small description written below, briefly explaining what is included. Turning on to the back, at the top is Kylie Cosmetics dripping lipstick illustration with her signature underneath. In small print below this is everything that you need to know about the Kits including Kylie's tips, ingredients and the address that they came from. When opening up the box, the 3.25ml lipstick and the 1.0g lip-liner are separated using a cardboard divider.
Now to talk about the packaging of the exciting part.. the products! The lipstick comes in a clear and transparent acrylic tube allowing you to be able to clearly see the shade of colour that you have ordered as well as being able to see your usage and when you need to restock. The twisty lid is black and has the dripping lipstick illustration leading to the bottle. The lipstick is again signed with Kylie's name and explains what the product is again in small print. A small sticker on the bottom of the tube has the shade name as well as the country that the product was made in. The lip-liners seem to appear as a contrast to the lip kit packaging. It is all black, with Kylie's signature and the shade in silver and a small swatch of the product covering the end of the product.

Moving onto the shade 'Heir', as this product is only a lipstick it comes in a much slimmer and less bulky packet but is fairly similar to the lip kits packaging, only with the information about the product facing vertical down the box. The product inside is packaged and presented exactly the same as the lipstick within my 'Posie K' lip kit which can allow Kylie's lip products to be easily recognised as the brand develops and becomes more popular.

I feel that the pricing of these products is an important aspect when reviewing because of course, you want to know if what you're buying is worth the money before you actually proceed to purchase. I worked out the total cost of the 'Posie K' lip kit and the 'Heir' lipstick that I bought and I will say now, it was pretty expensive and I will break down the costs and the British pound conversion below.

  • Posie K Lip Kit prices at $29.00 which converts to £22.34 which is a bit pricey but not too bad considering that you receive a lipstick and a lip-liner.
  • Heir Lipstick prices at $18.00 which converts to £13.87 which again, isn't bad at all for a high-end lipstick leaving these three products (including the lip-liner) costing $47/£36.21.
  • However, you must remember to add on the shipping which costs at an international rate $14.95 which converts to £11.52, nearly the price of an individual lipstick. This left me with an order total of £47.72.
  • Not only this, but if you live in England, Royal Mail will mostly deliver your products and some individuals have not been charged customs at all but I got charged £14.41 which includes an £8 handling fee. This annoyed me as I have friends who ordered more products than me who didn't get charged customs at all. This takes my Kylie Cosmetics order up to £62.13, which in all honesty I don't think is worth it for three lip products. Although, having said this, the customs charges are nothing to do with Kylie but simply to do with Royal Mail.
This leads me on to the shipment time of my order. Once your order has been placed, you should receive a confirmation email of your order date and how long your shipping should take. I placed my order on the 25th June and received my products on the 11th July, sixteen days after placing my order which I don't mind due to being given an estimated delivery time of between ten and fifteen days.

Both of my lipsticks contain a strong sweet aroma of butterscotch which I personally think is a fairly nice scent for a lipstick and makes them relatively unique. I haven't yet worn these products as they have only just arrived but I did manage to swatch them on my hand and will include swatches on my Beauty Swatch Cards as soon as they arrive. I feel that 'Posie K' comes out as a much darker shade than suggested on the box and is more of a deep purple than a bright pink. After looking at other reviews, I have also noticed that some people have mentioned how the new batches of the products seem to be completely different shades to the old despite having the same shade name. I feel that 'Heir' is almost identical to the swatch on the packaging and the packaging represents the metallic aspect well.

Another interesting thing that I came across whilst doing some research into these lip kits is that apparently the ingredients are exactly the same as the ingredients within the Colourpop liquid lipsticks however, the Colourpop lipsticks actually contains more ingredients which should surely make the Kylie Lip Kits the dupes but despite this, Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks are popularly referred to as dupes for these Kylie Lip Kits and once this brand starts to ship to the UK which is rumored to be tomorrow (12/07/2016) I will defiantly be buying a couple to compare and contrast against my Kylie Lip Kits as these are meant to be the best dupes and retail at a much more realistic price than Kylie's do.

Moving on, but continuing on the topic of dupes. I have created a small wishlist of dupe products that I would like to purchase and compare when I next have the chance. Starting with 'Posie K' I have researched into some alternatives to this lipstick and will list them below.
  • NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in shade 'Prague' which retails at £5.50 and can be found easily in most Boots drugstores across the UK.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in shade 'Party Pink' which retails at $26 which isn't much cheaper than the full lip kit but could be ideal for Anastasia lipstick lovers.
  • Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipstick in shade 'Doll Parts' retailing at $18.
  • Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in shade 'Rainbow' which costs £19 or $21.
  • Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipstick in shade 'Lychee' which costs only $6.
  • Urban Decay Lipstick in shade 'Revolution' which retails at £15.50 or $22.
Finally, moving on to the shade 'Heir', I could only find two alternatives which still looked like this shade, these are both listed below.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Shade 'True Rose Gold Shimmer' which retails at $21.
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Shade 'Dolce' which retails at £16.

I feel like it is too early on with these products to be able to leave an overall review. However, I will test the wear of these products throughout the upcoming days and will feed back to you soon! I hope this post was somewhat useful or gave you some advice on where to find some dupes from as I know that I can't wait to try some of them out. Despite this, from trying on these shades I feel that they are very easy to apply and not much product is required at all. 'Posie K' dried much quicker than 'Heir' and I feel that until 'Heir' is completely dry, it looks like a very sheer lipstick due it being so metallic. The only concern that I have with these products is that due to them being very matte, they may make my lips feel dry compared to other matte lipsticks with much creamier formulas. So far, I love both of these products but unfortunately I don't believe that any two lipsticks and a lip-liner are worth as much as they cost me. And finally, if anybody has any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.

Shade 'Heir'

Shade 'Posie K'

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Friday, 8 July 2016

What's Inside my Recovery Box?

For those of you who don't know what a recovery box/bag is, a friend of mine, Polly created a project named "The Recovery Bag Project" with the aim to send out bags full of distraction techniques to individuals who suffer from Mental Illness. I was lucky enough to sign up to the project fairly early on and soon received mine in the post. The recovery bags are free but it is suggested that you donate to its fundraising page simply because Polly started by using her own money. Since receiving my bag, I have been constantly adding to it and now have a box full of wonderful distraction techniques - I did have two, but I managed to only keep the bits that I would use. In this post, I am going to share with you some of the things that are inside of my box which help me to resist urges to harm myself.

The first few things that can be found in my recovery box are books. I am a huge book lover but I can't put my favourite books in the box, as I always find myself reaching for them. Therefore I have a few alternatives including:

  • Anti-Stress Puzzles by Dr Gareth Moore which is an almost two-hundred paged book with a whole range of different anti-stress and brain training activities suitable for all abilities. I find this book useful as it gives me something to focus on which I feel is important when trying to use distractions.
  • How To Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad) by Lee Crutchley which is a creative, self-help workbook with the aim to not make you happier, but to make you feel less sad. I am so glad that I purchased this book as I love workbooks like this one. I find it really helpful in regards to understanding and recognising your emotions as well as including schedules which can enable you to create goals. I would highly recommend this book if you are creative!
  • 14,000 things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipper which I was lucky to receive as a present for my birthday. With this book, I like how it isn't the classic type of book. Instead, this book is just a six-hundred page list! With this book, if I am not feeling great then I will just flick through to a random page until I find something that applies to myself an example being "fresh, crisp air and sparkling light."
  • The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons is the final book that can be found inside of my recovery box. This is and anti-stress art therapy "for busy people" and contains a wide range of delicate drawings that can be easily coloured in. This is a fairly small book and therefore can be handy to carry around if you were wanting to. For individuals who like to colour, then this book would be ideal for you.
Next in my box is mostly a range of small activities that don't take up much time or effort. Most of these things came inside my bag but I have also purchased some myself. Some of these includes:

  • Sudoku rubix cube
  • Pink glittery bouncing ball
  • Tissues
  • Stressball
  • Stickers
  • Touchable bubbles
  • A personalised photo key-ring set
  • Slinky
  • Demi Lovato 'Stay Strong' bracelets
  • Bouncing Putty
  • Tangles
  • Packs of Disney cards as well as UNO
  • An emergency anxiety kit which contains worry dolls
  • Shaped rubbers including Lego bricks and animals
  • Lavender 
  • Candles 
  • Bubbles
  • Play-clay
  • Stretchy Man
  • Elastic Bands
  • Henna
  • Chinese finger trap
  • Balloons
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Bubble-wrap
  • Nail Polish
  • Sweets
  • Hand Cream
  • Photos
  • Letters
  • Bathbombs
  • Perfume
When creating a recovery bag, the most essential part is finding things that work for you. There is no point in having items in your box that don't help you or that you would never use. Most items in my box can be found in pound stores or online at eBay or Amazon. If you would like anymore information about The Recovery Bag Project then I will link an article about it here. If anybody still doesn't know what to include in their bag, then leave a comment and I will try to help.

To watch my YouTube video, follow this link!

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Make-Up & Perfume Storage

Me being a perfectionist and always wanting to reorganise my bedroom, storage is an essential part in making sure that my room is always satisfying and appealing to me. Even though not many people spend time in my room, I love to make sure that it is up to my own personal standards despite the fact that I change my mind multiple times each and every day.

Make-Up Storage is one of those things that for me specifically, I like to change a lot. I quickly get bored of the same things and want to change things up a bit. As my make-up collection has grown, I have had more of a desire to make it look neat, tidy and nice. I used to store my make-up in three different storage baskets which although looked pretty, meant that I was always rummaging through trying to find certain products and when I fancied a change, I eventually looked online to see if I could find something much more suited for my make-up as well as fitting in with the theme of my room.

My first storage purchase was a white wooden make-up organiser which I instantly fell in love with. I found it at Argos and it seemed perfect for what I was after. I find that due to it having so many compartments, I can give each type of product its own place ensuring that I won't have to search around for my every-day essential products. This product retails at £19.99 which I thought was an incredible price and completely worth the money considering that I use it on a daily basis.

The only downside to this organiser is that it doesn't have any space for my pallets, something which I have recently managed to find a love for. Therefore, I have been storing my pallets in a decorative 'bits and bobs' box which I found in Tesco and was the perfect size. This was handy to ensure that my make-up area didn't look cluttered but the problem earlier explained of searching for products became a slight problem again. 

Luckily enough, I had some spare time in the city today and managed to find a section of Rose Gold stationary organisers, two of which stood out the most; a rectangular organiser with three individual compartments and a matching pen pot, both which I felt were perfect for what I was after. As soon as I got home, I decided to test them out to see if they would work for the pallets I was needing to store. To my surprise, all of my pallets except one fitting in the stationary organiser which I have placed on my bedside table and the pen pot, which I didn't actually need but couldn't resist buying is perfect for my brushes, allowing my white organiser to have more space for new and exciting purchases. These products cost me a total of £4.50 from Wilko.

Finally as for me, cotton buds always manage to end up as an essential tool when applying my make-up, I found a small box in Poundland which is the perfect size to store them in out of the way. I feel that in order to complete my make-up storage, I will need to purchase an acrylic clear make-up holder as I have been interested in these for quite some time. However, it isn't a necessary and I am sure that I can resist until I get paid.
There is no doubt that soon enough, I will be looking for another change in regards to storing my make-up but for now, I am satisfied with my current make-up storage.

Moving on to perfume storage, I am not even sure if it is classes as 'storage' as my perfume is as simple as you could imagine. A shelf that consists of all of my perfumes and body sprays is as far as my perfume storage goes. However, this shelf is well organised, making it look neat and tidy despite the fact that I have a lot of perfumes even though I did successfully give a few away to my cousin. When recently sorting through my room, I decided that I was going to move my perfumes which previously shared a shelf with other bits and bobs including books, films and CD's to their own shelf, allowing it to look less cluttered and to fit in better with this decluttering stage that I seem to be going through. The only downside to my perfume storage and collection is that if I fall in love with a perfume bottle, I will keep that bottle no matter what. Even if it is empty or has been sitting in the same spot for years on end, I will not get rid of it. 

Thank-you for reading, Tay x

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